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Seeking employment opportunities in Oil & Gas

Globally mobile PetrEngr with 30+ yr O&G industry experience with strong work ethic, team player focused on collaboration and results. Experienced with leading globally diverse teams in compliance, reservoir management / field redevelopment, production optimization and strategic planning.




Professional Experience:

Hess Global Reserves Senior Manager - Houston, Texas: (Feb 2018-current)
• Hess Technical Authority 1 (TA1) for O&G reserves compliance and assurance reporting to CTO
o Coordinate quarterly and annual update of proved portfolio of >1 billion BOE reserves
o Report reserves basis to executive leadership (Board, CEO, COO, SrVPs) and in Hess 10-K
o Train >100 staff on SEC & SPE/PRMS reserves & resources
o Audit global assets and manage reserves records in Petrolook database

Carigali-Hess Operating Company (CHOC) Senior Manager – KL, Malaysia: (Feb 2014-Feb 2018)
• Member of a 4-person leadership team responsible for running all aspects of a 400+ person operating company and its operations in block A-18 of Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area
• Led a diverse staff of 50+ Thai & Malay nationals and expats working in subsurface, drilling, well interventions, production engineering, and IT
o Ensured daily capacity of ~1 BCF/d from 130 wells to deliver gas in Malaysia and Thailand
o Planned and drilled 20+ wells on two new well-head platforms to maintain gas delivery
o Maintained long term development strategy for a 22 yr Gas Sales Agreement
o Responsible for budget of >$20MM/yr for well interventions, staffing, and studies
o Collaborated with Malaysia Thailand Joint Authority including working sessions in Thailand
o Chaired Technical Committee Meetings (TCM) with partners and regulator
o Active attendee in Operating & Management Committees and in Board meetings
o Ensured team members had frequent mentoring along with proper training and development
o Submitted Annual Reserves Report and defended position to partners and regulators
o Active role in leadership steering committees controlling all major company decisions
o Active in recruiting new staff as driven by work activity
o Led leadership site safety visits and town hall sessions in offshore operations & shore base

Hess E&P Strategy and Planning – Senior Advisor – Manhattan, New York: (Jan 2012-Jan 2014)
• Provided primary support to COO/E&P President and support to Hess CEO for various projects
o Led annual E&P capital utilization lookback. Presented results to leadership team (LT)
o Involved in reviews of long-term strategic business plans
o Generated & tracked global E&P KPI’s including bonus metrics
o Using extensive E&P background, reviewed and coordinated approval requests to COO
o Prepared material and supported annual global E&P budget and Asset Plan updates
o Reviewed/ranked all budgeted E&P projects
o Active attendee for Development, Exploration, and Production Leadership budget reviews
o Ensured approvals, budget, and portfolio decisions are managed in an efficient manner

Hess Subsurface - Team Lead – Copenhagen, Denmark: (August 2008-Dec 2011)
• Managed a culturally and ethnically diverse staff of 18 to redevelop South Arne chalk assets
• Team worked in both Production and Developments value chains and supported teams from Exploration, Exploitation and Global New Business Developments (M&A)
o Member of the Denmark Leadership Team, Chairman of partner technical committee. Coordinated annual budget cycle for Hess and partners
o Developed 5-year resource/staffing model as a planning tool for staffing requirements
o Coordinated submission of Annual Field & Reserves Reports to Danish Authorities (DEA)
o Managed subsurface well planning and execution for two horizontal well UBD campaign (>$100MM) to exploit flanks of reservoir using 1-2 km laterals
o Managed subsurface project plans in various stage gates for >$1 billion in infrastructure for an eleven well infill & flank ‘brownfield’ expansion
o Managed a $10MM 4D seismic project to improve reservoir management.
o Subsurface representative for Hess Production Excellence team
o Direct responsibility for department budget of $5MM
o Hess representative for technical recruiting at DTU in Copenhagen
o Hess representative for Joint Chalk Research (JCR) #7 – EOR subcommittee
o SS rep in local/regional town halls, regional Risk Reviews, Business Coordination Council

Hess Operations - Team Lead - Equatorial Guinea (28/28 rotation): (Jan 2007 – July 2008)
• Managed a culturally and ethnically diverse staff of 15 in Bome, EG working in Prod/Ops, Facilities engineering, technical assistance, and finance to support two offshore assets in a PSC
o Ceiba (brownfield) asset – optimized waterflood and project support to FPSO
o Okume (greenfield) asset – brought 21 wells online between Jan ‘07 and July ‘08 increasing production from 3,000 bopd to 75,000 bopd
o Instrumental in development of national workforce

Hess Strategic Planning – Chief of Staff for Production Sr VP – Houston, Texas: (Aug 2005-Jan 2007)
• Long term strategic business planning role covered Americas and West Africa
o Managed production planning group / generated & tracked global production KPI’s
o QC’d/QA’d all documents going to production SVP
o Coordinated annual global production budget and Asset Plan updates
o Reviewed/ranked all budgeted production projects based on detailed economic criteria
• Technical Recruiting – Coordinated engineering recruiting efforts at The University of Oklahoma

Hess ROZ (Residual Oil Zone) Project Coordinator – Houston, Texas: (2004-2005)
• Generated technically and economically detailed full field development plan for CO2 flooding the SSAU ROZ (significant incremental recoverable reserves and field life extension)
o Chairman of Reservoir Engineering Work Group for the asset partnership

Hess Permian Technical Coordinator – Houston, Texas: (2003)
• Reported to Americas VP while managing senior level staff of G&G and engineering professionals responsible for exploitation, exploration, and reservoir optimization for Permian assets

Hess Team Lead & RE – Houston, Texas: (2001-2003)
• Coordinated reservoir team in Houston to support ops team in Seminole, Tx
o Pursued exploitation opportunities and M&A opportunities
o Maintained asset value plans, justified values to taxing authorities and reserves to D&M
o Designed 2nd ROZ pilot using lessons learned from 1st pilot which resulted in much higher NPV and paved the way for partner interest in full field ROZ expansion
o Developed forecasting tool for 162 injection patterns which was used as basis for reserve movement strategy, three CO2 recovery plant expansions and CO2 purchase contracts
o Performed Reservoir Characterization & Eclipse Simulation for CO2 & waterfloods

Held various roles in Hess Seminole, Texas working Permian Basin assets: (1990-2000)
• CO2 & Waterflood Reservoir Management (1995 – 2000) - Dramatically changed WAG schedule to optimize performance for each pattern resulting in lower GORs for constrained gas processing plant
• Ops Engr (1992-2000) - generated ~50 AFEs per year to increase production, decrease costs, and optimize operations in a variety of oil price environments
• Field expert on well profile modification using gels and foamed cements
• Facilities Engineering (1990-1992) - De-bottlenecked facilities, replaced undersized equipment, performed systems optimization on multiphase gathering lines and CO2/wtr distribution lines

Held various O&G energy related summer jobs/internships 1987-1989

• Coach, mentor, and develop Hess summer / new hire / foundation program technical staff
• University of Oklahoma Industry Advisory Board (2006 - 2008)
• Co-Founder/Captain (2005) of Hess MS150 cycling team – team has raised >$1MM since founded
• Originator/coordinator of Reservoir Simulation Monthly Technology transfer in Hess (2005)
• Active member (presenter, moderator) on Permian CEED CO2 Forum 1990-2004
• President of Leadership Council for 2000+ member church (Andrews, Tx 99-00)
• Member of SPE (1985-present)

• ‘Construction and Validation of an Integrated 3D Reservoir Characterization Geomodel for Reservoir Management at Seminole San Andres Unit’ – Feb 2004 Issue 7 Sharp IOR Newsletter
• ‘Integrating time-lapse seismic, reservoir simulation, and geomechanics’ – March 2010 World Oil
• ‘Reservoir Characterization Begins at First Contact with the Drill Bit’ – SPE 159247-PA, March 2012

• BS PE The University of Oklahoma (1989)


SEC PRMS Reserves compliance
Reservoir Management / Field Redevelopment
Production Optimization
Strategic Planning


BS Petroleum Engineering
The University of Oklahoma