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  • Jeanette Hagan


Enable exploration companies to discover oil and gas deposits through detailed seismic stratigraphic analysis utilizing 3D visualization techniques such as RGB-color blending and iso-proportional slicing.

“I make pretty pictures of the subsurface to help geoscientists and decision makers see the stratigraphy”.

Operate on a contract basis for individual deepwater clastic discoveries (structural and stratigraphic). 




Houston, TX


2010 - 2021 Geoscientist, ExxonMobil

2018-2021 Brazil Sergipe Operations Team; Exploration Company
Seismic interpreter for lead identification and prospect maturation in the Sergipe deepwater basin. Incorporated deepwater clastic stratigraphy background with 3D visualization techniques using Geoteric spectral decomposition, color blending, and Paleoscan interpretation.
Screened the entire ~4000 km2 3D seismic area, identifying >30 potential leads, predominantly strat trap and combination traps. High-graded 10 of these and acted as lead interpreter for Steelhead lead. Completed probabilistic assessment, focused on seal risk, DHI/AVO/AB cross plot analysis, and detailed seismic and stratigraphic interpretation of channel connections and erosion to explain potential hydrocarbon response.
Examined deepwater current deposition in the Paleozoic/Mesozoic to determine influence of ocean bottom current shale deposition (contourite formation) on reservoir or seal potential. Identified complex topography created by these currents that may assist with trap development; removed 100’s of km2 from consideration for reservoir emplacement.

2016-2018 Stratigraphic Trap Exploration and Prediction Team; Exploration Company
Delivered exploration workflows to facilitate the search for, identification, and characterization of clastic stratigraphic traps in deepwater EODs (primarily circum-Atlantic). Analyzed well penetrations in collaborations with business units to understand diagnostic play and prospect observations.
Taught over 100 geoscientists in Houston, Leatherhead, and virtually in 2 day interactive workshops, to identify potential locations to search for strat traps. This helped Exxon drill additional discoveries in Guyana/Suriname, and acquire exploration acreage in Sergipe basin Brazil, Namibia, and Mauritania.

2015-2016 Subsurface Interpretation and Petrel Uptake team, Upstream Research Center
Taught courses in Petrel seismic interpretation, structural interpretation, and well planning.
Developed integrated seismic interpretation skills acting as a seismic interpretation and technology consultant to the Business Units. Using multiple vendor softwares and internal proprietary technologies completed seismic interpretation, reservoir connectivity, and deepwater stratigraphic projects for Angola, Black Sea, and W Africa business units.

2014-2015 Black Sea Collaborative, Stratigraphy Research Team, Upstream Research Center.
Mapped recent basin floor fans emanating from Danube River using 3D and regional 2D seismic surveys. Used modern fan and recent sequences (last sea level lowstand, ~20,000 yrs ago) to create a model of fan architecture, specific to the Danube fan, then used this as an analog for EOD and sand distribution in ancient fans which were exploration targets.
Collaborated with teams in Houston and England to aid in 5 drillwell location decisions.
Showcased ability of geophysical software and techniques to aid in visualization of stratigraphic concepts: Used Paleoscan to flatten seismic data and review exploration leads in context with analog model created by first phase of project.

2012-2013 EMsee: EM Shared Earth Environment, Software Development Team, Upstream Research Center
Seismic & stratigraphy specialist on software development team: worked with developers to ensure that the software contained the functionalities needed for geological workflows; tested software for bugs and usability; and assisted geologists and engineers in applying the software to their technical projects.
Adjusted software to work with oil sands mining at Kearl field.
Led a team of 5 people to 5 countries to train over 100 geologists and engineers how to use the software. Designed workflow for 4D seismic analysis using EMsee. Lead EMsee contact for Oil Sands Collaborative RA (Kearl).

2011-2012 Formation Evaluation Core Team, Exploration Company
Learned fundamentals of FE work and petrophysics. Analyzed image logs (CBIL and FMI).

2010-2011 US Onshore Exploration Team, Exploration Company
Performed a probabilistic resource assessment for gas in the Frontier Formation in the Lake Ridge Unit at La Barge, Wyoming.

2010 Arkutun-Dagi Development Team, Sakhalin; Development Company
Mapped and developed volumetrics for oil and gas in place within a previously unmapped zone in the S Dagi structure. Integrated seismic interp with well logs, stratigraphy and EOD.

2010 Awarded PhD, UC Santa Barbara
2008 Intern, ExxonMobil Exploration Company; Africa New Opportunities Regional Team;
Examined seismic data and well logs from onshore Congo basin in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
2004-2010 Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant, UCSB.
Classes TA’d include: Geologic Catastrophes, Plate Tectonics, Introductory Geology, Statistics and Data Analysis, Volcanology, Summer Field Camp
2002-2004 Tutor
SAT, GRE, Physics, Chemistry, Math, AP courses including Physics B and C, AB and BC Calculus, Chemistry
2002 Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant: Caltech
TA: Introductory Geology, Basics of Geology. Research
Field work examining extension along fault zones in west Turkey.

Awards and Certifications

ICE, Innovation Creativity and Excellence Team Achievement Award, ExxonMobil 2012
Brython-Davis Graduate Fellowship, Graduate Division, UCSB, 2008
Alumni Graduate Award for Research Excellence, Dept of Earth Science, UCSB, 2007


Expert in 3D seismic stratigraphic analysis using frequency decomposition and RGB-color blending to develop geologically meaningful attributes. “I make pretty pictures of the subsurface to help geoscientists and decision makers see the stratigraphy”

- Curious mind with an ability to ask great questions.
- Passion for knowledge transfer and people development.
- Embraces change and enjoys challenges.
- Resilient: both adaptable and dynamic.
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
- Strong and engaging public speaker; adjusts presentation style and content for audience.

Extensive field experience: geologic mapping of volcanic and sedimentary rocks, TA of summer field camps around CA (3+ yrs), and marine geophysical techniques aboard the R/V Nathaniel B Palmer. Lab experience: preparation of samples for XRF analysis; mineral separations for Ar/Ar dating; core analysis and description. Software: Petrel, Paleoscan, Geoteric, GeoX, ArcGIS, Microsoft Office Suite; Zoom and additional video software.

Community and Corporate Outreach:
Free Forest School (2018-2021): Organized and facilitated weekly outdoor child-led play in a local forest, regardless of weather, for children 0-8. Parents present but encouraged to step back and let children play and take risks.
ExxonMobil (2016-2021): Created network for part-time geoscience employees and recent new mothers to communicate, offer advice, and discuss practical ideas for navigating motherhood and work. Goal was to increase retention of women so that they can return to full-time workers as seasoned geoscientists readily able to mentor others, contribute diverse knowledge, and apply their technical skills. Over 40 women attended, and 4 years later 100% were still employees.
2008 & 2014: Candidate surrogate, Kay Hagan for US Senate (North Carolina)


2010 PhD, Geoscience, University of California Santa Barbara
Dissertation: Volcanology, structure, and stratigraphy of the central Sierra Nevada range front (California), Carson Pass to Sonora Pass
2002 B.S., Geology, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA.