Contact Information

  • Javier Diaz
    (713) 213-2149


Educated in geology and geophysics. More than 10 years of experience in land and marine seismic acquisition, with a strength in seismic data processing 2D, 3D and 4C international projects. I’ve been involved in a large number of pre-stack time migrations run onboard. I’ve developed significant expertise in developing fast-track high quality volumes including noise attenuation, Deconvolution, Demultiple, Velocity analysis, Regularization followed by pre-stack time migration and post processing for marine data, besides that I have experience working as a data processor in Land with different acquisition techniques. Additionally, I have experience working with stratigraphy sequences, geological interpretation and velocity model building for depth migration projects dealing with complex salt and structural faulting, through work and participation in interdisciplinary projects. Most of the time I have worked in remote and difficult environments so I have developed confidence and expertise to solve problems in remote locations with little assistance.




* Self Employed Trader (FXCMS) 2017 – today
* Solar Energy Consultant at Free Energy Solutions in Colombia 2016-2017
* Schlumberger-WesternGeco, Marine In-Field Geophysics 2012-2015
* Schlumberger-WesternGeco, GeoSolutions Geology & Interpretation group 2012
* Schlumberger-WesternGeco, Land In-Field Geophysics Libya 2008 - 2011
* Schlumberger-WesternGeco, In-house Geophysics Colombia 2006 – 2008
* Grant Geophysical, Colombia 2005 - 2006


* Creative Thinking
* Data Analysis
* Critical
* Research
* Respectfull
* Quality Control
* Task Managment
* Following Specifications
* Problem Solving
* Presentation


* MBA in Renewable Energy – Vertice Business School, Spain, 2016.

* MSc. Geophysics – Ciudad Universitaria José Antonio Echeverría, La Habana, Cuba, 2005.

* BSc. Geology Engineering – Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica. Sogamoso, Colombia, 2002.