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  • Greg Deaton


Experienced Senior Mechanical Engineer with a background in the design of various electromechanical, hydraulic, and sensor systems for both downhole tools and surface systems. My experience includes over 10 years as a section supervisor or project manager, including design and environmental testing. Registered Professional Engineer in Texas.




Houston, TX


Packers Plus Energy Services - Tomball, TX
Sr. Design Engineer March 2018 – May 2020
• Designed actuated flow valve used to selectively control volume of fluid produced in downhole completions
• Designed and tested unique high-pressure sealing arrangement for sliding valve stem and static (30,000 PSI) connections

Terravici Drilling Solutions – Stafford, TX
Sr. Mechanical Engineer June 2016 – March 2018
• Designed, assembled and tested highly serviceable drivetrain sensor module with novel communication port
• Oversaw drivetrain transmission engineering and sustaining efforts

Valtang Technology – Sugar Land, TX
Sr. Mechanical Engineer October 2015 – April 2016
• Design of downhole near-bit sub containing multiple measurement sensors including electronics / battery
• Design of a Resistivity tool containing multiple antenna arrays and sensors

Schlumberger – PathFinder Energy Services
Supervisor - Environmental Testing March 2008 – May 2014
Principle Engineer March 1999 – March 2008
• Supervise group performing vibration, shock, HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing), pressure and flow tests
• Specify environmental test equipment and design heating/cooling systems for vibrators and pressure vessels
• Design three pressure vessel systems and oversee material evaluation program for corrosive environments
• Lead team to increase reliability in LWD (downhole) tools which resolved self-imposed restrictions of services
• Design and testing of acoustic transmitters which doubled output over the previous versions
• Sustaining engineering support for acoustic, nuclear and resistivity downhole logging tools

Halliburton Energy Services
Principle Engineer May 1996 – March 1999
Project Manager - Gamma Perforators & Open/Cased Hole Standards February 1993 – May 1996
Mechanical Section Supervisor - Acoustics January 1989 – February 1993
Development Engineer July 1987 – December 1988
• Implemented changes to nuclear radiation handling procedures and equipment as Team Leader of program
• Design of new battery module capable of use in small diameter (4.75” OD) downhole logging tools
• Project manager and lead engineer on team designing new generation gamma perforator tools incorporating scintillation crystals and photomultiplier tubes as detectors
• Supervised 8 member staff charged with the design of acoustic logging equipment
• Design and field testing of downhole seismic acquisition systems utilizing a string of hydraulically-locking geophone pods controlled by a central power module
• Prototype design and testing of 25 kVA swept frequency downhole seismic source
• Design and implementation of shipboard air gun (1000 & 1170 cubic inch) buoy deployment guide system

Awards and Certifications

Registered Professional Engineer in Texas

• U.S. Patent No. 4,504,736 - “Gamma Ray Spectral Tool for Borehole Use”
• U.S. Patent No. 5,092,056 - “Reversed Leaf Spring Energizing System for Wellbore Caliper Arms”
• U.S. Patent No. 5,086,045 - “Multiple Caliper Arms Capable of Independent Movement”

• Co-author of SPE Paper No. 12050, “A Multi-function Compensated Spectral Natural Gamma Logging System.”


Product Development | R&D - Research & Development | CAD - SolidWorks | FEA – SolidWorks Simulation Mechanical Design & Analysis | Electronics Packaging | Sensor Packaging | Actuators | Hydraulics | Acoustics Seismic | Nuclear Detectors | Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing – ASME Y14.5 | Erosion mitigation
Corrosion-resistant alloys, ceramics, elastomers | Composites | NACE MR0175 | Reliability | Flow Testing
Vibration, Shock, HALT/HASS Testing | High Pressure Design & Testing | Infrastructure & Cooling Systems | Seismic


BSME - Texas A&M University, College Station, TX