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  • Barnaby Martin
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Authentic leader and senior engineering professional with 15 years of experience providing comprehensive services in the oil
and gas industry. Track record of success in forging and maintaining strategic relationships to deliver logistically complex drilling projects and wireline services to top-tier international companies. Exhibits superior judgement and intuition in developing innovative solutions that reduce project timelines, generate savings, and drive new business opportunities. Proactive in approach and maintains a consistent record of high-quality service delivery performance.


Cape Town


Senior Project Engineer
Gyrodata Ltd., Pointe Noire, Congo. 2014 – 2020

Coordinated and directed the activities of engineering teams in Congo, Cameroon and Gabon, and supported operations in the Europe, Africa, and Caspian (EAC) region remotely one week per month. Delivered onshore and offshore services including GWD, whipstock orientation, multi-shots, single shots, Gyro Compass All Attitude Tool (GCAAT), and MicroGuide (MGL) operations for major international clients such as Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, and Total. Coordinated and executed
ROC projects in the EAC region. Provided technical support, prepared tools, and organized preventative equipment maintenance. Facilitated Service Quality Reviews (SQRs) and reported on key financial targets. Inspired teams to consistently achieve quality, health and safety, and key performance standards. Engaged with client management and engineering teams daily to address client requests and resolve issues, manage logistics, and plan mitigative measures to ensure compliance with global standards.

• Coordinated offshore teams and equipment to surveyed 23 new conductors in less than one month with no Non-Productive Time (NPT) or service quality issues. As a result of this success, was awarded 17 additional work scopes valued at approximately $2M.
• Diligently planned and implemented GWD services on 17 top-hole sections on the Moho Nord field and maintained a record of no NPT or service quality issues over a four-year period.
• Implemented the first ever GCAAT high angle drop technology on the Tux drillship as an innovative solution to reduce the Ellipse of Uncertainty, resulting in 18 hours of time savings per well and securing future drilling projects with the client.
• Planned and executed the first ever MGL service in the Europe, Africa, and Caspian region, spurring more than a dozen successful projects in the Congo and generating upwards of $500K in revenue.

Project Engineer, Project Coordinator
Gyrodata Ltd., Douala, Cameroon 2013 – 2014

Key point of contact for in-country offshore GWD and re-survey operations. Administered day-to-day processes including
personnel and logistics management, preventative maintenance measures, and budget portfolios with a $2M revenue scope.
Oversaw engineering teams with up to six personnel and ensured trained and competent workers performed each activity.
Prepared and presented SQRs and rigorously reviewed project reports prior to release to confirm quality standards.
Maintained daily communication with clients and attended regular operational review meetings with senior management to
promote sound execution and on-time delivery.

• Coordinated resurveys of 14 aging wells in under a month with zero NPT and no service quality issues.
• Mitigated risks associated with 15 offshore high anti-collision risk projects through meticulous planning, comprehensive coaching of engineering leads, and vigilant application of GWD services. Despite the complexity and risks, received service quality recognition for consistently meeting deadlines.
• Promoted to the position of Senior Project Engineer within one year in this role, taking on operations in three countries and an additional project revenue scope of $1M.

Field Engineer / Survey Specialist
Gyrodata Ltd., Cabinda, Angola 2009 – 2013

Assisted the Project Engineer with day-to-day responsibilities including invoicing, reporting, and final quality control, and was trusted to fulfill this role in their absence. Oversaw offshore GWD technology onboard of jack-ups, semi-submersibles, and platforms for major clients such as Schlumberger, Halliburton, and Chevron. Prepared daily operational summaries for senior management and attended meetings with clients, drilling contractors, and third-party service companies. Mentored and
trained local personnel in use of GWD, package preparation, onshore testing, and offshore operations.

• Efficiently implemented and ran GWD technology on 20 new oil wells onboard the Benguela-Belize Lobito Tomboco Platform, replacing multi-shots and single-shots for top holes, resulting in time savings of 12 hours per top hole.

Field Engineer / Survey Specialist
Gyrodata Ltd., Aberdeen, UK 2006 – 2009

Coordinated with a team of six offshore field engineers and travelled extensively to deliver more than 50 projects throughout
Europe, Africa and Caspian regions. Performed a range of jobs and services that encompassed multi-shots, single shots, whipstock orientations, GWDs, and re-surveys of ageing production wells. Gained extensive experience working onboard offshore jack-ups, semi-submersibles, drill ships, fixed platforms, tension leg platforms, tender-assist barges and land rigs, as well as preparing equipment for demobilisation.

• Competently delivered the first Intelligent Mode Tool GWD project for StatoilHydro in Norway.
• Performed 10 resurveys on aging producing wells in Chad within a 10-day time frame, with zero NPT or service quality issues.

Awards and Certifications

PMP certification.


1. Project Management
2. Oilfield
3. Project Engineering
4. Drilling
5. Logging
6. Offshore Operations
7. Onshore Operations
8. Project Planning
9. Engineering
10. Service Delivery
11. Technical Support
12. Invoicing
13. Operations Management
14. Project Coordination
15. Preventative Maintenance
16. Project Estimation
17. Budgeting
18. Energy
19. Pressure
20. Data Analysis

Tools & Technologies
1. Microsoft Project
2. Microsoft PowerPoint
3. Microsoft Excel
4. Microsoft Outlook
5. Microsoft Word

Interpersonal Skills
1. Leadership
2. Team Management
3. Teamwork
4. Negotiation

Other Skills
1. Measurement While Drilling MWD
2. Well Services
3. Wireline
4. Well Logging
5. Log Analysis
6. Gyro While Drilling GWD
7. Logging / Log Analysis
8. Jack-Up Drilling Rigs
9. Semi-Submersible Drilling Rigs
10. Field Operations
11. Service Quality


BSc Petroleum Geology - University of Aberdeen
2002 - 2006