Contact Information

  • Mohan Javalagi


-- Senior Petrophysicist | Geosteering Engineer | Petroleum Engineer --

Highly analytical and award-winning professional, equipped with broad-based experience in petrophysics, geosteering, and petroleum engineering within the energy industry. Equipped with exceptional skills in driving business growth by creating and implementing unique strategies to optimize operational efficiency while significantly achieving goals. Proficient with Geolog, Techlog, GeoFrame Formation Evaluation, and data processing software. Areas of expertise include:


Project and Program Management

Return on Investment (ROI) Improvement

Conventional and Unconventional Petrophysics

Logging While Drilling (LWD) Real-Time Operations


Formation Testing

Petrophysical Evaluation Studies

Real-Time Well Placement and Geosteering


Katy, Houston, TX


20+ years of Oil and Service Industry Experience.

Awards and Certifications

2013 Performed by Schlumberger: Drilling and Completion Optimization using PD-Archer and LWD MicroScope in Travis Peak Formation
2012 Sourceless Density and Petrophysical Analysis Solution in Unconventional Reservoirs
2011 DCS in Action: Well Placement Team Successfully Geosteered 22 Wells for Tatweer Petroleum in Bahrain
DCS in Action: First MRX Job Completed in Bahrain to Detect Remaining Oil Saturation in Maudud Gas Flooded Zone
DCS in Action: Petrophysical Model for North Field Approved by Qatar Petroleum
2008 Performed by Schlumberger: Complex Field Development with PeriScope
2007 Performed by Schlumberger: AFIA Well Placement Using NT5 (Latest LWD) Technologies.

DCS-ARM Excellence in Execution Award, Enhanced Reservoir Contact and Characterization with Scope Technologies
Performed by Schlumberger: Gold Medalist, Safaniya Field Drilling and Completion Optimization
Performed by Schlumberger: Bronze Medalist, Westport Multidisciplinary and Innovation Project
Performed by Schlumberger: Bronze Medalist, Petronius, No Drilling Surprises Project
Participant, Mobil Student Paper Contest, Resistivity of Hydrated Shales
Gold Medalist, University of Poona, Pune, India


Petrophysics, GeoMechanics, geosteering, LWD, Conventional and Unconventional Petrophysics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


PhD. in Petroleum Engineering, University of Wyoming, Laramie.
MS. in Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas, Austin.