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Seeking employment a a Production/Operations Manager in the Houston, Texas area.  Forty years of oil & gas operations experience with 20 years as an Operations Manager for various areas in Texas.


Houston, Texas



April, 2017 To January, 2021 Sable Permian Resources

Operations Manager
Served as the Operations Manager all of Sable’s assets located in the Permian Basin in West Texas. I had four (4) Engineers and a Construction/Production Superintendents reporting directly to me, with another 100+ field employees for whom I was responsible. Many duties in my position are like those described with previous employers and include:

• Supervised engineering and field operations taking production from 18,400 Net BOED to a peak rate of 69.6 Net BOED.
o Includes completion, workover and facility installation for177 wells drilled and completed by Sable.
• Coordinating reviews and recommendations for LOE reduction with all Operations Engineering Staff
• Reinforcing Safety/Environmental Policy to direct reports and all field personnel on a regular basis.
• Prepare and recommend yearly LOE, capital workover and facility capital budgets.

November, 2007 to April, 2017: Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas/Plains Exploration and Production Company

Operations Manager/Texas
Served as the Operations Manager for all Texas Properties including South Texas, East Texas, Texas Panhandle and the Eagle Ford Shale. I have had three (3) Production Engineers, three (3) Production Superintendents and one Production Technician reporting directly to me, with another 50+ field employees for whom I was responsible. Many duties in my position are like those described with previous employers and include:

• Preparing and presenting lease operating expense, workover and project summaries.
• Coordinating reviews and recommendations for LOE reduction with all Operations Engineering Staff
• Prepare and recommend yearly LOE, capital workover and facility capital budgets.
• Visit field locations to reinforce policies, review operations and participate actively in regular safety and other meetings.
• Direct and monitor engineering staff to ensure deadlines are met and reports prepared in a timely manner

March, 2001 to November 2007 Pogo Producing Company

South Texas Operations Manager/Operations Engineer
Responsible for operations in Pogo’s South Texas fields located primarily in Webb and Zapata counties. These fields had approximately 350 active wells ranging in depth from 6,000’-12,000’, and require hydraulic fracturing to economically produce. I was promoted to the position of South Texas Operations Manager in 2005. My duties as Operations Engineer remained essentially the same, but I was now responsible for the supervision of 20+ field employees. Some of my responsibilities and duties include the following:

• Preparing completion cost estimates and recommended work procedures for approximately 150 drilled wells.
• Preparing cost estimates and procedures for capital workovers, expense workovers, plug and abandonments and facility installations/upgrades.
• Supervising/providing engineering services a drilling rig (Patterson 522) for one year.
• Monitoring individual well production/performance and preparing recommendations to install artificial lift and/or reduce backpressure where necessary.
• Installation of field compression to optimize/increase gas volumes.
• Monitoring day-to-day field activities in conjunction with Pogo’s Laredo Superintendent and Workover/Completion foreman.

April, 1997 to March, 2001 North Central Oil Corporation

Operations/Production Engineer
Responsible for approximately 150 wells located in Webb County, Texas which ranged from 6,000’ to 9,000’ deep. Some of my responsibilities and duties included the following:

• Preparing completion cost estimates and work procedures for new drills and workovers.
• Performing an aggressive capital workover program that increased field production by over 25%.
• Recommending and implementing a pilot program to test the effectiveness of using capillary injection strings for unloading fluids from gas wells. The pilot program was successful and over 100 strings were subsequently installed.

May, 1995 to April, 1997 Greenhill Petroleum Corporation

Operations/Production Engineer
I was responsible for operations in the Grand Bay and Delta Farms fields in south Louisiana. These fields had over 100 active wells and were located in the inland waters of Plaquemines and Lafourche parishes. Production depths ranged from 3,500’ to 14,000’ and most required gravel packing to successfully produce. Some of my responsibilities included the following:

• Preparing justifications, cost estimates and procedures for over thirty (30) workovers.
• Preparing completion cost estimates and work procedures for five (5) drilled wells.
• Installed salt water disposal systems in both fields (total disposal +/- 30,000 bbls/day).
• Gas lift design upgrades.
• Facility modifications and upgrades.

June, 1982 to May, 1995 Oryx Energy Company (formerly Sun E & P and Sun Gas Company)

Operations/Production Engineer
• Prepared over 450 separate wellwork recommendations, many with minimal reservoir and geological support, which successfully developed over 5 million equivalent barrels of oil. Included were facility, stimulation and artificial lift designs.
• Responsible for the completion of over fifty (50) newly drilled wells in the Vicksburg sands of South Texas. Completions included fracture stimulation optimization, hydraulic fracture design and supervision, and surface facility designs.
• Responsible for implementing a Vicksburg sand commingling program in Starr County, Texas in 1986. The project required detailed procedures, fracture stimulation designs as well as field coordination/supervision to finish the work on the twelve (12) wells in the program in the time frame desired. The project involved commingling production from two to four zones in each well, and all required fracture stimulation in order to economically produce. The project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget resulting in a gross production increase of 20 MMCF/D at a total cost of 11 million dollars. Completion depths ranged from 9,000’-13,000’.
• Served as Project Engineering responsible for coordinating all wellwork for the South Texas Region. The Region completed over 200 wellwork projects in the eleven (11) months while I served in this capacity, which was significantly higher than amounts completed in previous years.
• Responsible for operations in eastern Oklahoma that included approximately 350 wells in the Fitts Field waterflood, as well as approximately 30 gas wells in the Red Oak, Kinta and Wilburton Fields. Some of my duties included the following:
o Waterflood cost control
o Recommendations to improve waterflood efficiency
 Facility conversions and production workovers
o New well completions and recompletions in low pressure gas wells
 Acid and fracture stimulation design and supervision
• From 1989 to 1995 responsible for operations in the Pearsall Field of south Texas. While serving in this capacity I was responsible for the completion of some 95 newly drilled horizontal wells. Some of my duties were as follows:
o Stimulation of over 70 wells by acid fracs, water fracs and acid washes.
o Facility, pumping unit and sucker rod system design and analysis.
o Pioneered the use of coiled tubing for stimulation in horizontal wells and the method of pumping horizontal wells in the curved portion of the wells.
o Reduced artificial lift subsurface failures (failures/well/year) by 50%.
o Reduced total operating expenses in the field by 30%.
• Represented Oryx’s interest in the design of the Pearsall Pipeline Company’s oil gathering pipeline. The pipeline was installed at a cost of 19 million dollars and initially transported over 20,000 barrels of oil daily.
• In 1992 I was assigned the duties as operations engineer for the Big Wells Field in south Texas. This waterflooded field contained over 150 producing and 100 water injection well. Projects I worked on in this field included the following:
o Maximizing injection volumes through stimulations and facility conversions.
o Reducing temporarily abandoned well count and environmental liability.
o Preparing SPCC plans for all facilities.
o Monitoring and modifying chemical programs for water clarity and well corrosion.
o Reduced chemical cost by 30% from 1992 to 1993.

• Co-authored the following SPE papers:
o SPE 20683 “Horizontal Well Stimulation Results in the Austin Chalk Formation, Pearsall Field, Texas” (1990)
o SPE 24764 “Sucker Rod Lift in Horizontal Wells in Pearsall Field, Texas” (1992)
o SPE 26584 “Propellant Gas Fracture Stimulation of a Horizontal Austin Chalk Wellbore” (1993).

• Registered professional Engineer in the State of Texas, registration number 73289
• Proficient in Microsoft Office Programs


B.S., Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University, 1982
Magna Cum Laude

Awards and Certifications

Registered Professional Engineer in Texas
License 73289


B.S. in Petroleum Engineering
Magma Cum Laude