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I am looking for an Geologist position in your organization. I am flexible about job responsibility and hours. I can consider part-time or contract job too.

I am a geologist with a very strong background in the Permian Basin where I have acquired both my formal trainings and work experiences. I am adept in regional mapping, prospect generation, and development planning, all of which, I was personally responsible for in my various job functions for my past employers. I am an expert in integrating multidisciplinary geological datasets, and communicating timely and decision-making intelligence to the relevant disciplinary teams.

 In my last two positions, I have worked in both exploration and development of conventional as well as unconventional assets for Occidental Petroleum, fulfilling operations as well as developmental duties. I am attaching a detailed resume here for your review.

I believe that with my strong technical background and conventional/unconventional experience I can positively contribute to your organization. I know I have a gap in my resume but I am a quick learner. I will learn quickly to finish my work and do my best.

I would really appreciate a conversation in this regard. I can be reached anytime through email or phone. I thank you for your time and consideration and look forward to talk to you about any kind of opportunity.



Saswati Chakraborty





Greater Houston


Professional Experience
Asset Development Geologist
June 2013-October 2015, New Mexico Reservoir Management Team, Permian Basin Unit, Occidental Petroleum Corp.
In this position, I worked in a multi-disciplinary team in planning and executing a detailed development plan for the Permian plays of New Mexico. I worked in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. My individual responsibilities included:
▪ Well correlation and integration of multi-disciplinary datasets (well logs, petrophysical analyses, traditional and sidewall cores, mud-logs).
Mapping of occurrence and extent of stratigraphic subdivision and structural trends. Computation of net pay, porosity and reservoir quality maps, using geologic, petrophysicial and well completion data, from known to prospect areas.
▪ Generating integrated development plan for various fields, consisting of proposed well locations and full field development plan including technical report writing.
▪ Developing drilling program based on reservoir properties and EUR performance analysis provided by Reservoir Engineers. Identifying geological drilling hazards and recommending safe drilling practices.
▪ Preparing of geological prognosis and logging program and communicating the same to the service providers.
▪ Actively geo-steered wells to ensure placement of laterals within the target zones. I have drilled over 45,000ft of laterals. I have drilled in mainly in Bone Spring and Brushy Canyon Formations.
▪ Prepared post drilling analysis for drilling and completions group, to communicate future drilling recommendations.
▪ Evaluating secondary targets for future development.
▪ Evaluating recompletion target for old wells.
▪ Monitoring and analyzing other operator’s activities.
▪ Evaluating proposals from partners and other operators for joint ventures and non-operating interests.
▪ Supporting the reservoir, production and drilling groups to assess and book reserves and resources.

Exploration Geologist
Nov 2011- May 2013, Permian Basin Exploration Team, Delaware Basin, Permian Basin Team Occidental Petroleum Corp.
▪ Primary responsibility included correlating and generating regional geologic map for large scale stratigraphic correlation.
▪ I worked on integration of well log data and petrophysical analysis with regional geological maps to identify new play fairway.
▪ I closely followed drilling activities of various operators for reservoir intelligence, and drilling and development trends and interest.
▪ Finally, I proposed well location based on my interpretation, to further advance exploration scheme of the company.

Geologist Intern
May 2008 – Aug 2008, Whiting Petroleum Corporation, Midland, TX, USA
▪ Worked as a geologist for the Exploration and Development Group
▪ Project: Study of the Lower Brushy Canyon Formation, Delaware Basin, West-Texas.
▪ Applied exploration strategies on conventional reservoir.
▪ Used traditional open-hole logs, and modeling softwares (GeoGraphix) for regional correlation of Brushy Canyon formation, Delaware Basin.
▪ Constructed isochore, isopach and structural maps which were further integrated with production data to make recommendation for future well sites.

Research Assistant
July 2009-October 2011, The University of Texas of the Permian Basin, TX.
▪ Project: Commercial Exploitation and the Origin of Residual Oil Zones: Developing a case history in the Permian Basin of New Mexico and west Texas.
Primary responsibilities include acquisition, filtering and quality control of various oilfield data, and maintaining greater database for analyses.

Awards and Certifications

2009: A. L. Cox, Best Poster Award, AAPG-SW Section Annual Meeting.
▪ 2008: The National Scholars Honor Society.
▪ 2007 and 2008: Graduate Assistantship and Graduate Scholarship, The University of Texas of the Permian Basin.


Key Skills
▪ Geologic Interpretation
▪ Geologic Mapping.
▪ Field Development and Recompletion.
▪ Log Analysis
▪ Conventional Core Description and Thin section petrographic analysis
▪ Integration and Interpretation of Multidisciplinary datasets (geological, petrophysical, geochemical data)
▪ Geo-steering, Operations Geology and well performance monitoring
▪ Project Management
▪ Unconventional and conventional Expertise
▪ GeoGraphix Expertise
▪ Technical Report Writing


Fall 2006-Summer 2009: The University of Texas of the Permian Basin, TX, USA.
▪ Master of Science in Geology. GPA: 4.0.
▪ Thesis Title: Study of the Submarine Sands in the South Wells Member of the Lower Cherry Canyon Formation, Western Delaware Basin, West Texas, USA.
▪ Worked on the characterization of depositional environment and diagenetic controls of Cherry Canyon sands using thin sections analysis, rotary cores, and conventional openhole well logs. Focusing on the source and distribution of carbonate cement with related to reservoir quality in terms of exploration of potential hydrocarbons.
▪ Work flow including core description, thin section analysis, log analysis, correlation and interpretation of all data together.

1998–2000: University of Calcutta, Calcutta, India.
▪ Master of Science (M.Sc.) In Geology.
▪ Thesis: Melting Behavior of Dalma metabasic rocks at 1 atmospheric condition.