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  • Catherine Henry
    (713) 859-9700


Conventionally and unconventionally trained geologist with experience working in multi-disciplinary team with both upstream and midstream businesses. Seeking to contribute and add value to an E&P company. 




Houston, TX


Oasis Petroleum – Houston, TX 2017 - 2021
GEOLOGIST II 2020 - 2021
• Promoted to Geologist II in January 2020, during depressed environment.
• Responsible for interpretation of complex fluvial/deltaic Inyan Kara sands across Williston Basin.
• Worked in interdisciplinary team of reservoir and facility engineers to characterize Inyan Kara reservoir.
-Material balance and decline curve analysis completed to achieve pore volume of reservoir and tie back to reservoir pressure.
-Pressure fall-off tests of 10+ wells also used to predict EUI of
saltwater disposal wells in given sand tank.
• Sand tank evaluations successfully impacted both midstream and upstream business units.
o Midstream business unit: responsible for scouting new and evaluating existing SWD permits; assisted BD group
with third party business opportunities.
o Upstream business unit: responsible for identifying drill risk in core acreage areas and assisting with new casing
design to effectively drill through over-pressured corridors.
• Program Management accomplishments with significant business impact:
o Championed 12 well program that resulted in D&C cost savings of $1MM+.
o Implemented new working standard for the organization on drilling operations through over-pressured
corridors that allowed for considerable CapEx Savings.
• Portfolio Management:
o Risk ranked core acreage at the DSU level and assigned cost with each risk tier. Resulted in capital inputs for
project economics for every DSU to support corporate planning group.

GEOLOGIST I 2017 - 2020
• Operations Geologist
o Actively geosteered wells and interpreted GR data in real time; on-call 24/7.
o Generated structure and isopach maps of target formations.
o Produced geoprogs for permitting.
o Drilled 15+ wells to completion while demonstrating ability to stay in target zone in both Bakken and Three
Forks formations.
o Proactively communicated with drilling/execution team as well as field personnel on geohazards and target
• Evaluations Geologist
o Partnered with completions engineers on frac recommendation design; identified geohazards in the area
(Lodgepole, Pronghorn thick, offset Mission Canyon production); utilized microseismic data.
o Middle Bakken Facies Characterization; Interpreted 5 facies within Middle Bakken based on petrophysical log
analysis, tied back to core data. Analysis yielded pitch for core data to help characterize reservoir of 9
undeveloped DSUs; approved by upper management.

CenterPoint Energy – Houston, TX 2016 - 2017
• Selected as one of three Project Leaders responsible for acting as liaison between the QA and training team and other
infrastructure data specialists.
• Data Specialist: responsible for locating work orders for natural gas pipeline installation in the Houston area using SAP.
Duties included validating pipeline attributes in ArcMap and meeting time restraints of the project.

Awards and Certifications

Mississippi Geological Society - Boland Scholarship Recipient 2014
Awarded to one student from each institution in Mississippi for hard work and dedication to the geosciences and community.
Sole recipient from Millsaps College.

Mississippi Academy of Science 2014
Best oral presentation in Geology and Geography division at the Mississippi Academy of Science Annual Meeting.
Honorable mention in the Millsaps-HHMI Undergraduate Scholars Symposium poster presentation.

Wendell B. Johnson Memorial Award 2013
Awarded to a junior geology major at Millsaps College with an outstanding record of scholarship, research, and service

Dudley Hughes Exploration Internship 2012; 2013
Endowment funds internships that focus on oil and gas exploration; funded internship at Jura-Search, Inc.


Software skills:
- IHS Kingdom
- Petra
- ArcGIS
- EasyCopy
- Microsoft Office
- Adobe Illustrator

Nautilus training:
- Practical Subsurface Mapping
- Formation Evaluation: Principles and Practices
- Geophysics for Subsurface Professionals
- Low Resistivity Pay Evaluation
- Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers


University of Mississippi, Master of Science in Geology (May 2016) - Oxford, MS

Millsaps College, Bachelor of Science in Geology, with Honors (May 2014) - Jackson, MS