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  • Jamie Marzonie
    (530) 368-0606


I’ve been involved in both owner and contractor organization in the downstream, upstream, manufacturing for oil & gas, and was working in a previous life with the “internet of things” before we had an acronym for it. I have a passion for leading and improving teams…and I play with “LEGOs”

Throughout my career from telecommunications, semiconductors, food processing, subsea equipment, offshore installation, and guiding owner megaproject construction controls, I have been putting together my own library of LEGOs. “LEGO” is after all ubiquitous for “building blocks”.

Organizations are composed of different building blocks, with different shapes, attributes, and rules, just like LEGO pieces. And like LEGO models, an organization leverages the “pieces” it has in order to build and execute on it’s vision and values. All organizations have access to all the pieces, but just like LEGOs, they can use them differently, and rearrange them to better fit the overall strategy, and ever-changing dynamics.

So yeah, I play with LEGOs.

I have provided a progressive history of partnering with stakeholders to deliver technical and commercial program excellence though collaboration, mentoring, establishing change management, and a vision to achieve critical success factors with a unique perspective from multiple global industries and best in class project organizations.


Houston, TX


Risk & Decision Management, ERM, GRC
Project Controls / Services Management
Project / Program Management
Strategic Vision / Tactical Execution
Cross Functional Communication
Critical Thinking, Servant Leadership
Performance & Change Management
Customer & Business Development
Business Process Management
Project Valuation & Forecasting
Agile & Waterfall Project Management
Team Building & Mentoring
Training & Development
Peer Review & Stage Gate Assessment


University of California, Davis - Bachelors in Philosophy

Initially accepted into the aeronautical engineering program, but later migrated towards biological sciences, and was so interested in philosophy (the science and study of logic) that I changed majors. Some of my favorite courses were the logic classes, where we not only use logic for literary argument structure, but also understand the foundation for how our hardware and software technologies function.