Contact Information

  • Emilie Gentry


Multi-faceted and accomplished geologist with a diverse background in research, exploration, and petroleum geology. Experienced with six years of self-driven structural geology research and two years with Ovinitv's Development and Reservoir Characterization teams optimizing hydrocarbon production and team collaboration. Committed to applying extensive knowledge of geologic operations and research methodologies. Dedicated to further pursuing a career-focused on geological research in the energy industry to take action in enhancing a cleaner energy future.






 Volunteer Geologist for Transition Energy leading greenfield projects in Nevada for exploration and development (3 months; presently working)
 Volunteer Researcher for Energy Should Be Non-Profit researching renewable Energy markets and policy for Colorado (5 months; presently working)
 Progressive Consultants Regulatory Analyst (1 month; presently working)
 Ovintiv, Petroleum Geologist, Development and Operations (1.5 years), Reservoir Characterization (1 year)
 Teaching Assistant at Colorado School of Mines (3 years)
 4 internships in Oil and Gas industry (2011-2017)
 Study abroad in Iceland focused on Renewable Energy (2015)

Awards and Certifications

 FORCE 2020: Machine Learning Contest with Wells and Seismic August 2020-Present
 Self-training Python for Earth Scientists course July 2020-Present
 Applied Subsurface Geologic Mapping with Structural Methods 2019
(Subsurface Consultant Associates course)


 Geologic research and strategic thinking with strong analytical and problem-solving skills
 Structural field work, sampling, and mapping
 Experience in conducting geophysical surveys and seismic interpretations
 Hydrothermal geochemistry field work and analysis
 Data analytics and elementary proficiency in machine learning (Python) and remote sensing
 Experienced in GIS and proficient at ArcGIS programs
 Proficient in subsurface mapping and 3D modeling for reservoir characterization
 Development geology experience including log analysis, geosteering, and general wellsite geology
 Technology proficiency in ArcGIS, Excel, Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, Petrel, Kingdom, Spotfire


Colorado School of Mines, Department of Geology and Geological Engineering May 2018
Master of Science, Geology GPA: 3.97
Thesis: Adviser-Yvette D. Kuiper, Defining the southern continuation of the Norumbega fault system: implications
for formation and development of a San Andreas-type fault system

Iceland School of Energy, GREEN Program Study Abroad, Summer 2015

The University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences May 2015
Bachelor of Science, Geological Sciences, Honors GPA: 3.56