Contact Information

  • Samiha Morsy
    (281) 707-0984






Chevron, Houston — Asset Development Reservoir Engineer
Dec 2018 - Dec 2020
● Received the asset development general manager exceptional award recognition ($4000) for leading several high-profile projects
● Led the high profile pressure protect project to save loss of production of 5 Million barrels of oil equivalent per year in the Permian Basin
● Developed a basin level data driven tool to improve shale development strategy using dynamic well communication
● Led a geomechanical/flow coupled artificial intelligent project to model natural fractures identified from seismic measurements
● Developed the new generation design of shale wells to reduce the investment cost by 30%
● Initiated several facilities and hydraulic fracturing performance improvement projects to lower shale wells development cost
● Ran extensive unconventional simulation models using Intersect/Kinetix/Petrel workflow to test different hydraulic fracturing parameters including stress, cluster spacing, fluid and proppant intensity, stage length, landing depth, natural fracture maps, reservoir properties, and depletion effects
● Provided economic assessment of future drilling and optimization opportunities
● Assisted in mentoring and on-the-job training of less experienced team members
● Participated and manage data acquisition/trade, interpretation and evaluation
● Performed competitor and operating assets analysis to optimize future well spacing, completion, and depletion strategy
● Presented project updates quarterly to upper management
● Represented Chevron in the Delaware basin round table quarterly meetings in Midland
●Taught decline curve analysis, rate transient analysis, data acquisition, reservoir simulation, and fracture driven interactions to geologists and engineers from different departments

Chevron, Houston — Consultant -Reservoir Engineer
Nov 2014 - Nov 2018
● Received the Chevron Reservoir Management Excellence Award in 2017 for co-developing a new rate transient analysis method for unconventional reservoirs (implemented in Kappa’s software)
● Assessed green and brown fields for bidding/ acquisition purposes
● Co- developed the three phase well testing method applied for Deepwater reservoirs (implemented in Kappa’s software)
● Developed the Deepwater productivity decline diagnostic workflow to optimize stimulation decisions. The method was implemented in the well performance tool.
● Managed serval pressure transient analysis projects in hydraulically fractured wells, pulse testing, DST, and multiphase and multilayered reservoirs
● Led waterflooding surveillance projects including planning, monitoring, and lookback analysis for carbonate and sandstone reservoirs
● Led several reservoir dynamic reservoir characterization projects of Deepwater reservoirs by integrating geological, petrophysical, seismic, pressure, and rate data
● Participated in stakeholders’ meetings to influence development strategies
● Taught well testing, rate transient analysis, and dynamic reservoir characterizations to engineers and earth scientists from different departments

Baker Hughes, Tomball — Research Development Engineer
Jun 2013 - Aug 2013
● Optimized fracture fluid chemistry by testing the potential of EOR surfactant addition to the fracturing fluid in Bakken shale formation to change rock wettability towards strongly water wet conditions. The tested surfactant improved the oil recovery 2-3 folds.
● Proposed pre-flush surfactant injection to water flooding operations in shale to change rock wettability before water injection.

Cairo University, Cairo — Instructor
May 2005 - Jun 2011
● Taught different petroleum engineering undergraduate and grad courses including well test analysis, Reservoir engineering, production engineering, and openhole well logging interpretation.
● Organized and supervised mid-term and final exams.

Sahara Oil and Gas Company, Cairo — Reservoir Engineer
Jun 2004 - Apr 2005
● Managed old well data storage
● Ran reserve estimate and pressure transient analysis for oil and gas wells
● Analyzed open hole well logging analysis for shaly sand formations
● Managed software purchase and service companies contracts

Awards and Certifications

● Exceptional achievement award, Chevron, April 2020
● Reservoir Management Award, Chevron, 2017
● Fulbright PhD Scholarship Award, 2011
● Middle East SPE M.Sc Student Paper Contest, 2007
● North Africa SPE M.Sc Contest Award, 2006
● Middle East SPE B.Sc Student Paper Contest, 2005
● Schlumberger Award 2002-2003
● Distinguished Student Award ,2000 -2004


Technical Skills:
Reservoir engineering, performance improvement project management, shale multistage hydraulic fracturing modeling and optimization, acidizing, loss of production mitigation, pressure protect, reservoir simulation, digital projects development, deepwater productivity decline, strategic and surveillance planning, decline curve analysis, well testing, and rate transient analysis.

Leadership Skills:
Innovation, cross functional coordination, project management, multitasking, analytical, problem solving, independent, strategic, visionary, and empathetic.


Texas Tech University, Lubbock — PhD
Aug 2011 - Aug 2014
Petroleum Engineering- Experimental and Simulation Study of Improved Oil Recovery in Shale Formations

University of Wyoming, Laramie — M.Sc
Aug 2007 - Aug 2009
Petroleum Engineering- Water Flooding Performance Analysis for Minnelusa Formation

Cairo University, Cairo — M.Sc
Oct 2004 - Jul 2007
Petroleum Engineering- Uncertainty Assessment for Water Saturation Calculations in Shaly Sand Formations

Cairo University, Cairo — B.Sc Sep 1999 - May 2004
Petroleum Engineering