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  • Charles Dim
    (832) 573-1956


A dedicated and hardworking Engineer and certified Product Owner experienced in designing, building, and deploying software applications and products which meet and exceed client expectations. Also experienced in delivering drilling and logging services during the well construction phase. Currently seeking new opportunities to develop innovative products that help reduce our carbon footprint and help our clients achieve and exceed their set goals and objectives.




The Woodlands


Applications Engineer with Baker Hughes (Aug 2018 to Apr 2020):
Administered and supported the roll-out and deployment of new software and technology around the globe for Baker Hughes Drilling Services. Supported the day-to-day drilling and logging operations at several rigs around the globe by providing software, hardware and drilling operations support to field engineers, technical support engineers and remote operation specialists during drilling and logging operations at the rig. Provided specialized training to support the delivery of drilling and logging services by field engineers and technicians on the rig.

Product Owner with Baker Hughes (Jul 2015 to Aug 2018):
Worked with all stakeholders to establish the vision of Baker Hughes new data acquisition and plotting system required to improve and sustain the delivery of drilling and logging services at the rig and communicated this vision to the development teams located in Houston, Germany, and India. Identified features to be built in the software and broke them down into work items (user stories) on the product backlog. Using Microsoft TFS, managed and prioritized the work to be done by the development teams on the product backlog, ensuring that the prioritization of work to be done reflected what would best add value to the software product. Worked with the development teams and scrum masters to set sprint goals before the start of each sprint. Participated in weekly refinements with the development teams during the sprint and ensured they understood what had to be built in the new software. Provided upstream oil and gas domain knowledge to the teams when required. Ensured each work item had a clear user requirement, user acceptance criteria and a definition of done before it was picked up for development. Incrementally reviewed and tested the work done by the development teams. Showed new features built in the software to stakeholders and end-users at the end of each sprint and got their feedback. Informed and discussed with stakeholders’ new features that would be developed in the next sprint and got their feedback. Participated in sprint retrospective at the end of each sprint and worked with the teams to identify and choose actionable improvements for the next sprint. Participated in beta testing prior to every scheduled release and ensured critical bugs were fixed. Released the new software and subsequent updates to the field and provided software support during each release. Reviewed feedback from the field, and identified “need to have” functionality. Ensured all Help documentation for the software was available via F1.

Field Service Engineer with Baker Hughes (Aug 2011 to Jun 2015):
Supervised and led teams of engineers to deliver Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) services to numerous clients at the rig using a wide range of drilling and logging tools, equipment’s, and real time data acquisition systems. Major clients worked for: Shell, Total, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Eni, Saipem, HESS.

Awards and Certifications

Top Graduating Student - Baker Hughes MWD Academy Dubai UAE, April 2012.

Baker Hughes Energize Recognition Program Awards (Dec 2015, Dec 2016, Oct 2017, and Feb 2018).

Professional Scrum Product Owner certification (PSPO) - (2015)


Communication (Written, verbal, listening).
Problem solving.
Time management.
Willingness to learn new things and apply them where applicable.
Proficient with Microsoft Office.


Master of Science in Communications, Control & Digital Signal Processing from the University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom.

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Electrical Engineering from the University of Uyo, Nigeria.