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  • Chris Dao





Self-motivated engineer, 3+ years leading Oil & Gas / EPC Industry, data-driven solutions, frugal innovation. Business expertise, data analytics, 15+ years front-office customer service. Diversified S&P 400 projects – facilitated data transformation project controls, process controls, $1.4 Billion USD revenue arm. Strategic data analytics, financial asset evaluations, driving C-Suite decisions. Lean engineer strategist, $1.1 Billion USD capital project – Restructured material logistics, increased data transparency thru enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise performance management (EPM). Small-Medium Enterprise business projects – optimized workflows, quantified KPI’s thru data, metadata.



AutoCAD - Work Process Engineering, Database Management, Data Integrity Audit & Assurance, Data Variance Analytics, ERP Enterprise Resource Planning, EPM Enterprise Performance Management, MS Office - Excel / PowerPoint / Word / SharePoint / VBA, Monitoring Oil Field Tools, Multitasking Projects & Deadlines, Quantifying KPI’s, Project Management, Risk Mitigation Strategies, Root-Cause Analytics, Soft Skills: Negotiation & Conflict Resolution, Statistical Analytics, SCADA



Stryker Energy Directional Services

12/2018 – 05/2019

Field Engineer, Midland Basin, TX & Delaware Basin, NM

  • Revised reporting software code for Fortune 100 Oil & Gas client – slashed reporting time 60-80%
  • Automated oil field equipment data processing: WITS-In, WITS-Out, MWD software – eliminated human errors 70%
  • Audited survey report data, monitored relational databases, troubleshoot oilfield tools – ensured state compliances


Freelance Business Strategy & Technology Advisor

07/2016 – 12/2018

Greater Houston Area, TX

  • Provided financial forecasts, justified strategic capital ventures, modeled customer data, derived / quantified / visualized customer meta data
  • Quantified customer service thru appointment data – structured datasets, filtered variance biases & queried data


McDermott (Formerly, CB&I)

03/2016 – 06/2016

Data Analyst, The Woodlands, TX & Walker, LA

  • Assessed data perpetration & data mined ~88,000 manufacturing invoices
  • Isolated bottlenecks & non-productive time (NPT) root-causesreduced manufacturing delays 45% & NPT 65%
  • Facilitated data transformation of $1.4 Billion USD subdivision, initiating data warehousing, Oracle JDE
  • Summarized 2016 Q1/Q2 competitor finances, datamining, data querying “Bloomberg Terminal” & “Capital IQ”


McDermott (Formerly, CB&I)

09/2015 – 03/2016

Field Engineer, Waynesboro, GA

  • Restructured warehousing & material logistics ~200 steel plates – salvaging 24% materials thru reverse logistics
  • Co-led surveillance reports $1.1 Billion USD capital project, provided risk forecasts & proposed proactive actions
  • Spearheaded checkpoint closure process, auditing 45 AutoCAD redesigns, secured multiple stringent deadlines



Bachelor of Science, Petroleum Engineering — The University of Texas at Austin



SPE Gulf Coast Section

05/2019 – Present

Business Development Committee, Treasurer

Houston, TX


SPE Gulf Coast Section, M-i-T Committee

04/2019 – Present

Hiring Event Planning Committee, Volunteer Coordinator & Media Coordinator

Houston, TX


Houston, Texas


15+ yrs Delivering Excellent Customer Service
3+ yrs Energy Industry / Oil and Gas Industry
5+ yrs Data Analytics
3+ yrs Invoicing of Amounts Payable and Amounts Collectible
3+ yrs Inventory Management & Material Handling Logistics

Awards and Certifications

- Dallas Foundation Scholarship Recipient from Chesapeake Energy
- Highest Ranking Graduate from The Texas Education Agency via Valedictorian ranking
- Full-tuition scholarship from The Cockrell School of Engineering


AutoCAD for Work Process Engineering Data Integrity Audit & Assurance, Data Variance Analysis, Data Visualization, Deriving & Visualizing Meta Data, ERP Enterprise Resource Planning, Microsoft Office - Excel / PowerPoint / SharePoint / Word / VBA, Monitoring Oil Field Tools & Databases, Meeting Project Deadlines, Multitasking Projects, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution, Statistical Analytics Quantifying KPI’s Project Management, Risk Mitigation Strategies, Root-Cause Analytics, SCADA


Bachelor's of Science, Petroleum Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin