Contact Information

  • Igor Ivanishin
    (979) 224-7085


Ph.D. in petroleum engineering with 17 years of experience: (1) production optimization; (2) planning, execution, and evaluation of stimulation operations; (3) oilfield chemistry; (4) laboratory experiments


College Station, TX, USA


2016-2021. Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, Petroleum Engineering Department
• Conducted research projects for leading oil and gas service and operating companies: (1) evaluation of new formulations of stimulation fluids and chemical additives, and (2) determination of the dissolution kinetics of carbonate reservoir rocks in reactive liquids
• Managed two laboratories in the Department of Petroleum Engineering: (1) special mineral and elemental analyses of reservoir rocks and scales, and (2) dissolution kinetics of carbonate reservoir rocks and scales
• Evaluated the efficiency of chelating agents in dissolving the damaging material present in the drilling fluid;
designed the stimulation treatments for operating company
• Collaborated with operating company and analyzed the efficiency of halite inhibitors for gas producers;
recommended inhibitors for field application
• Modeled hydraulic/acid fracturing using the commercial software and the results of experimental studies
• Applied advanced techniques for mineralogy and element analyses of reservoir rocks: XRD, XRF, SEM/EDS, etc.

2011-2016. LUKOIL Operating Company
• Supported the hydraulic/acid fracturing and acid treatments; multistage fracturing in unconventional reservoirs
• Organized and supervised the laboratory tests: proppants, new compositions of frac fluids, chemical additives
• Reviewed and improved the hydraulic/acid fracturing designs made by service companies
• Conducted operations audit of service companies and their frac fleets in the field
• Reviewed the tender documentation and prepared technical evaluation of the participants (service companies)

2008-2010. Halliburton Services
• Performed an engineering control of hydraulic fracturing operations in the field
• Analyzed the diagnostic injections, communicated with the customer on the changes in the design of stimulation
• Tested fracturing fluids and proppants in the laboratory and on-site

2007-2008. All-Russian Geological Oil Research Institute
• Conducted laboratory core analysis; research on the filtration characteristics of the reservoir rocks
• Analyzed PVT properties of reservoir fluids; assisted in development of experimental methodologies

2004-2007. TNK-BP Operating Company.
• Oilfield Operations Engineer (Summer Internships)

Awards and Certifications

1st place winner in the TAMU SPE PhD student paper contest


Production Optimization, Well Stimulation, Oilfield Chemistry, Scale Inhibition, Laboratory Experiments


Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University