Contact Information

  • Priyesh Jani
    (573) 202-0863



Dedicated and Experienced Petroleum Engineer with over 7 years of experience including 5 years of field experience in drilling operations with strong academic and research background. Thorough knowledge of Drilling operations, Well designing and planning, Drilling Optimization, Mud logging, Hydraulic fracturing.

Currenty working in Schlumberger as Advanced Geology Analyst on Exploration wells in Suriname Block 58 under Apache Project. 


Looking for better opportunities in the field of oil and gas exploration related to well planning, drilling optimization, drilling analysis and real time monitoring in order to grow my career. 




Professional Experience:

Advanced Geology Analyst September 2019 - Present

• Currently working offshore (Drillship – Noble sam croft) on exploration wells (Suriname Block 58) in Paramaribo, Suriname
• Completed Data acquisition course to understand the procedures on acquiring the time and depth data from the field sensors and utilize the data for monitoring drilling operations and in preparing the logs
• Worked on exploration wells (North Slope – Alaska)
• Performed Rig up operations with drilling sensors, pit level sensors, advanced gas detection systems
• Real-time monitoring of drilling parameters such as ECD, ESD, annular pressure losses, detection of influx or kick, mud losses, washouts, gas cut mud while drilling in order to optimize the drilling performance
• Assist company man and drilling engineer in planning the course of action to enhance drilling efficiency by optimizing drilling parameters
• Predict Geological formations and structural changes by analyzing lithology and mineralogy of cuttings, evaluate all the samples for the presence of hydrocarbon

Surface Logger March 2019 – August 2019

• Worked in Willow Sands (North Slope – Alaska), Wolfcamp formation (Permian Basin – Midland)
• Analyze the sample cuttings to detect geological formations in real time operations
• Monitor C1-C7 gasses using Redbox gas detection equipment, combine gas data with observed geology to create detailed logs and reports daily
• Generate detailed mud logs as per the client’s specific requirements by utilizing various drilling data and lithology analysis
• Rig-up unit and all equipment as required, perform normal maintenance, repairs and frequent calibration checks of equipment

JOHN ENERGY LTD Ahmedabad, India
Drilling Operation Engineer
August 2014 – December 2016

• Worked on 1100 HP LCI Mechanical Rig and 3000 HP Letourneau VFD Rig
• Drilled directional and vertical wells, Planned drilling operations from the surface to total depth (TD); Selected bits and drilling mud as per formation requirements
• Maintained rig oil and diesel records, supervised drilling operations, wrote IADC DPR, Ton mile calculation, daily casing line inspection.
• Identified hole problems such as stuck pipe, caving, sloughing shale and identified effective solutions for it, Prepared kill sheet and trip sheet

Academic Experience


Graduate Research Assistant May 2017- Dec 2018

• Critically analyzed literature focused on annular well cement degradation in CO2 environment to identify potential research topics
• Worked to provide new class C flyash-based geopolymer cement as alternative to Portland cement for CO2 storage wells
• Obtained new formulation of Class C flyash-based geopolymer cement for their usage in oil well cementing operations

Graduate Teaching Assistant Aug 2017- Dec 2018

• Course Name: - Petrophysics, Drilling and Well Design
• Taught laboratory experiments, supported students in understanding the logic behind the experiments; Graded homeworks, projects and exams
• Assisted students in various aspects of course work

Awards and Certifications

• Published SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) conference paper (IPTC-19393) based on Class C flyash based geopolymer cement as an alternative to Portland cement for oil and gas wells
• Published Research paper in Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering (PETROL_108408) based on “Class C fly ash-based alkali activated cement as a potential alternative cement for CO2 storage applications”
• Certified in Proficiency of “Decision Space Well Engineering” Software


Real time monitoring, Drilling Analysis, Drilling Optimization, Drilling operations, Cement design, directional drilling, hydraulic fracturing, Predictive Analysis, Well Logging, Quality Control, Mud Logging, CMG, Horizontal Drilling, Stimplan 3D, Decision Space Well planning software, Research in Cementing technologies.


Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Bachelor of Technology in Petroleum Engineering, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University