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  • Lorenzo Izarra


15+ years of experience in the energy industry providing solutions and technology for large Oil/gas companies. Actively drive collaboration and integration between R&D, sales, and support teams. Supervise best practices and continuously monitor for process improvement opportunities. Organize and facilitate skills transfer opportunities and workshops including mentoring, tutoring, and training for geoscience skills and software applications. Define exploratory opportunities and development of reservoirs in both conventional and unconventional plays. Team builder, team leader and collaborator. Bilingual in English and Spanish.


Houston, TX, USA


Geoscience Advisor - Houston, TX 2020 – Present
Senior Consultant and Customer Support for G&G software applications.
• Provide consulting in geoscience to companies in North America and Latin America.
• Work with different teams and provide application support for Geology & Geophysics (G&G).
• Develop and document workflows and best practices for end-users, including knowledge transfer and mentoring.
• Take part in testing and evaluating new versions of software, report issues, verifying bug fixes for various Tech companies focused on G&G applications.

Halliburton | Landmark - Houston, TX 2017 – 2020
Technical Advisor for Software QA – Geoscience workflow specialist
Ensured optimal quality of DecisionSpace Geosciences (DSG) software releases, used by top Oil & Gas companies worldwide.
• Collaborated and engaged with customers (users) from Anadarko, BHP Billiton, Occidental and BPX (formerly BP Lower 48) and sales leaders and engineering teams to design adoption for business applications, as well as deployment of Beta program.
• Collaborated with cross-functional teams to provide immediate feedback from end-users regarding functionalities and worked with R&D teams to add enhancements to future releases.
• Review operation best practices and conduct skills transfer workshops with customers, including mentoring, tutoring, and training of technologies.
• Performed geoscience workflows from beginning to end to test the software integrity.
• Strong combination of relevant Energy Industry and technical experience plus exceptional people skills.
• QC/QA tester for DSG with knowledge in Agile/Scrum processes.

ConocoPhillips Company - Houston, TX 2012 – 2016
Senior Geophysicist – Eagle Ford Development
Accountable for providing geophysical support to horizontal drilling operations and structural seismic interpretation in Eagle Ford Play.
• Geophysical support to well operations: planning, risk assessment, geosteering and horizontal drilling over 250 wells.
• Velocity model generation reducing geological picks uncertainties to less than 10 ft.
• Solid structural seismic interpretation of 1000 mi2 of 3D seismic data to understand the geological framework of the Eagle Ford play.
• Reduced drilling cycle time from 30 days to 15 days average, therefore reducing operational cost by 30% per well.
• Perform shallow hazards assessment using 3D seismic data interpretation and seismic attribute analysis and make recommendations for salt water disposal wells.
• Effective communication and collaboration supporting, mentoring, and training more than 15 geoscientists to understand geophysical data, as well as the use of Landmark’s DSG software to integrate geological and geophysical information.

Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. E&P - Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela 2003 – 2009
Seismic Interpreter - Exploration Management
Responsible for the structural seismic interpretation and definition of exploratory oil and gas prospects.
• Structural model generation from 2D/3D regional seismic data interpretation associated with fold thrust belt systems in Eastern Venezuela basin and Offshore Venezuela.


• Halliburton/Landmark: DecisionSpace (DSG), DTE, Powerview, Geoprobe, Syntool, SeisWorks.
• Paradigm: SeisEarth (3D canvas, Section, VoxelGeo).
• GVERSE/Geographix
• IHS-Kingdom: 2D/3D Pack.
• Petrosys.
• Schlumberger: Petrel.
• Geoteric.


Masters in Geophysics
University of Houston. Houston - TX, USA.

Graduate Diploma of Petroleum Studies in Petroleum Geosciences
Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP). Paris, France.

Geophysical Engineer (Bachelor’s degree)
Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). Caracas, Venezuela.