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  • Hazem Fleifel
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Looking for a full-time position in Oil& gas industries.

M.S. graduate student at Louisiana State University at Petroleum Engineering department. GPA: 3.55/4.0. Planning to graduate in May 2020.

My research in enhanced production of hydrocarbon from petroleum reservoirs.

1) Performing numerical simulations,

2) Interpret the simulation results,

3) Set up for follow-up tasks, and summarize the work in terms of presentation materials.

Gained a year of experience at ExxonMobil and Dow in maintenance section of chemical plant refinery in Baton Rouge, LA.

Petroleum engineering courses: advanced well test analysis, reservoir engineering, well completion and design, Fluid flow in prous media .

An internship in LSU well facility. It includes hands-on training on wells equipment and control room for operating procedures.

I am interested in a job that has both field and office/analyst work.

I believe my professors and former bosses will be happy to recommend me for my work ethic. I am looking forward to facing the challenges, troubleshooting real world problems and gaining a real world experience.




Texas (Sugar Land, Houston) Minneapolis, Alaska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvanian


First, has an internship at Petroleum Engineering Research and Technology Transfer Laboratory (Well Test Facility, LSU)
1) Performing maintenance of control room for 6 wells (2800 to 5000) ft depth (research dedicated)
2) Providing support for college research, classes, and training. (ex. Accumulator unit, gas lift valve)
3) Operating multi-phase flow testing. Regulating down-hole pressure &temperature (fiber optic).

(Supervisor Andreau Trepagnier email:

Another occupation skill is working as a teaching assistant at LSU.
Worked with my supervisor in course PETE 2034 (Rock and Fluid Properties Laboratory), during which I interacted with undergraduate students for hands-on learning experience, for multi-phase flow and for fluid mechanics engineering problems.
Helped in course PETE 2031 Reservoir Rock Properties as a supplement instructor to help undergraduate students to improve their learning experience.
Always try to fulfill my duties correctly and in a consistent manner.

(Supervisor email :

Awards and Certifications

Graduate Scholarship from Louisiana State University


Excellent English communication skills; Fluent in Arabic Language; Elementary level in Spanish.
Computer Modeling Group Software, Python and M.S. Office. Willing to learn any new computer application.


M.S. in (Engineering) Petroleum Engineering. GPA: 3.55/4.0
B.S. in (Science) Major in Geophysics, minor in Geology. GPA: 3.2/4.0