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  • Dale Hayes
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A petroleum engineer combining a distinguished career history of driving incremental growth while directing oil and gas and petroleum engineering operations with a focus on developing safety culture, environmental compliance, and optimal profitability. Significant experience in creating and executing business plans, establishing regulatory structures, building and fostering high-efficiency teams, promoting communication, synergy, professional development, capturing time and cost savings, and steering the design and construction of wells, facilities, and pipelines.


Houston, Texas


D&K CONSULTING, LLC: Katy, TX (3/2019 - Current)
Provide petroleum engineering services on a contract consulting basis for oil and gas companies. Performing experienced technical design and analysis, field and well site troubleshooting, and operator’s representative support.
• Handled wellsite supervision for approximately 20 Smackover workovers and completions.
• Developed EPA injection well permit and aquifer exemption requests including production facility scenarios, costs, reservoir injection capacity, fault slip potential, and production and water treating strategies.
SENIOR RESERVOIR ENGINEER: Reservoir Modeling Group – Alta Mesa Resources, Inc. (3/2018 – 3/2019)
Transitioned to a senior role in the newly created reservoir modeling team after serving as the VP of Frontier Region and VP of Operations as a result of the company contributing the company’s Oklahoma assets to a public special purpose acquisition corporation.
• Provided consultative and servant leadership while promoting synergy and collaboration between the geology, production, drilling, and information technology teams to share intelligence, meet ambitious deadlines and avoid invalid conclusions while building an enterprise earth model.
• Delivered consistent and integrated approaches to forecast well production/completion performance, maximize financial returns, and formulate executive reservoir development decisions. The focus of the team was the creation of a singular earth model, incorporating all available knowledge to define the physical characteristics of the reservoir in three-dimensional space. This model provided the basis for uniquely defining optimum wellbore placement and completion strategies, thereby optimizing economic returns.
VICE PRESIDENT (VP) – FRONTIER REGION: Alta Mesa Holdings (1/2013 – 3/2018)
• Directed operations for the Frontier Region, which included high (10%) hydrogen sulfide (H2S) Florida and Idaho assets, to drive well production levels, improve asset values/financial performance, and ensure safety/environmental compliance. Built and empowered a team of 50+ engineering and business professionals with a focus on collaboration and communication. Oversaw financial activities - established and administered budgets, AFE’s and associated workflows, and monitored revenue/cost accounting operations and reporting.
• Established the first commercial oil and gas production operation in Idaho (the 35th state to produce commercial oil and gas).
• Built integrated production model utilizing reservoir and pipe fluid flow models from the reservoir to sales point to provide the best possible forecasts of revenue and to provide for strategic budget planning and facility optimization plans. Also incorporated artificial lift method changes and compression strategy changes to optimize asset value.
• Implemented state of art SCADA system to enable real-time monitoring and post-event analysis and resolution of upsets and prevention of future lost production events.
• Utilized cloud-based and open-source systems for operations reporting equipment inventory and maintenance, and team meetings for enhanced communication and collaboration
Mitigated legal, financial, and operational risks in potential audits on the revenue stream, royalties, and tax payments for the Idaho project with the deployment of an allocation system that provided molecular material balances/revenue allocation from end sales to well completion.
• Conducted two seismic surveys covering 500 square miles, drilled and completed 11 wells, installed 35 miles of pipelines, and built a gas/ condensate treating facility. (Had only one minor hand injury during this period, with over 400,000 man-hours of fieldwork)
• Secured and mnaged local vendors, contractors, and employees to effectively complete field production, pipeline, and processing operations and projects, in an area void of normal oilfield support and infrastructure.
• Oversaw financial activities. Established and administered budgets, AFE’s and associated workflows, and monitored revenue/cost accounting operations and reporting.
• Reduced Florida flowline leak frequencies by 95% with the development of a pipeline integrity program through frequent hydro testing, cathodic protection system upgrades, and leak repair procedure improvements.
• Led multiple workovers to repair casing, packer, and tubing leaks requiring measured pressure control and unique approaches due to challenges presented by H2S and barium sulfate scale issues.
• Directed the planning/execution of turnarounds for the H2S treating facility with focuses on safety, time, and cost-efficiency.
• Maintained integrity of wells and infrastructure of a 45-year-old high H2S field, despite very marginal field economics, while maintaining prudent, safe operations.
VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS: Alta Mesa Holdings, LP (1/2000 – 1/2013)
Reported to the President/COO to oversee the business, engineering, and production operations for assets across Florida, Louisiana, South Texas, Alabama, and Michigan. Managed high H2S field production, operations, and workovers, approved work procedures, and interviewed, hired, and managed teams of engineering, production accounting, and regulatory professionals.
• Co-Developed the company safety manual and safety training programs and safety culture development.
• Created and led the implementation of enterprise reporting systems and standards, including well work reporting systems that improved daily cost tracking, work and equipment documentation, and reliability.
• Responsible for approving every engineering work procedure for the enterprise.
• Provided all critical issue engineering management for the enterprise.
• Delivered onsite engineering support, leadership, and expertise for key critical drilling wells.
• Served as a leader in the integration of an acquired public company into improved organizational structures.
• Formulated solutions to surface pipe failures and wellhead collapses in Florida while rebuilding wells (deconstructing and reconstructing wellheads near the surface).

PRIOR POSITIONS SUMMARY: Multiple employers (1/2000 – 1/2013)
Previously served as a Petroleum Engineer with Alta Mesa Holdings, LP, an Offshore Petroleum Engineer - Onshore/Offshore Drilling Engineer – Onshore / Offshore Reservoir Engineer with Union Texas Petroleum, an Offshore Reservoir Engineer with Samedan, and a Petroleum Engineer/Reservoir Engineer with Amoco Production Company

Awards and Certifications

Certifications/Professional Licenses:
Professional Engineer (PE), Certificate Number 69635: Texas Board of Professional Engineers

IADC Wellsharp Well Servicing OGOR Certification, H2S Awareness, and SCBA FIT test


HES (Health Environment Safety) ~ Petroleum Engineering - Operations Management ~ Project Management ~ Talent Management ~ Financial Management ~ Drilling and Completion Design/Execution ~ Artificial Lift ~ Facilities ~Log and Core Analysis ~ Pressure/Rate Transient Analysis ~ Reservoir Modeling ~ Reserves Estimation ~ Cash Flow Forecasting ~ Budget Administration ~ Contract Negotiation ~ Environmental Compliance ~ Prospect Analysis/Valuation ~ H2S ~ Gas Processing/Compression ~ Pipeline Construction ~ Nodal Analysis ~ Production Accounting

Software Experience:
Microsoft Office Suite, MS Project, Nodal Analysis (IHSMarkit Perform and Piper, Moseley and Associates WEM), Pressure / Rate Transient Analysis (IHSMarkit Harmony, DeclinePlus, RTA, VirtuWell), Public Well Data (IHSMarkit Enerdeq, DrillingInfo), Log Analysis (Hydrocarbon Data Systems HDS 2000), Hydrocarbon Processing/Thermodynamics Modeling (WinSim Designii), Operations Work Recording and Reporting (Quorum Software WellEZ and Peloton WellView ), Earth Modeling/Simulation (Schlumberger Petrel and IHSMarkit Petra), Economics / Reserves Forecasting (PHDWin, Landmark Aries)


Bachelor of Science (B.S.): Electrical Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas