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  • Lothar Friberg



Accomplished senior geoscientist with 20+ years of experience in exploration and subsurface assessments. Wide-ranging international geological expertise reaches from basinwide analysis to individual prospect generation in a variety of structural and sedimentary settings including salt basins. Leading contributor in developing exploration concepts which resulted in 3 new country entries for Chevron (Iraq, Liberia, Sierra Leone). Proven in seismic interpretation (regional/prospect scale) and prospect maturation to optimize integrated risk and resource estimations.  Clear, succinct presenter achieving strong technical solutions and critical subsurface predictions through applied risk assessment. Engaged team player and mentor willingly shares knowledge and expertise with co-workers.

Specialist Experience: Recognized as corporate expert in petroleum system analysis with extensive subsurface modeling and geochemistry experience. Highly proficient in building earth models, implementing geological concepts, and incorporating interdisciplinary data. Provided specialized studies with focus on hydrocarbon charge assessment.




Houston, TX


• Sabbatical: Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business by Duke University on Coursera.
Python for Everybody Specialization by University of Michigan on Coursera (in progress).

• Advised Nexen/CNOOC technical assurance group with respect to all petroleum systems relevant questions with focus on South and North America.
• Lead petroleum system analysis initiative of Brazil’s 6th and 16th pre-salt bid round and actively influenced selection of blocks.
• Certification as a Project Management Professional with the Project Management Institute (2018)

EXPLORATIONIST/SENIOR BASIN MODELER, Perth, Chevron Australia Business Unit 2015-2017
• Organized and performed petroleum system assessment in frontier Ceduna Basin of the GAB.
• Conducted 2-3D-seismic interpretation at regional and prospect scale - horizon and fault mapping -establishing a robust stratigraphic framework. Integrated mapped horizons and applied sequence stratigraphic concepts to build a 3D basin model.
• Enabled basinwide assessment of different petroleum systems high grading sweet spots and expected hydrocarbon phase through petroleum systems analysis.
• Matured prospects and completed volumetric risk and resource assessments permitting a systematic appraisal of prospect portfolio.
• Influenced quantitative ranking and risking of entire GAB prospect portfolio leading to drill locations.
• Coordinated and oversaw numerous research themes with Chevron Australia’s academic and commercial partners. Developed ideas for improved subsurface assessment, secured management support leading to a refined appraisal.

HC CHARGE EXPERT AUSTRALASIA, Perth, Chevron Global Technology Center 2013-2015
Petroleum systems analyst delivering services with focus on evaluation of New Ventures opportunities across the Australasia region including often guiding leadership whether to pursue or not to pursue due to a lack of opportunity.
• EASTERN INDONESIA PROJECT (play risking study): Led hydrocarbon charge assessment and established a comprehensive geochemical database. Validated precise adjustment of common risk element maps leading to a sweet spot map.
• AUSTRALASIA REGION: Appraised basins/blocks in wide ranges of sizes and complexities (Carnarvon Basin, Ceduna Basin, etc.). Addressed key uncertainties with sensitivities in 2-3D basin models and validated models with carbon isotope data, fluid and hydrocarbon inclusions as well as apatite fission track data.

SENIOR BASIN MODELER, Houston, Chevron Energy Technology Company 2006-2013
Provided analysis as hydrocarbon charge expert to Chevron’s operating companies and exploration review team to systematically risk and rank opportunities in worldwide portfolio. Increased knowledge and expertise of hydrocarbon charge team and worked across disciplines and organizational boundaries.
• IRAQ Advised Iraq exploration team from basin scale to prospect evaluations. Rewarded for sound data room evaluations within tight deadlines. Work translated to Chevron’s new country entry into the Kurdish Region. Coauthored the Mesopotamian and Zagros basin report for Chevron Business Development.
• PARTIONED ZONE (Kuwait/Saudi Arabia) Evaluated several prospects and counseled review team regarding expected volume and hydrocarbon phase. The question about the occurrence of Paleozoic Qusaiba source rock and its products were specifically addressed.
• LIBERIA Led the HC-charge initiative in Liberia. Rewarded for successful appraisal of petroleum system resulting in a new country entry. Applied petroleum systems analysis across exploration value chain from pre-drill locations to an updated post-drill prospect portfolio. Supplied pressure predictions for pre-drill well planning. Delivered concise presentation of petroleum systems assessment at TCM/OCM meetings.
• LOWER KONGO AND KWANZA BASIN Built a regional 3D-model to understand maturity of a pre-salt source rock and its timing of hydrocarbon generation and migration. Workflow included integration of previously reconstructed salt. Results were essential in play risk workshop for sweet spot analysis.
• GERMAN AND SWISS MOLASSE EVALUATION OF EUROPEAN UNCONVENTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Coordinated, negotiated and interpreted the evaluation of Swiss German Molasse. Generated contact to state geological surveys and SEAG and arranged data room visit to Switzerland.
• KINETICS RESEARCH PROJECT Co-lead on kinetic research evaluating the use of kinetics in basin modeling. Delivered improved method for a more cost efficient generation of source rock kinetic parameters.
• 2013 CHEVRON’S HYDROCARBON CHARGE WORKSHOP Headed workshop committee. Guided development of internal and external content and selection of guest speakers. Workshop stayed within budget and paved way for increased networking and collaboration.

GEOCHEMIST, BASIN MODELER, United Kingdom, Fugro-Robertson 2002-2006
Conducted geochemistry and modeling services for proprietary and multi-client studies around the world.

Awards and Certifications

• Certification as a Project Management Professional with the Project Management Institute
• Python for Everybody Specialization by University of Michigan on Coursera
• Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business by Duke University on Coursera.


• Data analysis & interpretation
• Petroleum systems modeling & geochemistry
• Risk and volume assessment
• Multicultural working environments
• Professional and Cross Functional Communications

Software: ArcGIS, Microsoft Office suite Petrel, PetroMod, Spotfire, Tableau, Zetaware
Programming language: Python, SQLite


PhD in Geology (Dr. rer. nat.) at Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen/Germany