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  • Sam Moonesan
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  • Worked 28 years (11 years unconventional) in the oil and gas industry as a production /facility/operation engineer, reservoir, senior reservoir advisor engineeer, team leader, and reservoir engineering manager.
  • Involved in most prolific fields within the United States in oil and gas exploration, exploitation, and production activities in state of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Utah, and Wyoming.
  • Conducted field studies both onshore and offshore. Generated oil and gas prospects for drilling both vertical and horizontal wells and involved in portfolio management.
  • Involved in due diligence of acquisition, divestiture, and trade opportunities over $5 billion dollars.
  • Evaluated year-end company reserves per SEC requirements, prepared technical analysis and provided backup to the auditing companies and to banks for borrowing bases.
  • Analyzed core, logs, PVT data, pressure transient testing, completions design, spacing, flowback strategy, and artificial lift instillation.
  • Advanced knowledge in implementation and optimization of waterfloods.
  • Qualified by a BS, MS, and three years doctorate coursework in Petroleum Engineering.
  • Prepared and presented technical presentation materials for management.
  • Managed and mentored engineering staff


Houston, Texas


Professional Experience:
Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation (OXY), Houston, TX 7/2017-3/2020
Senior Reservoir Engineer Advisor (Inventory Growth Team - Permian Resources Delaware Basin)
•Collaborated with land, geology, subsurface technical team, well analysis and design team,
business development, officer of reserves, and development team to evaluate booking reserves
in several fields.
•valuated oil and gas assets for acquisition, divestiture, and trade opportunities. Evaluated
BLM leases for acquisition, and OBO (operated by others) projects in Delaware Basin and
received several awards from OXY.
•Conducted field studies and generated new type curves, and corrected OOIP estimation that
helped to identify development of a new bench in Sand Dunes field with 55MMBOE reserves.
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•Evaluated over 270 OBO (operated by others) unconventional horizontal drilling projects with
a required capital investment of $380MM net to OXY based on NPV15. Presented my
evaluation and made recommendations to upper management.
•Booked more than 14MMBO net reserves in Red Hills field and provided technical support by
preparing backups and organizing documentations per SEC requirements.
•Evaluated over 25,000 acres (15,000 Dynamo project) with potential value of $1billion
(unleased BLM acreage, trades, and acreages for acquisition). Involved in several trade projects
with EOG, Concho, Marathon, Devon, Matador, Cimarex, and Mewbourne.
•Mentored younger engineers and summer interns and identified 25 Brushy Canyon recompletions with potential of 1.6MM incremental reserves.
•Constructed a simplified tool to monitor the daily production in NM to quickly compare the
yearly plan vs actual production and take the necessary action to meet the production target.

Sheridan Production Company, LLC, Houston, TX 2016-2017
Reservoir / Development Engineer
•Worked on field development; involved in drilling horizontal wells in conventional reservoirs
of Permian Basin with estimated reserves more than 50MMBOE.
• Involved in several fields waterflood surveillance projects.

Contango Oil & Gas Company, Houston, Texas 2007- 2015
Manager - Reservoir Engineering (3Yrs) / Senior Reservoir Engineer (5Yrs)
•Managed all reservoir engineering activities from planning, strategizing, and budgeting to
drilling and development. Provided technical support and economic analysis utilizing Aries for
offshore, South Texas, East Texas, Colorado, and Wyoming.
In charge of 600 operated and non-operated wells reporting directly to the senior VP of
•Provided technical support (volumetric, log analysis, RTA analysis, and pressure transient
testing) for booking year-end reserves per SEC requirements to auditing company and also to
banks for borrowing bases.
•Involved in study of Shale exploration horizontal projects over 9 years (Wolfcamp, Spraberry,
Eagle Ford, Haynesville, James Lime, Woodbine, Navarro, Muddy, Mowry, and Buda)
Conducted offset field studies of over 700 wells to generate P90, P50, and P10 reserves for the
projects and performed economic evaluation and production performance forecasting which
were successfully implemented.
•Evaluated oil and gas properties for acquisition/divestitures. Conducted modeling and
evaluated offshore Contango properties for the merger that was successfully completed in 2013.
•Involved in evaluation of multi-million dollar Spraberry and Wolfcamp acquisition in Permian
/ Delaware Basins. Analyzed logs and generated OOIP maps for five different formations to
evaluate the project. Involved in waterflood predictions and surveillance.
•Coordinated all efforts to prepare AFE’s, working with land, geologists, geophysicists, drilling
engineers, completion engineers, and finally presenting to upper management for approval.
•Evaluated non-operated proposed AFEs and provided recommendations to upper management.
•Reviewed and approved JIB (joint interest billing) of all non-op properties.

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Dominion Exploration & Production Inc., Houston, Texas 2004-2007
Senior Reservoir Engineer

•Generated and evaluated exploitation/exploration prospects in a team environment in offshore,
South, East Texas, and Louisiana. Responsible for over twenty counties and over 300 BCFE
reserves targeting Vicksburg, Frio, Wilcox, Taylor, Pettit, Travis Peak, and Cotton Valley
•Involved in $1.5 billion dollar acquisition and divestiture projects in south Texas, east Texas,
and north Louisiana.
•Engineered and directed laboratory study for waterflooding projects.
•Coordinated all efforts to prepare AFE’s, working with land, geologists, geophysicists, drilling
engineers, completion engineers, and finally presenting to management for approval.
•Provided technical data to TRRC for rules 37 and 38 (spacing & density) exemptions.

•Provided technical support for booking year-end reserves for over 300 gas wells with depths
ranging from 4,000 to 20,000’ per SEC requirements to auditing company.
•Covered managerial duties in the absence of supervisor.
•Interviewed several candidates for associate petroleum engineering positions and/or summer
interns. Also, involved in training both associate petroleum engineers and summer interns.

El Paso/Coastal Oil & Gas Corporation, Houston, Texas 1999-2004 Senior Reservoir Engineer
•Generated exploitation/exploration prospects in a team environment in South Texas, East Texas, the Piceance Basin of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and offshore.
•Prepared multi-million dollar capital investment packages (CIP) to justify projects. This
involved field studies, reservoir evaluation and coordinating with other disciplinary teams to
implement exploitation/exploration, re-completion activities, and waterflood projects
surveillance in South Texas, the Piceance Basin of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.
•Worked with field engineering managers and engineers to successfully implement projects.
Recommended/evaluated completion of new well, multi-stage fracture treatments of tight gas,
pressure transient testing, open-hole/production logging, and coring.
•Evaluated multi-million dollar acquisition projects working with geologists and geophysicists
in South Texas and the Piceance Basin for both exploitation/explorations projects.
•Involved in drilling more than 90 wells with depths ranging from 1,500’ to 17,000’ adding
more than 250 BCFE reserves with finding costs of $0.90/MCF.
•Completed all the engineering work and presented data to 15 potential buyers for divestiture of
Colorado properties valued at over $250MM. Assisted the Utah team in a divestiture project
valued at over $500MM.
•Provided technical support for booking year-end reserves for over 750 gas wells with depths
ranging from 1,500 to 17,000’ per SEC requirements to auditing company.
•Served as one of the committee members and key players in converting Coastal’s Aries
database from DOS to Windows. Also, prepared report files that were being used throughout
the company by engineers.
•Covered managerial duties in the absence of supervisor.

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HS Resources/Tide West Oil Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma 1995-1999 Senior Reservoir Engineer/Team Leader
Responsible for the following areas: Arkoma/Anadarko Basins and Southern Oklahoma, South Texas, Texas Panhandle, East Texas, Permian/Delaware Basin, Louisiana, and SE New Mexico. Coordinated geological, geophysical, and reservoir engineering activity into drilling, production, facility, and regulatory operations, managing a team budget of 30-50 $MM/year.
•Generated 42 prospects in a team environment with estimated reserves of 120 BCF and 900
•Provided reservoir engineering support for numerous gas infill drilling projects with depths
ranging from 1,500’ to 14,000’, that resulted in a 30-50% increase in reserves.
•Testified before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission for several gas infill drilling projects.
•Conducted field studies which included directing coring program, evaluating routine and
special core analysis, PVT data, and pressure transient testing, and applying simulation
modeling for waterflooding which identified 5MM barrels of incremental oil reserves for a
secondary project.
•Analyzed logs, core, PVT data, and pressure transient testing.
•Involved in three acquisition and divestiture projects each valued at over $300 million and 20
smaller deals.
•Identified and implemented 24 re-completion and stimulation projects generating 36 BCF and
240 MBO.
•Worked on coalbed methane gas projects; coordinated coring analysis. Generated over 50
prospects in a team environment.
•Managed the company’s non-operated production and approved AFEs.
•Performed production forecasting, and economic analysis using Aries. Booked year-end
reserves and provided backup data which were audited by Netherland, Sewell and Associates,
•Covered managerial duties in the absence of supervisor.

Marathon Oil Company, Midland, Texas 1990-1994
Reservoir, Production/Operations/Facility Engineer
•Evaluated drilling prospects for oil and gas wells in Permian / Delaware Basins, both vertical
and horizontal, resulting in a 40% increase in reserves.
•Performed reservoir analysis, and coordinated and implemented waterflood projects which
involved conducting detailed field studies, design, cost estimates, and economic justification
which resulted in a 35% increase in reserves. Prepared AFEs in a team environment.
•Involved in multi-million dollar acquisition/divestiture projects.
•Analyzed and prepared reports on pressure transient testing to optimize reservoir management.
•Designed and supervised the installation of surface/downhole equipment for waterflood
projects. Evaluated bids, estimated costs, and prepared requisitions.
•Supervised 38 completions and re-completions for both vertical and horizontal wells.
•Designed and supervised various types of stimulation treatments (acidizing and fracturing)
which increased production by 30%.
•Estimated end of year reserves for over 30 fields.
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•Prepared and presented yearly budgets for multi-million dollar projects in the Mid-Continent
•Designed and implemented polymer treatment of producers to reduce water production which
resulted in lowering wells economic limit and increased reserves by 25%.
•Wrote workover and re-completion procedures (depths ranging from 1,500’ to 14,000’).
•Designed and supervised the installation of gas gathering system in a field that increased
production by 50%. Visited manufacturers to ensure quality control of the product.
Student Employment
1986-1990 Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana
Teaching/Research Assistant-Department of Petroleum Engineering
•Conducted research both experimentally and theoretically in petroleum and applied Black Oil
Simulation Tool.
•Prepared reports and proposals for further research. Published technical papers.
•Substituted for teacher, taught core and mud labs, graded papers and lab reports.

•BS in Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana 1985
•MS in Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana 1987
•PhD in Petroleum Engineering, (1987-1990, pending)
Industry Schools and Seminars:
Aries (Economic Analysis), Nodal Analysis, Horizontal Drilling, Hydraulic Fracturing, Acidizing, Waterflooding, Well Control, Pressure Transient Testing & Analysis, Prizm, Basic Geophysics, Petra, Risk Analysis and Prospect Evaluation, Fekete RTA and WellTest, and Safety.
Society of Petroleum Engineers (over twenty-five years)
American Association of Petroleum Geologists (over fifteen years)

Publications – List Available Upon Request

References - List Available Upon Request

Awards and Certifications

Basic Well Control
Packer Completion Techniques
Basic Well Control
Petroleum Engineering Seminar
Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
Principles of Sucker Rod Pumping
Waterflood Analysis and Surveillance
Echometer Well Analysis
Nodal System Analysis - Produciton optimization for oil and gas wells
Divestiture Project
Mbal/Prosper Software Gas Seminar
Access Introduction
Power Point Introduction
Excel Intermediate
Aries Introduction
Excel advanced
Pressure Transient testing Design & Analysis Course
PI/Dwights Plus
Aries Advanced
Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment Design and Analysis
Well log analysis and formation evaluation
Basic Geophysics
Exploration Economics, Risk Analysis & Prospect Evaluation
F.A.S.T. Well Test
Rate Transient Analysis
The Tight Gas Sands of the Cotton Valley Formation of East Texas
Reserves Conference
Applied Subsurface Geological Mapping
Unconventional Rate Transient Analysis in FAST RTA
Fast RTA
Conventional Petrophysics Uning Prizm
PVT Analysis


Aries, Peep, Prizm, Spotfire, Fekete (Harmony, RTA), Drilling Info, IHS Energydata and MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point), Tableau, and familiar with Petra and Geographix, and GIS.


•BS in Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana 1985
•MS in Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana 1987
•PhD in Petroleum Engineering, (1987-1990, pending)