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  • Thu-Ha Nguyen
    (512) 431-9593


 I take my engineering responsibilities very seriously to ensure a safe, efficient and cost effective operation whether in the oilfield or manufacturing environments.  I have strong problem solving skills, collaborate and contribute well in teams, while also functioning effectively with individual responsibilities. I have experience in fast paced and high stress environments, with several ongoing projects and multiple deadlines.  I will no doubt be an asset to your company with my education, strong work ethic, positive attitude and interpersonal skills. I also want a career, not just a position to go by.




Houston, TX


• Product Specifications: maintain internal product specifications used in daily operations, review of customer product special requirements, review/approval non-standard product request
• Computerized Simulations: tubing force, tubing stress limits, hydraulic rates and pressures and fatigue life
• Failure Investigation: test plan development, data analysis, generate customer reports and presentations, trend analysis
• Technical Support: traveled domestically and Asia to provide customer technical support, claims discussion, and provided/presented technical training courses

• Steel Qualification Trials: create manufacturing work plans and testing matrices, developed systematic sample collection process to ensure full traceability and testing progression, process and analyze data to determine qualification eligibility of either materials or processes being tested
Customer Special Projects:
• QatarGas. Sour Performance Characterization of Quenched and Tempered Coiled Tubing: Assist customer to define testing parameters based on NACE standards, evaluate labs for testing capability and engineering designs of specialize testing chambers, coordination of quotes, POs, sample collection and distributions, data analysis and report generation.
• Schlumberger Canada. Developed transportation option via Antonov (see patent information)
• Other Projects: Manganese and Zinc Phosphate Coating for coiled tubing application, field welding development and performance evaluation , and fatigue characterization data update for 90 ksi coiled tubing

• NACE Standard Requirement for Testing: Hydrogen Induced Cracking, Sulfide Stress Cracking, Four-point Bending, Immersion corrosion, Charpy, etc.
• Non-Standard Testing: Corrosion flow loop, burst test, product compatibilities with oilfield surface equipment and sour fatigue testing on full size samples with specialized chambers
• Working knowledge of metallurgy and heat treatment processes

• Field experience with different types of coil tubing conveyed well intervention operations: cementing, perforating, fishing, acid stimulation, nitrogen or well lifting, well bore cleanouts, milling/setting plugs, fluid swap
• Working knowledge of CT Downhole tools and BHA for coil tubing operations
• Run pre-job simulations using CTES Cerberus software to predict anticipated tubing forces (Orpheus), tubing stress limits (Hercules), hydraulic rates and pressures (Hydra), and fatigue life (Achilles) of carbon alloy coiled tubing during actual operation
• Designed and wrote job procedures based well intervention/well control calculations and computerized simulations
• Monitored and managed fatigued cycles on carbon alloy coiled tubing
• Created new coiled tubing string files, and updated usage record after each job to maintain accurate fatigue data to ensure safe operations
• Developed spreadsheets to record and monitor jobs performed with coil tubing
• Developed operational guidelines to minimize materials fatigue and increase safe usage
• Created and delivered presentations to a wide range of audiences: clients, sales teams, engineers, and field crews
• Servicing and maintenance of well control tools and its components, like BOP rams repacking and strippers changing after corrosive jobs
• Practical experience in equipment and tools maintenance and servicing.

Awards and Certifications

• Field Performance of New Coiled Tubing Technology and a New Grade for Improved Sour Service - 184796-MS SPE Conference Paper – 2017
• Advancements in Fatigue Testing and Analysis - 179064-MS SPE Conference Paper - 2016
• Field Performance of New Coiled Tubing Manufacturing Technology and Comparisons with Laboratory - 179048-MS SPE Conference Paper - 2016
• Performance of Coiled Tubing in Sour Environment, Improving Serviceability Through Metallurgical Design - 2015-5607 NACE Conference Paper - 2015
• A Metallurgical Look at Coiled Tubing - 163930-MS SPE Conference Paper - 2013

• Coil Tubing Spool Handling Device - Apr 3, 2018 Patent number 9,932,201
Coil tubing spool-handling device including base and vertical support structures. The design uses the relative positions of the center of gravity and the center of rotation bias of the handling device to rotate from a vertical position to a horizontal position.


• Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Power Point, Visio, etc.
• Microsoft Power BI
• NOV CTES Cerberus software (Coiled Tubing Force, Hydraulic, Fatigue Modeling)


Bachelor of Science Biomedical Engineering:
Biomedical Design & Manufacturing Engineering
Texas A & M University,
College Station, TX
Graduated: August 2007