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Proven technical expert with 18 years of oil & gas industry experience in upstream operations, project management, and technical leadership supporting over $1Bn of Oil & Gas transactions. A problem solver known for passion, vision, creativity, and consistently improving project efficiency and margins. Collaborating within cross-disciplinary teams to generate ideas, engineer experiments, implement standards and best practices to analyze complex data intensive problems.

A team builder that communicates with outstanding verbal and presentation skills. An effective trainer of management, peers, and clients on state-of-the-art oil & gas technology. Possesses in-depth technical knowledge of historical and modern day subsurface evaluation techniques. Evaluates, programs, and implements technical recommendations to partners, contractors, and customers to successful extract hydrocarbons while generating profitable returns.




North America


Petrophysical Advisor & Partner, Permian Basin
• Provided critical analysis, technical leadership, and due diligence support to the investment committee for the Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture of 200+ oil & gas real estate transactions including the valuation, marketing, leasing, trading, and sale of mineral rights in the Permian Basin.
• Utilized a novel geochemistry-based production allocation approach to interpret frack SRV and interference.
• Applied machine learning predictions of drill development models to forecast future development strategy.
• Created subsurface virtual cloud data room materials of Guidon Energy properties for the Diamondback Energy (FANG) purchase and sale agreement of $375 million and 6.8% of FANG common stock.
• Proposed and successfully proved up T-Y Ranch oil production with Integrity 1LB & Integrity 2LA horizontal exploration wells adding over $100 million worth of NAV in drillable locations to the Wolfcamp shale.
• Provided subsurface technical justification and recoverable hydrocarbon estimates for the $126 million lease of 8,305 net acres in Anchor Ranch, Northern Martin County between Holt Ranch and T-Y Ranch.
• Modeled basin subsurface attributes and provided geotechnical justification for the purchase of 15,722 net royalty mineral acres in Martin, Midland, Glasscock, & Howard counties for $287 million.

Senior Staff Petrophysicist & Partner, Permian Basin Oct 2017 to Dec 2019
• Responsible for generating subsurface attribute maps for mineral royalty valuation, determination of geologically viable well target objectives, rating overall investment quality of properties and geographical strength within an operating company’s land position.
• Screened virtual cloud data rooms, brokerage presentations, and energy banking advisory materials for business development and JV partnership opportunities near Guidon’s operating areas.
• Contributed to Joint Venture technical discussions, well proposals, and project data acquisition planning.
• Generated reservoir attribute statistics for engineering team models including input streams for Power BI data analytics-based production performance ranking.
• Executed proprietary machine learning models to identify high risk well spacing patterns, optimize horizontal well completion parameters, and frack geometry interference based well performance predictions.
• Assisted in the filing of permits, surveys, and government regulatory compliance documentation.

GUN SMOKE CUSTOMS, LLC. dba PetroForensics, Montgomery, TX Sep 2016 to Present
Principal Data Analytics Consultant
• Maintain client relationships, provide data analytics driven reservoir interpretations, and strategic direction for North American tight oil plays, conventional land, and offshore Gulf of Mexico projects.
• Subsurface consulting to upstream operators and service providers including Legacy Reserves, Venari, Stone Energy Corporation, Knowledge Reservoir, Allied Horizontal Wireline Services, and Wellbenders.
• Monitor drilling operations and updated subsurface models in real-time Agile environment, providing analytics-based drilling and completion recommendations, and post drill reserve estimates.
• Process and deliver CDS waveform analysis on more than 100,000 feet of cross dipole sonic logs.

STONE ENERGY CORPORATION, Houston, TX May 2015 to Aug 2017
Senior Exploration Petrophysicist, Gulf of Mexico
• Modeled fluid substitutions and synthetic AVO ties using offset wells for Deepwater seismic prospects.
• Planned and executed formation evaluation programs for Deepwater wells drilled from the ENSCO 8503 semi-submersible drilling rig while collaborating with asset team geologists, reservoir engineers, completion engineers, and drillers.
• Planned and successfully executed subsurface evaluation programs for Amethyst, Cardona, Pompano prospects.
• Generated reservoir summaries and reserve estimates on Rampart Deep and Derbio.
• Deployed a new technology application using Schlumberger PeriScope, eliminating wireline AFE spend on Cardona, Mississippi Canyon Block 29 #7, saving $2.3 million using experimental tri-axial LWD resistivity technology for evaluating laminated anisotropic sand turbidites.
• Conducted a pre-drill study, calibrating and quality control of seismic full waveform inversion for the Perdido trend “Lamprey Prospect”, Alaminos Canyon blocks 899, 942, and 943 for Frio and upper Wilcox potential.

Shale Business Development Petrophysicist, North America Jun 2013 to May 2015
• Subsurface technical analysis for exploration in Alberta, Appalachia, Illinois, Eagleford, and Permian Basins.
• Conducted business development pre-acquisition and joint venture due diligence.
• Comprehensive evaluation of 1.2-million-acre AMI in the Alberta Basin Turonian shale for economic resource potential and executed a $60 million joint venture partnership with Shale Petroleum.
• Executed a subsurface evaluation program with 220 meters of whole core, sidetracked 2 vertical pilot wells, drilling horizontal multistage hydraulic fracture stimulation tests in the Alberta Second White Specks.
• Successfully evaluated the shale natural fracture network in a horizontal well using a synthetic mud system with a next generation dual sensor LWD oil-based imager.
• Planned and executed an evaluation program on the Pribble 6HU well in the Appalachian Basin, Utica/Point Pleasant formations, coordinating the evaluation of 30 rotary sidewall cores to determine Ordovician potential in the Mary field.
• Evaluated 40,000 undeveloped acres of Marcellus shale in Clarion County Pennsylvania recommending further delineation drilling in the wet gas window.

APACHE CORPORATION, Midland, TX Dec 2011 to Jun 2013
Senior Petrophysicist, Permian Basin
• Provided petrophysical support for Delaware Basin and Central Basin Platform activity in the Grayburg, Yeso, Wichita-Albany carbonates, Avalon, Barnett, Wolfcamp, & Woodford shale, Devonian & Bone Springs formations.
• Collaborated on development strategies for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, utilizing the most appropriate evaluation technology for predicting favorable completion intervals, and selecting targets for lateral well placement.
• Planned and successfully executed a comprehensive petrophysical program in the Cedar Lake “Yeso” tight carbonate horizontal play coordinating the acquisition of 360 feet of whole core and laboratory analysis of the NFE Federal #12, Eddy County, New Mexico.
• Evaluated stacked lateral wells using Weatherford Compact Shuttle system for identifying completion zones and perforation intervals for hydraulic fracture stimulation.
• Planned and successfully executed petrophysical program in the University Lands Barnett oil shale acquiring 180 feet of whole core and comprehensive log evaluation of the University O-8 well, Crane County, Texas.
• Conducted a 12-month study of the Crane County University Lands Block 31 Grayburg horizontal program and made petrophysical recommendations which improved production by 37% and rate of return by 10%.
• Negotiated contract terms and requirements for logging, coring, and laboratory services.
• Collaborated with asset teams to highlight the best petrophysical evaluation practices.

BAKER HUGHES, Houston, TX Mar 2007 to Dec 2011
Region Geoscience Manager, May 2009 – Dec 2011
• SME Instructor for BHI Total Depth education services teaching LWD technologies to clients Maersk, Total, CNOOC, & ENI.
• Managed the North American geoscience computing center comprised of data scientists, engineers, geologists, geological technicians, and SME’s.
• Constructed Big Data models for machine learning, business intelligence, technical sales, client training, and project lifecycle management utilizing an Agile methodology.
• Subject matter expert for acoustic logging technology and geophysical logging applications.
• Collaborated with Chevron to save $2.15 million dollars on shallow hazard waivers in the Gulf of Mexico.
• Generated pre-drill mechanical earth models for wellbore stability and real-time pore pressure services.
• Created 3D earth models for reservoir visualization and geosteering.

Senior Geoscientist, Mar 2007 – May 2009
• Research and assessment of next-generation acoustic logging technologies for applications in oil and gas exploration.
• Generated innovative ideas and established new research initiatives for acoustic technology projects in an Agile environment.
• Leveraged theoretical physics knowledge to solve industrial design and manufacturing problems.
• Applied engineering knowledge to develop data-driven software algorithms and sensor hardware prototypes for classification, regression, anomaly detection, failure prediction, and optimization of acoustic technology.
• Worked in an Agile environment with product-line management and engineering research teams to implement robust and scalable program solutions for the SoundTrak product line.
• Maintained state-of-the-art knowledge and contributed to technical discussions, society publications, and reviews as a subject matter expert in the borehole acoustic technologies for the western hemisphere.
• Communicated ideas, plans, and results effectively via oral and written reports, working collaboratively with peers, management, operations, and outside organizations.
• Participated in industry technical forums, industry charity events and energy conferences.
• Primary technical support contact for borehole acoustics as SoundTrak LWD Product Champion.
• Generated deterministic and probabilistic petrophysical models to describe oil and gas reservoirs.
• Optimized drilling efficiency parameters in real-time using surface and downhole sensor measurements.
• Supported Health, Safety & Environment KPI’s, service delivery, and sales process with technical expertise.

KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS, INC., Sugarland, TX Oct 2006 to Mar 2007
Staff Geotechnical Analyst
• Monitored drilling operations and updated engineering models in real-time on location and in remote surveillance centers utilizing an Agile methodology.
• Collaborated with operators and service companies to reduce risk to rig operations and the environment.
SCHLUMBERGER LTD., Lafayette, LA Jan 2004 to Sep 2006
Senior Field Engineer
• Supervised SCOPE & VISION logging and drilling services.
• Manage, coach, and mentor a 4-person team of field engineers while rotating out field deployments.
• Quality control of data streams from surface and downhole logging tool sensors directly to clients.
• Provided an engineering interface with clients while deployed on mobile land and offshore rig installations.
• Responsible for the effective design and implementation of well plans, surveying, and BHA’s.
• Managed engineering workstream as required to provide clients with technical documentation, drilling plans from concept to detail design, and work programs for team members executing oil and gas operations.
• Supported the company’s sales process, service delivery workstream, and HSE KPI’s and policies.
• Involved throughout the project management lifecycle for conventional, unconventional, and complex wells.
• Participated in tender responses, contract negotiation, technical consulting, and outside sales visits.
• Followed the Drilling Engineering workflow process and provided real time decision support to clients.
• Managed SQL, OFM, GEOFRAME, and IDEAL databases.

Awards and Certifications

OASIS Certified in Formation Evaluation & Integrated Pressure Management


• Rock Physics
• Agile Project Management
• Petroleum Systems
• Source Rock Geochemistry
• Reservoir Modeling
• Formation Evaluation Planning and Operations
• Subsurface Data Analytics
• Reserves Reporting
• GIS Mapping Systems
• Oil & Gas Financial Modeling
• Core Evaluation and Integration
• Technical Communication
• Seismic AVO, Inversion, & Attributes
• Product Development


MS, Geophysics, University of Houston, Houston, TX
12 hours completed – Rock Physics, Reservoir Geophysics, Environmental Engineering, Partial Differential Equations
BS, Major Physics, Minor Mathematics, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX