Contact Information

  • Carol Gonzalez


Petroleum engineer with experience in reservoir and production engineering. Have worked as a reservoir engineer generating portfolio of opportunities by screening workover candidates, analyzing production data, using numerical simulation models to define the field development plan for a mature field, executing data acquisition for reservoir characterization and monitoring water injection projects.

Excellent team player with proven communication and problem-solving skills and the ability to easily adapt to any situation.

Currently, I am introducing myself in the data science world applied to the Oil & Gas industry by collaborating to open-source packages, taking online courses and analyzing open-source datasets.

Software skills include Petrel, Eclipse, Intersect, Techlog, Ecrin, Avocet, OFM, Pipesim as well as Microsoft Office.

Programming skills include Python. 




Reservoir and Software Engineer - Actively Job Seeking During COVID-19
•Python programmer using packages as numpy, pandas, matplotlib, pytest.
•Contribution to open-source python packages through GitHub related to the oil & gas industry.
•Currently working with open datasets, analyzing data, and running reservoir simulations with open source OPM Flow simulator.
•3D results visualization with open-source platform ResInsight and data extraction for post-processing with python interface ResInsight Python API

Reservoir Engineer at Schlumberger del Ecuador S.A.

Reservoir Engineer Junior at Exploitation Team, Shaya Project.
•Generating portfolio of opportunities through an integrated review of 100 oil wells with ESP as artificial lift method.
•Using numerical simulation models, history match and predictions to evaluate different scenarios sensitivities to generating production forecasts to define the field development plan for a mature oilfield.
•Participating in reservoir engineering sessions with external reviewers to validate dynamic models and simulation outputs.
•Type curves definition/generation incorporating production historical data of more than 100 wells.
•Follow up and monitoring waterflooding project operations to perform production/injection balance patterns to improve production performance.
•Pressure transient analysis and rate transient analysis to characterize subsurface and identify potential sick wells.
•Coordinating planning, scheduling and execution of pressure and fluid sampling for PVT analysis aiming reservoir characterization.
•Completing nodal analysis and decline curve analysis to evaluate well potential and recommend WO and NW opportunities.
•Preparing well technical supporting documentation to obtained client approval for well interventions

Reservoir Engineer Junior at Production Engineering Team, Shaya Project.
•Participated in running in hole and pulling out of hole of drilling tools, workover tools and artificial lift systems as field engineer trainee.
•Analyzing well performance and looking for workover opportunities to increase oil production.
•Designing and implementing production optimization workflow for rapid screening opportunities in an oilfield block in Ecuador
•Preparing workover programs using production data, reservoir data and well schematic for well intervention activities.
•Key contributor to the Quality Department validating auditable documentation of 2016, 2017 and 2018 well interventions.

Awards and Certifications

•Top 10 Performance, Petroleum Engineering, Espol, Ecuador, 2012.
•Top 3 Performance, BlueEdge 2 Reservoir Engineering, Melun, France, 2018.
•Top 3 Performance, BlueEdge 3 Reservoir Engineering, Melun, France, 2019.
•Oilfield Block 61 Production Record > 80KBopd, Quito, 2019.


•Excellent communication skills gained through my experience as reservoir engineer presenting the field development plan for a mature field to external reviewers from different disciplines. Have involved in technical meetings to discuss optimization opportunities and subsurface analysis with client. I also collaborated with academic associations as speaker in conferences of reservoir engineering topics.
•Proactive team player through my experience being part of a multidisciplinary team to develop reservoir opportunities in an oilfield block in Ecuador.
•Experience in leading a team by planning and supervising field jobs with different product lines.
•Python programming, Petrel, Eclipse, Intersect, OPM Flow, ResInsight, Oil Field Manager Software (OFM), Pipesim, Avocet, Ecrin, Techlog, Fluid Modeler, Integrated Asset Modeler (IAM), Open Wells, Microsoft Office Tools (Word, Excel, Power Point), Linux


•MSc Student, Business Intelligence, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR), Anticipated graduation date: March 2022.
•Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering, Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL), Ecuador
•BlueEdge 1 Reservoir Engineering, European Learning Center Schlumberger, France.
•BlueEdge 2 Reservoir Engineering, European Learning Center Schlumberger, France.
• Sapphire Field School, European Learning Center Schlumberger, France.
•BlueEdge 3 Reservoir Engineering, European Learning Center Schlumberger, France.