Contact Information

  • Utkarsh Sinha
    (346) 219-1514




Houston, Tx


1. Production Engineer, Reach Production Solutions, Houston February 2019 – Present
• Primary production engineer within the applications team providing in-house multiphase compression
technology to increase the productivity of oil & gas wells, and longevity of their production cycles.
➢ Modeling and Computing the production of oil and gas wells across various basins (Permian, Eagle ford
& Neuquén) in the US and internationally using PIPESIM.
➢ Estimating and forecasting oil and gas well production under various scenarios including natural flow,
conventional artificial lift methods, and in-house compression technology at wellhead.
➢ Collaborating with potential customers to understand their well portfolio and suggest suitable applications
for in-house compression technology.
➢ Developing well selection criteria guidelines for identification of the most suitable applications, through
modeling of customer wells and related parametric modeling studies.
➢ Evaluating the production models and offer potential modifications to improve the expected
performance of in-house multiphase compression technology.
➢ Condensing forecasted results into key takeaways for the executive leadership team and customers.
➢ Collaborating with the mechanical engineering team to understand the key features, benefits, and
limitations of multiphase compression technology.
➢ Developing and deploying in-house simulators (MATLAB-GUI) evaluating well productivity and artificial
lift performance such as Critical Rate Calculator, and Gas Lift, Jet Pump & Plunger Lift Simulators.

2. Teaching Assistant, Department of Petroleum Engineering, University of Houston July 2017 – December 2018

3. Business Analyst, Derrick Petroleum Services, India. June 2016 – October 2016


Simulation Tools: PVT Sim, PIPESIM/PROSPER, OFM, Harmony, MBAL/MBX, CMG/Eclipse.
Coding Languages: MATLAB, R/Python, Java.