Contact Information

  • Carlos Menendez


Houston, TX


Pioneer, Field Drilling Engineer (Midland Basin) January 2017-August 2020
• Managed day to day drilling operations on location and executed the Drilling Program.
• Worked as a team with anywhere from 5-10 companies and 10-20+ people on location.
• Night company man on the Rig Team of the Quarter for Q2 & Q4 in 2018.
• Drilled in tight mud weight windows of less than 1 ppg between flow, breakdown, and
fracture gradient.
• Consistently drilled wells with Days vs Depth Target Attainment scores of over 100%,
allowing the drilling AFE to come in consistently $300,000-$1,000,000 under budget.
• Worked with the directional teams to execute consistent one-run drillout of casing shoe to
TD of 12,500 ft extended reach horizontal production sections with mud motors.
• Helped Well Cycle times fall from 25 days to under 15 days.
• Worked in rig move and skid team assisting field operations to outperform P50 goals.
• Worked with engineers to identify drilling performance limiters by responsibly pushing
drilling parameters and redesigning drilling system.
• Used Excel & KM Technology models to determine how torque, drag, buckling, and
hydraulics would affect the drilling, tripping, and casing running of the well.
• Designed standard surface equipment package for rigs coming out of stack based on
Blowout Preventer, Rotating Control Device, surface location type, and mud system.
• Assisted Adams Drill software project by collecting data from drilling dynamics subs to
gather data on drilling dysfunctions, as well as effectiveness of TDS and mud motors.
• Reported operations and costs using Wellview and Welldrive softwares.
Weatherford, Logging While Drilling Engineer (Eagle Ford) June 2016 - December 2016
• Delivered gamma ray, inclination, azimuth, and vibration logs to client while drilling.
• Troubleshooting of positive pulse well logging data systems during drilling operations.
• Assembled and maintained LWD and RSS tools from well to well.
• Accounted for costs of products and services given to client.

Awards and Certifications

IADC Wellsharp Supervisor


Project management. Technical Design. Limiter Redesign. Drilling Engineering. Drilling Performance. Lost Circulation. Well Control. H2S. Directional Drilling. Torque & Drag. Hydraulics. Extended Reach Drilling. OBM, WBM, Direct Emulsion Fluids. Bit Design. Motors. RSS. Microsoft Excel. Spotfire. Public Speaking. PPT. Wellview. Welldrive.


BS Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M - GPA 3.5