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  • Sherif Fakher
    (573) 612-9727



To obtain a full-time position in the field of Petroleum Engineering.






Missouri University of Science and Technology – Petroleum Engineering Department
Graduate Research Assistant August 2016- Present
•Established the first Enhanced Oil Recovery in unconventionals lab in the Petroleum Department
•Conducted experiments on Carbon Dioxide Injection In shale reservoirs to improve oil recovery
•Researched Carbon Dioxide adsorption on shale rock during injection for CO2 storage application
•Investigated Asphaltene deposition in shale nano-pores during Carbon Dioxide injection
Graduate Research Mentor December 2017- Present
•Taught a Masters Student how to safely pressurize and Inject Supercritical CO2 in pressure vessels
•Trained multiple graduate students to design and construct experimental setups for CO2 applications
•Tutored a masters student on how to perform experimental work on polymer gel injection in fractures
•Helped several undergraduate students understand basic Petrophysics concepts and equations
•Collaborated with other graduate teaching assistants to prepare Petrophysics lab and equipment
Schlumberger Service Company
Schlumberger Petroleum Engineer – Intern July 2015- September 2015
•Undertook several training courses on Schlumberger’s Formation Evaluation Tools
•Lead a team of four in a project to design a wellbore integrity and remedial project
•Was Chosen as a leader of a three member team in a Dipmeter Interpretation project
Petrobel National Oil Company – Southern Sinai Field
Undergraduate Internship June 2015
•Assisted in the replacement of an ESP pump using a workover ring near the Gulf of Suez
•Underwent safety training on a directional drilling rig in Southern Sinai
•Visited the first polymer injection trial location in Egypt and the Water Processing facility
National Gas Company GASCO – Main Office
Undergraduate Internship June 2014- Aug 2014
•Took a three day safety training on hydrogen sulfide including detection and evacuation plan
•Worked with engineers for one month on a pipeline design and maintenance project
•Attended a course on natural gas processing and metering facilities in Egypt

Awards and Certifications

SPE International Student Paper Contest – Third Place Winner, 2019

Three-Minute Thesis Competition – Second Place Winner, Fall 2019

Petroleum Engineering Departmental Honors at Missouri S&T – Outstanding PhD Student, 2019

SPE Mid-Continent Regional Paper Contest – First Place Winner, 2019

Second Annual GGPE Colloquium Student Research Poster Contest – First Place Winner, 2019

MST Graduate Student Poster Presentation – First Place Winner, 2019

Three-Minute Thesis Competition – Second Place Winner, Spring 2019

Louisiana Gulf Coast Conference and Exposition Graduate Paper Contest – First Place Winner, 2017

Three-Minute Thesis Competition – Third Place Winner, 2017

MS&T SPE Student Chapter Research Poster Competition – First Place Winner, 2017

Chancellors Distinguished Fellowship – PhD Fellowship, 2016-2020

Highest Honors Undergraduate Degree – Undergraduate GPA Award, 2015

Yearly Excellent Academic Standing Undergraduate Student –
Undergraduate Award, 2012-2015

American University in Cairo Academic Excellence Scholarship – Scholarship, 2011- 2015


CMG Reservoir Simulator
Microsoft Office Suite
English – Fluent
Arabic – Fluent
Time management


Missouri University of Science and Technology (Rolla, MO) May 2020
PhD Candidate in Petroleum Engineering GPA: 4.0/4.0
Dissertation: “Investigating the Factors Impacting the Success of Immiscible Carbon Dioxide Injection in Unconventional Shale Reservoirs: An Experimental Study”
Missouri University of Science and Technology (Rolla, MO) May 2019
Masters of Science (Obtained During PhD Period) GPA: 4.0/4.0
Thesis: “Asphaltene Stability in Crude Oil during Carbon Dioxide Injection and Its Impact on Oil Recovery: A Review, Data Analysis, and Experimental Study”

American University in Cairo (Cairo, Egypt) December 2015
Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering GPA: 3.82/4.0
Undergraduate Thesis: “Gas Hydrate Production and Optimization Study Using a Novel EOR Method”