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  • Adam Sallee
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An innovative well construction expert for unconventionals, HTHP, and deepwater. Published several SPE papers highlighting drilling achievements. Patent pending method for well cost using big data. Honored with two prestigious global innovation awards. Several world records and SQ / symposium awards. Fluent in English and Spanish. Basic French. Core competencies include:


Digital Well Construction | Technology Innovation | Drilling Automation | Project Management |Technical Collaboration | Creative Problem Solving


Houston, TX


Senior Well Engineer III – Drilling Engineer, Oct 2016 – Apr 2020
Owner of well construction (budgeting, operations support, etc.) for land lump sum turkey projects
•Led well construction for the world's first automated drilling system.
•Reduced 2 operating days per well eliminating 12 ¼” bit runs and improving casing seat selection.
•Reduced 2 operating days per well enhancing lateral performance and eliminating cementing losses.
•Saved $70 k of wear damage per well in the Brushy Canyon optimizing drilling automation.
•Saved $2 M per new drill pad innovating a method to avoid caves using gravity measurements.

Alaska Drilling Engineering Manager, Oct 2013 – Oct 2016
Led a team with diverse nationalities to safe and cost-effective drilling at ConocoPhillips and bp
•Grew location revenue to a record $35 M delivering quality services for ten rigs.
•Eliminated $10 M in rig time introducing rotary steerable whipstock departures to North Slope.
•Added $1 M revenue implementing engineering controls to reduce wear on extended reach wells.
•Contributed to an improvement of Linc Energy’s recoverable reserves an estimated 200 million barrels drilling the first horizontal well in Alaskan permafrost.

Deepwater Senior Drilling Engineer I - II, Aug 2009 – Oct 2013
Implemented effective engineering well designs as primary interface for deepwater clients
•Saved $250 k per well maximizing drilling speeds on semisubs introducing drilling on torque in salt.
•Contributed to $30 M savings for Hess optimizing the batch set drilling practices.

Drilling Engineer I - III, Nov 2006 – Aug 2009
Performed engineering support for shallow water and deepwater drilling in southeastern Mexico
•Improved budgeting by $2.25 M per well analyzing well performance with probabilistic modeling.
•Contributed to $600 M in value for PEMEX, from increased production rates and well life, introducing horizontal wells to the Kumaza field.

Directional Driller, Mar 2004 – Nov 2006
Led a four person off-shore cell drilling with motors, rotary steerables, and hole enlargement tools.
•Drilled Noxal, the 2016 President’s Well, a gas discovery in deepwater Mexico.

Awards and Certifications

1. Managing Drilling Losses in the Permian Using Airborne Gravity…, SPE-194164-MS.
2. Operational Improvements Drilling One Million Feet at Nikaitchuq, SPE-180443-MS.
3. Unlocking a Frozen Resource: Horizontal Milestone in Permafrost…, SPE-174036-MS.
4. Tubular Bells: A Case Study of Large-Scale Batch Sets, SPE-165897-MS.

Honored with two prestigious global awards for innovation:
1. The 2018 WesternGeco President's Award.
2. The 2018 Henri Doll Award.

Patent pending “Method and System for Integrated Well Construction” for well cost/risk using big data.

Vice-President Service Quality awards received in Q3 2015, Q2 2015, Q1 2014, Q3 2012, and Q4 2008.

Engineer in Training certified by the State of Colorado
IWCF Level 4 certified


Drilling Engineering
Extended Reach Drilling
Petroleum Engineering
Project Management
Onshore Operations
Oil & Gas Industry
Risk Analysis
Risk Assessment
Field Development
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Directional Drilling
Big Data
Oil & Gas
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Data Mining
Interpersonal Skills
Engineering Management
Other Skills
Deepwater Drilling
Casing Design
Landmark Compass
Land Drilling
Torque and Drag
Well Control
Log Interpretation
Well Logging
Pad Drilling
BHA Design
Bit Selection
Centralization Design
Well Budgeting
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Drill Well on Paper
After Action Review
Rig Selection
Performance Benchmarking
New Technology Evaluation
Big Data Analytics
Well Construction
Batch Drilling
Drilling Fluids
Data Analytics


BS in Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines