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  • Patrick Loureiro
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Experienced Geologist with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & gas industry. Skilled in seismic interpretation, structural geology, pore pressure prediction, geocellular modeling and prospect maturation, and  Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel. Strong research professional with a doctorate (Ph.D.) focused in Geology from the University of Houston and excellent presentation skills. Focus areas included: Northeastern Caribbean, Southeastern Brazil, Atlantic Conjugate margins, Guyana, Gulf of Mexico.


Houston, Texas


HESS CORPORATION – Houston, Texas 2017 – 2020
Foundation Geologist

• Oversaw regional to sub-regional structural interpretation and prospect identification which added 4 prospects to the existing exploration portfolio.
• Identified shallow hazards and generated pore pressure and fracture gradient prediction shallow hazard identification resulting in the safe and timely completion of 4 wells in the Guyana basin.
• Built a new geologically representative reservoir model for a reservoir interval at the Shenzi field in the Gulf of Mexico identifying a higher value infill target.
• Participated in the Hess early career development program.
UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON – Houston, Texas 2013 – 2017
Graduate Research Assistant

• Conducted research on the structural and tectonic history of the Virgin Islands Basin, and the South Atlantic conjugate margins utilizing seismic interpretation, gravity modeling, and well log interpretation.
• Served as lead teaching assistant for Basin Analysis, IBA, and Petroleum Geology of the Gulf of Mexico and Latin America courses.
Geology Summer Intern Summer 2016

• Assessed the Albian-Turonian Shelf-edge play in the MSGBC basin generating sub-regional maps, well PDAs, GDE maps, and volumetric calculations.
• Used work products to support business decisions to opt-out of farm-in opportunity.
BP – Houston, Texas Summer 2013
Integrated Geology Intern

• Worked with the Brazil exploration team to create and describe a depositional model for an early Cretaceous carbonate reservoir.
• Performed well log interpretation and correlation used in combination with seismic data.
• Interpreted and correlated well logs combined with seismic interpretation to identify and characterized other carbonate reservoirs considered in future bid rounds.
CATALYST RECOVERY OF LOUISIANA – Lafayette, Louisiana 2011 – 2012
Lab Technician

• Tested spent and unused catalyst used in the oil refining process to ensure adherence to environmental and company enforced standards.
• Entrusted to perform all the trial experiments on a new type of catalyst to ensure it met industry and environmental specifications.
Summer Intern

• Ran stress and strain tests on various soil and rock types to identify strength parameters required for concrete production.
• Performed strength tests on various concrete samples used in constructing the Center Hill Dam project in Lancaster, Tennessee.

Awards and Certifications

Data Science DataCamp Module (September 2020)
Intermediate to Advanced Python DataCamp Module (September 2020)


Structural Geology | Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient Prediction | Shallow Hazard Identification | Reservoir Model Building | Seismic Interpretation | Well Log Interpretation | Well Log Correlation | Sedimentology | Stratigraphy| GDE Mapping | Volumetric Calculation | Risk Assessment | Carbonate Reservoirs | Petrel | SMT Kingdom | ArcGIS | Adobe Illustrator | MATLAB | Python | Fortran | Windows 10 | Mac | Linux | Fluent in English and Portuguese | Proficient in Spanish | Research | Data Scientist | Team-Oriented | Adaptable | Analytical | Quantitative| High-Level Presentation and Communication


Doctor of Philosophy in Geology – University of Houston – Houston, Texas – 2017

Master of Science in Geology – University of Houston – Houston, Texas – 2014

Bachelor of Science in Geoscience – University of Wisconsin – Madison, Wisconsin – 2011