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  • Deborah Sechrist
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Resume of Scott C. Sechrist, Senior Geophysical / Geological Advisor 




Houston, Texas


Petroleum Geologist / Geophysicist with more than 40 years of domestic and international experience as a proven commercial oil and gas finder / 3D workstation prospect generator in Unconventional Shale, Carbonates, Clastics, Tight Gas and Tight Oil plays, Conventional Clastics and Carbonates, Deepwater, SubSalt and PreSalt plays worldwide. Skilled in full geological and geophysical integration of 3D and 2D seismic with well logs & production data. Significant Buy and Sell side experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, Prospect and Acreage evaluation. 3D/2D data processing QA/QC & 3D/2D field acquisition in Permian Delaware and Midland Basins, the EagleFord / Austin Chalk plays. Early user (1980) of Seismic Inversion and Attributes. Now using Data Analytics for Basin and Prospect scale mapping, Formation Evaluation, including ArcGIS, SpotFire and Paradise Neural Network Software.

Awards and Certifications

Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists
Certified Geologist # 2503 in 1997
AAPG/DPA Certified Petroleum Geologist #6065 and
Certified Petroleum Geophysicist #90
State of Texas Licensed Petroleum Geologist #4478, 2003-2021 and Geophysicist #4497, 2003-2021


Geophysical Skills
Seismic interpretation 3D & 2D experience on Landmark, GeoFrame, Petrel, Geographix, dGB, Hampson Russell, Petra & all SMT Kingdom Suite+ and Geophysical Insights’ Paradise Attribute Analysis software. Significant experience in Seismic Interpretation and Formation Analysis by integrating well logs, paleo, vsp's and production data. AVO and Gather conditioning, fluid substitution, synthetics and seismic Attributes for prospect ranking in both Unconventional and Conventional Plays. Experienced in PreStack time & depth seismic data processing, velocity modeling, Salt interpretation, 3D visualization, reservoir characterization and 3D/2D seismic field acquisition. Extensive experience in seismic project setup, all forms of data loading: 3D/2D seismic, wells, backup, data transfer & project administration.

Geological Skills
Structural and stratigraphic subsurface mapping and cross-section preparation in extensional and compressional environments; well log correlation, petrophysical log analysis & net pay determination; casing point, core & perforation elections, completion recommendations. Volumetric calculation of remaining reserves by fault block in producing fields.

Business Skills
Team player experienced in Rose-Style Risk Analysis and Property Evaluation, with experience ranging from $10 MM to $1 Billion projects. Generate and evaluate Geoscience drilling packages, leasing, licensing and drilling AFE recommendations. Advanced PowerPoint skills with effective public speaking and technical presentation abilities. Professional image and personality, works well independently, with asset teams and in multi-disciplinary environments.


University of Houston / HCC, Houston, TX.
Post Baccalaureate Courses 1985-86, for MS Geology program.
S. F. Austin State Univ., Nacogdoches, TX.
Bachelor of Arts Degree 1977 Communication R-T-F / Marketing
Southwest TX State Univ., San Marcos, TX.
Bachelor of Arts Degree 1974 Geography / Industrial Technology
Trinity University, San Antonio, TX.
Baccalaureate Courses, 1970-1972 Geology / Geography