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  • Hui Jin
    (812) 606-5369


I am a skilled geoscientist/petroleum systems analyst with more than 7 years of petroleum-systems industry experience in exploration, development, and technology. I am an expert subsurface interpreter and integrator of geochemical and geological data, with extensive cross-functional work experience in multiple globally located basins that include the deep-water Gulf of Mexico, offshore Trinidad, the North Sea, the Williston Basin, and the Permian Basin. While at BP, I matured prospects in the exploration portfolio, provided technical recommendation, actively participated in multiple discoveries, and led many regional/play/field evaluations that delivered measurable business impact...






Integrated Geologist BP Exploration, Houston, USA Mar 2014 – Jan 2021
• Actively participated in new venture evaluations for block access that lead to successful acquisition of 15 blocks in US Gulf of Mexico and Trinidad offshore.
• Performed reliable geological and seismic interpretation for prospect identification and delivered 4 prospects (with total of 760 mmboe resources) to drilling candidates.
• Worked on basin analysis and regional play fairway evaluation cross-functional teams, to improve regional exploration strategies and recommend farm-in opportunities.
• Performed geological and geochemical integration studies for 2 deep-water fields in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Trinidad used to advance field development and optimized the drilling campaign.
• Conducted pre-drill planning, supervised well operations, and led post-well evaluations that delivered 570 mmboe of oil and gas resources.

Geoscience Intern BP America Inc., Houston, USA May 2011 – Aug 2011
• Successfully delivered petroleum systems evaluations for 2 prospects in Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico

Geoscience Intern Anadarko, Houston, USA May 2010 – Aug 2010
• Geological and geochemical investigation of high salinity issues of flow-back fluids from Marcellus gas wells


seismic mapping; sequence stratigraphic and depositional environment interpretations, structural restoration, well-log analysis, charge geochemistry; reservoir geochemistry and isotope analysis; geochemistry data clustering and statistical analysis

Modeling skills:
Basin analysis; charge access modeling and budgeting assessment; reservoir quality modeling and prediction; reservoir pressure and seal capacity prediction

Computer skills:
Petrel, PETRA, TechLog, pIGI, ArcGIS, Zetaware Suite, PetroMod Suite


PhD in Geology Colorado School of Mines, Golden, USA Aug 2009 – Jan 2014
Geological and geochemical characterization of Bakken shales, supervised by Dr. Steve Sonnenberg
• Inorganic and organic geochemical analysis of Bakken shales for bulk geochemical characterization
• Conduct hydrous and anhydrous pyrolysis of Bakken shales for kinetics of kerogen diagenesis
• Inorganic geochemical characterization of trace elements in Bakken shales for correlation with well logs and sequence stratigraphic interpretation in shales
• Basin modeling of thermal burial history of Bakken shales in the Williston Basin

M.S. in Geology Indiana University, Bloomington, USA Aug 2007 – Aug 2009
Geochemical characterization of coalbed gas in Illinois Basin, supervised by Dr. Maria Mastalerz and Dr. Arndt Schimmelmann
• Determination of the gas content
• Genesis of coalbed gas in Illinois Basin • Gas compositional analysis
• Research Implication for industrial application

B.E. in Geological Engineering China University of Mining and Technology Sep 2006 - Jun 2007
Petrological characterization of the reservoir rocks in Xinganling Group of the Hailaer Basin, supervised by Dr. Qinfu Liu
• Observation of thin sections and core descriptions • Mineralogical analysis