Contact Information

  • Dalian Payne
    (832) 491-0770
    (405) 651-8547


Experienced Petroleum Engineer seeking a Reservoir Engineering role to apply my skills and background to maximize the value of your oil and gas resources. I have significant experience planning and optimizing both conventional and unconventional resources and I have extensive experience evaluating and developing under-valued properties. Top expertise includes economics and decision analysis, development drilling and workover evaluation, waterflood and enhanced recovery potential and reserves analysis.


Houston, TX


Engineering computer software including ARIES, PHDWin, PEEP, OFM, DSS, MBal, Fekete, Kappa Saphir, IHS Harmony Petra, Gemini/Merlin, Eclipse and Microsoft Office;
Economic Analysis;
Decision and Risk Analysis;
Oil and Gas Reserves Analysis;
Decline Curve Analysis (DCA);
Production Analysis;
Production Optimization;
Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA);
Planning and Budgeting;
Material Balance Analysis;
Type Curve Analysis;
Horizontal Well Design and Analysis;
Reservoir Simulation;
Reservoir Development;
Reservoir Management;
Field Planning and Developing;
Managing PRMS Inventory;
Waterflood Analysis;
Steamflood and Analysis;
Oil and Gas Property Analysis;
PVT Analysis;
Business Development;
Mergers and Acquisitions;
Business Acumen;
Team Leadership


Bachelor of Science
Petroleum Engineering
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX