Contact Information

  • Efejera Ejofodomi
    (832) 670-6788


Expert multi-domain knowledge of oil and gas exploration and development processes. Significant experience across multiple functions, globally recognized for leveraging technology to drive superior performance of oil and gas assets that directly impacts client’s bottom line. Innovative, versatile professional, skilled at managing integrated service opportunities, driving, and capturing business growth in new and existing markets.






I am a Business Development Executive focusing on driving and capturing profitable growth in new and existing markets in the areas of oil & gas. My field of experience is diverse. I have worked with operations as well as technical management. My strengths include consultancy and advisory, relationship building, and self-starter.

I am an innovative and versatile professional. I have a keen eye on continuous and process improvement, with a proven record for leveraging technology to drive superior performance of upstream energy assets that positively impacts the bottom line.

I have very strong communication skills and business acumen to work across business units to develop innovative strategy and most effective way to leverage technology to help the client achieve a healthy bottom line.

Awards and Certifications

• MBA in 1 Course
• Digital Business Models
• Executive Data Science
• Power of Machine Learning


• Business Development
• Relationship Building
• Unconventional Reservoirs
• Technical Management
• Consultancy and Advisory
• Completion Optimization
• Reservoir Simulation
• Cross-functional Sales
• Digital Business Solutions
• Pipeline Management
• Key Account Management
• Trusted Advisor
• Oil and Gas Operations
• Self-Starter
• Unconventional Reservoir
• Financial Modeling
• B2B Sales
• Strong Leadership
• Excellent Communication
• Corporate Sales and Marketing
• Presentation to C-level Executives
• Value Selling (Technical/Strategic)
• Contracts / Tenders / Negotiations
• Continuous Improvement


Master of Science, Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria