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  • Fernando Castillo
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A Geophysical Engineer Consultant with 19 years of broad international experience in the Oil and Gas industry. During his career he has worked as Seismic Interpreter and Geophysical Consultant for various Services and Operating Companies in the US, Canada, Mexico (including GOM), Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago.  Fernando is specialized seismic interpretation in both clastic and carbonate reservoirs including salt tectonic structures and unconventional reservoirs with strong technical background in reservoir engineering skills. He has co-authored 6 publications, and works with industry as an advisor and instructor, also developed new methodologies for seismic reservoir characterization of unconventional reservoirs from enhanced seismic data, allowing to generate well-defined recommendations for development plans reducing the cost associated and uncertainty on the new models.


Katy, TX. US.


Seismic Data Analyst, ExxonMobil, U.S.A Sept 2019 – March 2020
Dedicated on seismic analysis by using a leading the edge technology and expertise in order to help internal business units located over the five continents.
• Conducting seismic data analysis on navigation, spatial data practices and trends on project geometries by performing root cause identification process using GIS ArcMap, BlueMarble suite and Petrel on 2D & 3D seismic data resulting on precise positioning of seismic navigation.
• Performing data management procedures to collect metadata of navigation and seismic data, as well as facilitating report for appropriating data storage.

Geophysicist, LUMINA GEOPHYSICAL, U.S.A Jan 2019 – Aug 2019
Evaluated new business opportunities based on technical geosciences studies in collaboration with Geologists and Engineers to deliver quality products leveraging corporate best practices for unconventional reservoirs.
• Dedicated QC data, importing/exporting and interpreting data for reservoir characterization and field development plan by using a leading the edge technology and expertise in order to help the clients make the right choices.
• Delivered enhanced seismic volumes by increasing more than double the vertical resolution, where were used in exploration plans with a minimum well control identifying new plays in the area reducing the uncertainty on the new models interpreted.
• Conducted analysis of Spectral and Phase Decomposition that allowed to detect and highlight seismic anomalies associated with stratigraphic bodies or fluids not visible with conventional flows.

Consultant Geophysicist, Q-SPECTRUM SOLUTIONS, CANADA April 2016 - Dec 2018
Established consulting service company, to provide new and leading-edge resource characterization solutions to companies active in Oil & Gas, including large resource projects that require a multi-disciplinary approach. Application to compartmentalized, fractured, tight and unconventional hydrocarbon assets. Focus on increasing resource recoveries and reducing drilling costs and risks associated.
• Focused to exploration and developing programs, data synthesis at regional, sub-regional, and prospect scales. Evaluated new business opportunities based on technical geosciences studies in collaboration with Geologists and Engineers to deliver quality products leveraging corporate best practices.
• Conducted detailed seismic interpretation of 2D & 3D data to effectively characterize unconventional reservoirs maximizing the hydrocarbon recovery by reducing the uncertainty on the model interpreted on shale and tight gas reservoirs.
• Applied appropriate geophysical technologies (data enhancement, seismic modelling and AVO) to find economic new reserves and play types, minimizing the risk and optimizing well placement.
• Contributed to evolution of corporate AVO/Inversion best practices. Quantitative facies, lithology, fluid & structural prediction using a variety of seismic techniques. Mentoring and training of in-house staff for all aspects of Quantitative seismic interpretation.

Geophysicist, TOTAL E&P CANADA LTD, CANADA Aug 2011 - April 2016
Significant role as Geophysics specialist for Total in all Exploration and Development Joint Venture activities in the Athabasca Basin.
• As a Total’s Geosciences Technical Committee Representative, reviewed and monitored all Geophysical activities of 4D seismic program on a SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) project including identification of new drilling proposals and containment hazards, monitoring caprock integrity and thermal conformance, as well as optimizing steam-oil ratio resulting in improved production of the reservoir from 25 Mbbl/day to 140 Mbbl/day. Operations included operations on the field for 12 x 5 days rotations.
• Conducted structural and stratigraphic interpretations in support of the Geo steering of horizontal wells over two 3D seismic volumes including fault, seal analysis, sinkholes and risk areas; combined along several seismic attributes as well as magnetic and resistivity data for aiding depositional and sequence stratigraphic interpretation in McMurray Fm. (Heavy Oil), delineating the risk zones and reducing the uncertainty of the model resulting in better decision making on the next drilling campaign.
• Contributed in an operator and non-operator assets to the planning and execution of more than ten 2D lines and one 3D geophysical acquisition campaign and the supervision of its seismic processing program (PSTM & PSDM). Performed geophysical endeavors including well-seismic calibration, seismic interpretation including salt body, mapping, velocity model building, depth conversion, and its 3D visualization.
• Reviewed and monitored Appraisal and Exploration activities in the Fort Hills, Surmont and Joslyn Field (open mine project) areas within the Development Joint Venture.
• Participated in numerous Technical Committee Meetings and Workshops and provided input to challenge and influence Operator partners’ (ConocoPhillips and Suncor) technical assessments.
• Delivered reservoir engineering assessments for development and recovery options, including analogue analysis, recovery prediction, well spacing impacts, and production forecasting for unconventional tight gas onshore play (Nikanassin Fm.) resulting in a better development of field. Worked on the design and testing of new gas wells. -MSc. Thesis research theme.
• Developed leadership skills and active mentoring of junior colleagues. Recognized for excellent relationship building with partners and contractors.

Managing Consultant Geophysicist, HALLIBURTON – LANDMARK, CANADA Oct 2007 - Jul 2011
Integrated with development/production geologists and reservoir engineers, drilling teams, subsurface modelling specialists, and technicians for the appropriated reservoir evaluation and drilling locations.
• Developed 3D visualization techniques for preparing 15 well prognosis, including deviated wells, in extensional and compressional fields, Pad and Field development plans by identification of fracking “sweet spots,” optimizing the well spacing, monitoring fracking effectiveness on shale and tight gas reservoirs, resulting the maximization of wells performance for 10 projects in Canada (Montney Fm.) and U.S.A. (Marcellus Fm.) and reducing in more than 15% the cost associated with well design and visualization.
• Integrated in support of the Geo steering of directional wells at the Real Time Operation Centre of Repsol (Former Talisman Energy) providing assistance on the geophysical workflows for geo steering and software support obtaining accuracy on real time for the wellbore placement.
• Reinterpretation of more than ten 2D lines, two 3D seismic data and three set of Microseismic data for geological model updating for Nikanassin group (tight gas sand) at the Deep Basin area, producing 8 new wells in the target zone with 17% less risk associated based on the new model.
• Proficient working with large multi-well digital data sets such as loading massive log well data in LAS format, Directional Surveys, Well formation tops, surfaces, seismic data, Check shot, VSP’s, etc. Managing existing projects or synchronized from other data bases for quality control and cleaning up dump data in order to minimize data duplication.
• Most Valuable Person Award (MVP) & Nominee Employee of the Year Award: Landmark Halliburton, 2008.

Managing Consultant Geophysicist, HALLIBURTON – LANDMARK, MEXICO Jan 2004 - Oct 2007
Worked on seismic interpretation projects in the PEMEX Prospect Generation Centre (CDGL), including technical assistance on structural reconstruction, generation of volumetric maps for resource and reserve analysis, connectivity and characterization studies. Developed of data validation, analysis of the seismic attributes, structural and stratigraphic maps, in order to propose new wells over complex fields.
• Developed more than 17 exploration wells based on the seismic interpretation on a salt tectonic environment and attribute generation over compressional complex fields and proposed areas for future exploration in several Pemex Assets, through the proper ranked inventory of play fairways by conducting a regional and prospect specific mapping, resulting a better decision development of the basin.
• Produced 3D structural and seismic interpretations over 12 surveys, providing technical assistance on structural reconstruction on Cenozoic plays, volumetric maps for resource and reserve analysis and reservoir characterization studies. Compiled and validated data, analysis of seismic attributes, maps and geology cross-sections using Landmark OpenWorks database.
• Generated analysis of seismic attributes in highly fractured carbonated and clastic reservoirs, helping to quantify the structural uncertainties in the deposits of three heavy oil fields, minimizing the associated risk in the locations of the drilling proposals.
• Produced structural, stratigraphic and isopachous maps for more than 6 carbonate field development planning, reserve estimations, and as input to reservoir and tectonic strain modelling, increasing confidence on the expansion of those assets.
• Partnered with Geologists and Geo-modelers to derive net rock volume distribution and its seismic characterization, updating the geologic model to be used as input for Front End Loading (FEL) project for PEMEX Macuspana Asset, resulting an accurate reserve estimation.

Junior Consultant, GTECSA, VENEZUELA Mar 2003-Dec 2003
Prepared detail and complex bidding folders for major maintenance programs.

Production Geophysicist, PDVSA E&P, VENEZUELA Mar 2001-Mar 2003
Participated on an integrated reservoir interdisciplinary teamwork developing an optimal reservoir management plan applying knowledge on geology, petrophysics, drilling and reservoir engineering.
• Worked as the core geophysics resource in a multi-disciplinary integrated subsurface team for reservoir characterization in an extensional field, including data validation, structural and stratigraphic model building based on two 3D seismic interpretations, generating attributes, structural and stratigraphic maps for tertiary sands on Lagotreco asset, updating the previous model by reducing in 22% the uncertainty.
• Provided operational support on the field to company men, mud loggers and drillers on site for the wells proposed and then scheduled on the drilling season for onshore or offshore (lake).
• Integrated seismic and developed geological evaluations of carbonate reservoirs of Maracaibo basin proposing more than 17 well locations.
• Integral Training Program, given by PDVSA – CIED Maracaibo, Venezuela. A total immersion training program for 12 months composed by 52 courses of petroleum engineering fundamentals, focused on production geophysicist to accomplish a reservoir exploitation plan project.
• Carry out post-mortem well analysis including associated problems with reservoir geology, drilling fluid, reology, drilling and bit hydraulics. BHA design (drill collar & pipe, etc.) for lesson learn studies to be applied on new programs.

Student, Various Work Experiences during Studies, PDVSA E&P, Venezuela July 1998 to Jun 2000
• PDVSA R&D – INTEVEP (1999-2000): Research Thesis Interim Student in Exploration & Production Division: Azimuthal AVO gradient difference for estimation of fracture density.
• PDVSA – CVP (1998 – 1999): Internship term: Mapping and Identification of areas of interest (Plays) on offshore area of Venezuela (Caribbean basin).

Awards and Certifications

-Best Booth Display: For Q-Spectrum Solution at the GeoConvention Caanda. May 2017

-Best Poster Integrated Award, “A New Correlation of Compressional and Shear Slowness for the Tight Gas Nikanassin Group in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin based on Geostatistical Analysis”. GeoConvention Vision. CSEG, Calgary, AB Canada, 2012.

-Most Valuable Person Award (MVP): Landmark Halliburton. Canada. Nov 2008

-Nominee Employee of the Year Award: Landmark Halliburton. Canada. July 2008.

-Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo): Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientist of Alberta. Canada. Calgary. AB. 2014.


* 2D/3D/4D Seismic Interpretation
* Subsurface Mapping
* Attribute Analyses
* Project Management
* Solutions Advice
* Model Building & 3D Visualization
* Team Leadership
* Technical Reporting
* Cost Reduction
* Feasibility Studies
* Geostatistics
* Tight gas
* Shale gas
* ArcMap/ArcGIS.
* Python
* Considered with high skills level on the use of seismic interpretation software (2D/3D) such as Seismage, SeisWare, OpenWorks, Petrel- Geophysics, Geographix, Kingdon as well as Seismic inversion software such as CGG - Hampson and Russell’s suite,


-M.Sc. Geology and Geophysics, University of Calgary, Canada. May 2014

-B.Sc. Geophysical Engineer, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela. July 2000