Contact Information

  • Rosa Campos
    (281) 414-2601


Accomplished, highly supportive Drilling and Completions Analyst with extensive experience working within the oil and gas industry to effectively organize and manage complex well projects. Adept at enhancing project efficiency and productivity by standardizing data for engineering, geologists, managers, technicians and IT staff. Experience maintaining complicated databases, track project costs and completion processes, and maintaining vendor lists. Skilled at designing reports utilized to compare treating pressure, slurry rate, and proppant amounts between stages to accurately determine well performance.






* Executed and monitored reports and AFE costs in Wellview for the engineer's review.
* Spearheaded 10 rig drilling and completions program for Utah, North Dakota and Oklahoma.
* Loaded all the post-job reports,graphs, well test documents into Livelink for future engineer analysis.
* Effectively utilized Wellview to track Drilling and Completion performance and used quality control(QC) methods to track vendor lists and costs.
* Designed innovative map to accurate depict wells by color code to ensure managers ability to see drilling activity in certain areas.


Bachelor of Science in Information Systems
Minor in Graphics