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  • Johanna Fernandez
    (713) 401-7864


Senior Reservoir Engineer with 12 years of oil and gas industry experience. Strong background in reservoir management, demonstrated through extensive expertise in reservoir dynamic modeling, well performance analysis, reserves evaluation and analytical reservoir engineering studies across a wide variety of conventional and unconventional fields. Demonstrated ability to convey industry requirements and convert them into productive customer solutions. Proven history of rapport building across multidisciplinary functions.


Houston, TX


Upstream Oil and Gas Consultant | 9/2019 – Present


Analysis and optimization of reservoir performance, by providing technical consultancy related to reservoir engineering, numerical reservoir simulation, development planning, integrated asset modeling, reserves estimation, uncertainty analysis as well as software implementation.

Rosneft Oil Company | 7/2015 – 9/2019


Contributed to the implementation of Rosneft Joint Venture (JV) technical projects in Venezuela. Accountable for leading the JV team, providing reservoir engineering assessments in integrated subsurface teams, engaged with geoscientists, engineers and production operations specialists. Supported the business plan and reserves evaluations in accordance with PRMS and SEC regulations.

Key Projects/Assignment:
Oil Production potential evaluation for new well trajectories, sidetracks, and inter-pad wells for Cerro Negro field. | Drilling radius estimation for inter-well spacing for Cerro Negro field. | Dynamic model evaluation for water injection feasibility in Jobo Member. | Dynamic model and history match assessment for Alturitas field. | Dynamic modeling, history match, forecasting and uncertainty analysis evaluation for San Jose field. | Dynamic model evaluation for development plan and well status conversion for Boqueron field.

Key Accomplishments:
• Increased EUR in more than 15% by executing dynamic modeling assessment for over 250 horizontal well trajectories, including new wells, sidetracks, infills, interpads and new spacings to determine well potential production and economics.
• Evaluated the technical feasibility of disposal water reinjection to reduce infrastructure operational costs in more than 10 MMUSD, while preserving formation integrity via numerical simulation scenarios and fracture pressure analysis.
• Implemented extensive reservoir engineering studies such as dynamic model building, well test analysis, history match, production profile forecasts and uncertainty evaluations to identify parameters that impact the project performance.
• Delivered asset business plan evaluation by providing inputs on drilling portfolio, well service schedule and depletion plan as well as reporting of results to the upper management.

ENI | 7/2013 – 7/2015


Engaged with technical ENI JV projects in Venezuela and North Coast Marine Area (NCMA) in Trinidad. Executed dynamic modeling, well performance evaluations and analytical reservoir engineering studies. Supported the annual reserves evaluation process.

Key Projects/Assignments:
Decline Curve Analysis for Corocoro field. | Fluid PVT and SCAL data validation, dynamic model building and history match for 70E Sand, Corocoro field. | Numerical simulation and well performance analysis for Junin-5 heavy oil horizontal wells. | Material balance and prediction evaluation for offshore Hibiscus and Poinsettia gas wells in NCMA.

Key Accomplishments:
• Provided to the development team a history-matched dynamic model for the most recent reservoir finding.
• Carried out multiphase flow simulation, calibration, and operational scenario evaluation for unconventional heavy oil horizontal wells.
• Delivered decline curve analysis profiles for key reservoirs/wells as well as the required documentation for external reserve auditing.
• Predicted cumulative volumes and recovery factors by executing material balance assessment for offshore gas wells.

Schlumberger | 1/2008 – 7/2013

Rendered software technical support and consultancy services to customers in Venezuela, Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago. Equipped the NExT Certified Instructor staff with proficient skills on reservoir engineering training programmes. Supported the sales team to convey clients’ needs, articulate service proposals and embed industry requirements in future product development.

Key Projects/Assignments:
Static model validation and history match for Rabel and Kabuki MS gas field, SLB-PEMEX, Mexico. | Production history, static model validation and initialization for the San Cristobal Field - H Sand. | Integration of compositional asset models for Rio Caribe and Mejillones offshore gas fields. | Surface network calibration for Corocoro field. | Integration of asset models for Dragon and Patao offshore gas fields.

Key Accomplishments:
• Organized diverse forecast scenarios by finalizing initialization and history match for conventional assets.
• Executed well performance evaluation, calibration, and multiphase flow simulation for complex offshore production systems.
• Implemented compositional integrated asset modeling (reservoir to surface network) in offshore fields.
• Rendered technical troubleshooting and addressed client development team queries regarding Schlumberger software usage.


Universidad Central de Venezuela - Bachelor of Science (BS) in Petroleum Engineering, 2007

Texas A&M University - MS. Analytics Program, 2020 - 2022