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  • Teunis Heyn
    (732) 788-8407


Structural Geologist | Prospect and Play Fairway Analysis | Complex Trap Characterization

I have participated in international and domestic US Oil and gas exploration / development in US Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, US Atlantic margin, Anadarko basin, Brazil, Argentina, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad, Barbados, Mexico, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, N. Caspian, Angola and others.

      Typical work products included: (1) written technical advice on work requirements / quality at the basin & prospect scale, (2) salt interpretations for seismic data improvements and purchase recommendation, (3) play fairway analysis / seismic mapping, (4) lead / prospect evaluation / development, geological risk assessment, and prospect portfolio ranking, (5) integration of plate reconstructions with crustal structure mapping for petroleum systems, (6) analysis of complex traps and fault patterns of prospects, (7) integration of potential field data with structure maps, (8) salt tectonics interpretations of prospects and basins, and (9) seismic mapping of structural and stratigraphic traps, complex fault patterns and stratigraphy.

      I am seeking opportunities that will allow me to participate in nearfield and frontier exploration efforts.






• Started out researching the progressive strain histories of orogenic belts. This was followed by prospecting / play fairway identification along passive margins and active margins of plate boundaries for oil / gas exploration efforts. Focused initially on passive margin prospects involving salt such as the Gulf of Mexico, but my responsibility grew into explaining other aspects such as predicting reservoir presence along active margins. For example, insights of evolving hinterlands from tectonic shortening was important in predicting risks such as source presence and reservoir presence / quality in Mexico, Trinidad, Barbados, etc.
• My experience includes providing salt tectonics advice for pre‐drill imaging improvements on giant discoveries such as the Thunder Horse field in the Gulf of Mexico.
• Experience includes the identification of prospects for which acreage was leased, advancing prospects to the drill schedule and then drilling wells including discoveries.

Awards and Certifications

AAPG member, author of papers (see resume).
• Taught Salt tectonics at Pemex exploration staff
• Worked to access acreage globally by establishing the exploration potential along margins (e.g., Mexico, Newfoundland, S. Atlantic, Guyana/Trinidad, Alaska, N. Sea, etc.).
• Structural insight in access efforts provided new play concepts about the geology of active margins. New concepts were shared for a business edge.
• Made key geological maps for making critical business decisions (e.g., composite critical risk segment maps.
• Developed course materials and successfully improved organizational capability.
• Advised exploration groups and solved structural problems critical for maturing exploration prospects. Impactful structural geology solutions helped to identify prospects or find oil / gas efficiently.
• Track record of teaching classes in structural geology. Tested and promoted Bluware and Paleoscan software to help modernize the industry.
• Company representative for sponsored AGL research (Applied Geodynamics Laboratory consortium) at the University of Texas; served on company advisory board for Dynamic topography work at Cambridge University.


• Advisor in integration of multiple data sets at the prospect & basin scale
• Seismic interpretation of complex traps, faults, diapiric salt & stratigraphy
• Building chronostratigraphic diagrams with tectonic events, regional exploration concept lines, structural domain mapping
• Salt tectonics analyses of prospects, and building salt velocity models for improved seismic imaging
• Plate tectonics expert in play fairways of rifted / passive margins & orogenic belts
• Document geological results in concise presentations; able to explain geology to non-geologists
• Solves poly-phase deformation issues of prospects along continental margins and interior basins
• Leads within an integrated multi-disciple team
• Supportive / respectful "one‐team" collaborative attitude
• Self-directed, flexible, and innovative
• Facilitates the work of coworkers and inspire staff with the geology
• Safety-focused
• Solution oriented instructor / people developer
• Tools: Petrel & Landmark/Seisworks E & P software using seismic data, and software such as ArcGIS and 2d Move


Ph.D., Geosciences | Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Thesis: Tectonites of the Northwest Adirondack Mountains, New York: Structural and Metamorphic Evolution.
M.Sc. | University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC. Thesis: Stratigraphy and structural relationships along the Southwestern flank of the Sauratown Mountains Anticlinorium.
B.S., magna cum laude | University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC