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  • Juan Lopez+Morales


With extensive experience, possess in-depth knowledge of requirements and standards associated with drilling engineering operations. I’m adept at evaluating the overall and detailed processes and tools for performance. I’m well-versed in identifying new technology, methodologies, and processes for resolution of complex issues to achieve performance excellence. I’m proficient in equipping the staff personnel with required skills and techniques through training. I’ve accomplished following milestones throughout my career: » Reduced SQ incidents raised due to drilling malfunctions by over 50%. » Established well planning centre in west hemisphere to minimize cost and standardize the processes. » Enhanced the performance by designing the ‘fit for purpose’ BHA’s, T&D, hydraulics, drilling risk management, T&D design, bit selection, and technology introduction. » Upskilled the local personnel and managed client communications.» Supported Technical Sales to win deepwater contracts in Colombia (Anadarko & Petrobras) and Mexico (Cairn, BHP, Repsol, Pemex).

Participation in the Utah Forge Geothermal project in the design, execution and evaluation, selection of proper tools and simulations to drill a geothermal well as technical adviser.




Houston Tx


Technical Advisor, 4/2019 to Present
Turbo Drill Industries, Houston Tx
Conduct drilling process assessment for improvement in operational efficiency.
Assess downhole data and drilling dynamics for development of drilling parameters and best practices roadmaps to prevent downhole tool failures with different US Land. Identify and select drilling tool to optimize drilling operations. Contribute in developing required technologies by supporting the quality process. Manage well planning personnel and maintain follow up of day-to-day operations.
Key Contributions:
 Reduced SQ incidents raised due to drilling malfunctions by over 50%.
 Drilled a high deviated geothermal well (up to 45 degF at toe and 65 deg inclination) 62 days ahead of the planned time without any non-productive time.
 Reduction of lost in hole incidents in 50% through drilling practices and procedures.
 Enabled the client in creating process and procedures for continuous improvement by consolidating a delivery product regarding downhole sensor assessment.

Schlumberger – Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
Mexico and Central America Drilling Engineering Manager, 12/2017 to 4/2019
Directed the engineering team and ensured availability of technical solutions for various clients and optimum utilization of drilling engineering resources by implementing and supporting company’s policies/standards for drilling engineering team regarding quality assurance.
Delivered technical support to assess risk and optimize drilling operations for directional drilling and integrated projects within Mexico and central America. Promoted Schlumberger’s image in various industrial events, including SPE and Mexican petroleum congress as technical adviser for Deepwater, HPHT on/offshore fields.
Key Contributions:
 Established well planning centre in west hemisphere to minimize cost and standardize the processes.
 Contributed to maintaining client relationship and asset integrity by reducing the ‘lost in hole’ by training engineers of Schlumberger and clients.
 Technical sales for more than 40 million dollars within different clients, Repsol, BHP, Cairn, PEMEX.

Schlumberger, Poza Rica, Mexico
Senior Drilling Engineer (Deepwater Mexico), 2/2016 to 12/2017

Oversaw Deepwater well designs related with directional drilling programs and managed ‘perform service’.
Carried out Drilling Engineering designs, failures investigation and supervised perform engineers to identify drilling risk and monitor the well for incident prevention. Partook in various design activities, including Trion 1DEL, Maximino 2001, Nobilis 101, Doctus 1, Tot 1, Goliat 1, Mirus 1, Bukma 1, Ambus 1, and Ketsin 1.
Key Contribution:
 Lessened the drilling time by four days with four million USD in several wells by introducing new technologies and procedures.
 Enhanced the performance by designing the ‘fit for purpose’ BHA’s, T&D, hydraulics, drilling risk management, bit selection, and technology introduction.
Senior Lead Drilling Engineer (Bogota, Columbia), 5/2013 to 2/2016
Supervision of the engineering team and ensured availability of technical solutions for various clients in Colombia, including Petrobras, Petrominerales, Pacific Rubiales, Anadarko, Ecopetrol, Canacol, Parex, and Geopark.
Administered Deepwater account and technical approvals of onshore drilling programs such as geosteering services. Carried out risk assessment for all assignments. Delivered coaching to drilling engineer regarding drilling performance project for Pacific Rubiales.
Key Contribution:
 Deployed the drilling group services in the first Deepwater drilling campaign within Colombia for Anadarko, Petrobras, and Repsol.
 Optimized drilling performance in overall projects for international oil and National oil companies.
Deepwater Drilling Engineer (Poza Rica, Mexico), 1/2012 to 5/2013
Headed the first ultra-Deepwater well designs in Perdido Area BHA design, failures investigation, risk assessment and follow up of drilling operations.
Performed as contact point for the planning and operation between Pemex and Schlumberger. Analysed risk in scheduled tasks and drilling optimization initiatives. Coordinated designing of complex BHA to drill wells that reduced tripping time and increased efficiency. Engaged Smith DT&R and Smith B&AT and heading the design phase and final evaluation to accomplish the client requirements for wells such as Caxa 1, Trion 1, Supremus 1, PEP 1, Vasto 1.
Key Contribution:
 Optimized drilling parameters and directed drilling group integration to enable drilling out, ahead, and log in one run, saving significant tripping hours and rig cost for the client.
 Upskilled the local personnel and managed client communications.

Awards and Certifications

Drilling Engineer (Onshore and Offshore East), Schlumberger, Poza Rica, Mexico, 1/2008 to 1/2012

Electrical Requisition Engineer, General Electric, Queretaro, Mexico, 11/2007 to 7/2008

Researcher of onboard emissions measurement (Professional Practices), Universidad Politecnica De Madrid, Spain, 11/2006 to 9/2007

Field Engineer, Schlumberger, Poza Rica, Mexico, 2/2004 to 4/2006
Engineer for Energy savings for the University (Professional Practices), Tec De Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico, 8/2003 to 12/2003

Physics Laboratory Instructor, Tec De Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico, 1/2003 to 12/2003

SPE- 167925 "Advance FEA Modelling Produces First Directional Tandem Reamer BHA: Eliminates Trip on Deepwater Exploration Well", Co-author”, Houston TX

OTC-25030-MS "Drilling Evolution of the Ultra Deepwater Drilling Campaign in Mexico, Perdido Fold Belt" Co-author”, Kualalumpur Malaysia

Mexican Petroleum Congress “Introducción de nuevas tecnologías para la optimización de perforación de pozos en aguas profundas”

Instituto Nacional Politecnico, Mexico, Directional Drilling instructor, Mexico

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Directional Drilling Instructor, Tec de Monterrey Men’s volleyball team member, Mexico


- Team work and communication for internal and external customers
- Project management with different product lines and culture variety.
- Very capable for software and hardware adoption
- Work underpressure
- Bi-lingual
- Management of people for differenty projects,
- Knowldege sharing for improve co-workers and subordinates skills.


Master in Automotive Engineering
Universidad Politecnica De Madrid, Spain
B.S. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
TEC De Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico