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  • Tingting zhang
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Analytical and solutions-minded with more than 12 years of experience as a geophysicist, working on seismic data analysis, rock property analysis, seismic interpretation, and seismic data conditioning for sandstone/carbonate reservoirs description and characterization in support of oil and gas exploration, delineation, and appraisal. Adept at leveraging a passion for adding value to the company portfolio by delivering technical results, challenges, and recommendations. Capacity for independent working and collaboration and partnerships, engaging stakeholders to facilitate objectives within the deadline. Areas of expertise:

Well Tie | AVO analysis | Seismic QI | Seismic Modeling | Attribute Analysis | Seismic Processing | 4D Seismic Inversion | Rock Physics Analysis | Integrated G&G Interpretation | Regional Prospect Screening, Ranking and Risking | Prospect maturation | Well Planning | Post-Drilling G&G Evaluation | Lease Sale Technical Preparation | Project Coordination | Project Management | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Python | Agile & Scrum.




Houston, Texas


Springboard 2021-Present
Springboard Fellow on Data Science Track
• Intensive data science training program covering the principles of machine learning and deep learning methods for supervised and unsupervised modeling.
• Curriculum covers: 1) Python, 2) SQL, 3) data mining, 4) data wrangling & EDA, 5) Python statistics, 6) Supervised learning (logistic regression, Random forest, SVM…), 7) Unsupervised learning (KMeans and Hierarchical clustering), 8) Time series data modeling, 9) Deep learning (Neural network), 10) Feature engineering.
• Three capstone projects focus on regression modeling, time-series data analysis and prediction, deep learning predictive modeling.

BP America, Houston, TX 2015 - 2021

Geophysicist in Exploration 2019 - 2021
• Finished projects: 3 PI refresh projects + 3 prospects maturation for drilling + 6 post-well evaluation + 2 GoM lease sale work.
• Sub-regional PI refreshment for 140+ GOM blocks; agile working of 4 geologists and geophysicists; first application of PaleoScan geomodel building and horizons extraction for sub-regional scale interpretation; saved team 50% time comparing to conventional workflow; 160+ prospects candidates were added to PI.
• Technically supported the pre-drill works of 2 discoveries in EGoM and 2 discoveries in Trinidad.
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• Post-well evaluation of two success wells, adding ~50 mmboe to company reserve.
• Coaching junior geophysicists on seismic analysis, modeling, inversion, and interpretation.
• Projects management with vendors or BP technical teams for data acquisition, processing, and other technical challenges.
• GoM lease sale coordination.

Seismic Analyst in Upstream Technology 2015 - 2019

• Supported multiple exploration and reservoir development regions, such as GoM, Trinidad, Angola, Argentina, Canada, Brail, L48, etc. with rock property and seismic analysis deliverables.
• R&D project using machine learning to develop a tool for 4D seismic inversion. Inversion results helps the update of reservoir simulation model and optimize reservoir development strategy. A patent filed to protect intellectual property.
• Technical QC on new data purchase. One project saved BP 0.5m from buying bad quality data.
• Provide conditioned data to asset teams with seismic post-migration reprocessing for better prospects interpretation and evaluation.

Internship at BP America, Houston, TX 2013
• The project was to support Brail exploration team well planning.
• Porosity inversion was carried out with model-based inversion and color inversion for sweet spot identification.

Internship at Schlumberger, Houston, TX 2011 & 2012
• Project I: AVO modeling for GeoFrame AVO module testing
• Project II: Property modeling of porosity, saturation, permeability, Vshale for reservoir production simulation

Awards and Certifications

Marathon, Fellowship | Saudi Aramco, Fellowship | Hess, Fellowship
Seismic processing certificate by BP America
Python certificate by Udemy: 2021 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero


Petrel | RokDoc | PaleoScan | GeoTeric | TechLog | HRS | Jason | Landmark | Kingdom | GeoFrame | Python | SQL | Pandas | Scipy | Scikit-learn | Seaborn | Matplotlib | TensorFlow | Data Dictionary System | MATLAB | C | Shell Scripting | Fortran.


Ph.D., Geophysics
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
• Porous zone detection in Carbonate
• Rock physics analysis
• Pre-stack seismic inversion

Master of Science (MS), Petroleum Geology
China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, Hubei, China
• Gross deposition environment for sand fairway prediction
• Sequence stratigraphy
• Structural activity

Bachelor of Science (BS), Geophysics
China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, Hubei, China
• Time-frequency analysis by Fourier Transform
• Fracture detection in great dam