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  • Mobina Mohammadikharkeshi
    (918) 606-4016


Experienced in modeling of multiphase flow in pipelines and flow assurance topics, including slug dissipation, asphaltene deposition and sand transport. Delivered a criterion for optimized design of diameter and length of multiphase flow manifolds. Designed liquid unloading scenarios in gas wells by applying tubing size reduction method. Skilled in coding using MATLAB, Python and VBA as well as machine learning methods. Highly motivated and proactive and can easily multitask and resolve technical issues. Demonstrated excellent analytical and communication skills.




* Tulsa University Separation Technology Project (TUSTP) Consortium – Tulsa, Oklahoma 2015 – 2020
Research Assistant
• Model evaluation of sand transport under gas-liquid stratified flow and intermittent flow to identify the most worthwhile model in production pipelines.
• Conducted slug dissipation and flow splitting tests on a multiphase flow manifold to use as a guideline for design of its diameter and length.
• Researched and investigated slug dissipation behavior and mechanism in an Impacting Tee-junction and developed a mechanistic model with an average absolute relative error of less than 15% against acquired experimental data and experimental data from literature.
• Conducted two phase slug flow CFD simulations using ANSYS Fluent software.
• Received research assistantship award for approximately $120,000 from TUSTP and TUCoRE groups.

*Asphaltene Deposition Lab, Petroleum University of Technology Research Center – Iran 2012 - 2013
Research Assistant
• Conducted experimental study on effect of temperature and pressure on asphaltene deposition in reservoir conditions using live oil. The use of live oil allowed valuable data for use in the industry.
• Conducted Standard IP143 tests to find asphaltene content at different pressures and temperatures.
• Conducted SARA (Saturates, Asphaltenes, Resins and Aromatics) tests.
• Utilized WinProp (CMG) software to predict asphaltene deposition.
• Predicted asphaltene deposition occurrence (P-T) in reservoir conditions using experimental data, fuzzy logic and artificial neural networks (ANN).

*Central Oil Company – Tehran, Iran Summer 2010
Petroleum Engineering Intern
• Designed and optimized production systems, transportation pipelines and separators.

*National Iranian Gas Company – Sari, Iran Summer 2009
Petroleum Engineering Intern
• Performed technical inspections of City Gate Station (CGS) and Town Border Stations (TBS).
• Performed Cathodic protection technique for gas transportation pipelines.

* Technical Reviewer for Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering - 2018 – Present

Awards and Certifications

Awarded the Bellwether Fellowship and Dr. A. Sam Sarem Scholarship at the University of Tulsa, 2018

Awarded the Chapman Graduate Scholar Presentation Awards at the University of Tulsa, 2018

Awarded Graduate Research Assistantship at the University of Tulsa, TU-CoRE, TUSTP, 2015-2018

Awarded the Petroleum Ministry Scholarship for MSc in Petroleum Engineering, Iran, 2011-2013

Awarded the Petroleum Ministry Scholarship for BSc in Petroleum Engineering, Iran, 2007-2011


MATLAB | Python | VBA | PIPESIM | PVTsim | OLGA | ANSYS Fluent | SolidWorks | CMG (WinProp) | ECLIPSE (E100, PVTi) | Microsoft Office


PhD in Petroleum Engineering – The University of Tulsa – Tulsa, Oklahoma – 2015 – 2018
Dissertation: “Slug Dissipation in an Enlarged Impacting Tee-junction and Its Application to Multiphase Flow Manifolds”

MSc in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering – Petroleum University of Technology – Ahwaz, Iran – 2011 – 2013
Thesis: “Asphaltene Phase Envelope (APE) Development Using Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Based on Experimental Data”

BSc in Petroleum Engineering – Petroleum University of Technology – Ahwaz, Iran – 2007 – 2011
Thesis: “The Effect of Concentration of Different Acids on Acidizing Performance”