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I'm result-driven team-building leader and subject matter technical expert.

In F&G I was working as Senior Project Manager leading multi-disciplined and multi-national team of engineers responsible for the design of offshore and marine vessels costing more than 200 million dollars.

My past experience: 8 years in Project Management, 23 years in Engineering and R&D, 4 years in Project Engineering, 4 years in Estimation and Contract Administration - all in the Offshore, and Marine industry.

I have managed multi-disciplined teams responsible for the design, commissioning and building of offshore and marine vessels costing between 150 and 250 million USD. My Technical Expertise is in the oil-rigs jacking and fixation (rack chock) systems. Since 1997 I have direct participation in 51 offshore oil rig projects, 27 of which I led as a Senior Project Manager, 4 offshore repair and upgrade jack up projects and 2 drill ships, and I have been a project engineer for 1 marine vessel built for governmental body in the United States. I am an excellent communicator and negotiator, and highly skilled in R&D projects, innovation and upgrades, equipment prototyping, vessels sea and jacking trials, systems Testing & Commissioning, Failure Mode and Effect Analyses and Root Cause analyses after processing large amounts of data.

I help companies reduce risk, build effective teams, deliver projects within budget & on time, and solve problems by providing sound technical expertise, analyzing data, discovering root causes, implementing solutions. I am always motivated, positive and focused on all tasks, acting with resilience and displaying 'can-do' attitude even in the most critical times.
During my last assignment I have saved the company more than $20 million dollars using my technical and communication skills, analyzing data, whilst I improve dramatically the safety of the jacking system.

I have two Master's degrees - one in Computer Science and another one in Electrical Engineering. I am licensed Professional Engineer and certified Project Management professional.

I am looking for a position of Research and Development Engineering Project Manager in Aerospace & Defense, Space Exploration, Scientific Research Labs / Universities, Renewable Energy, or Oil and Gas Companies


Katy, TX 77494


Friede & Goldman Ltd
3151 Briarpark Dr., Suite 800, Houston, TX
Senior Project Manager
October 2012 – July 2020
- Led investigation and urgent transformational change of safety equipment and operational philosophy for critical system involving 17 similar projects. Minimized the overall risk significantly by innovative improvements.
- Prevented costly delays for 27 projects, each with a value of more than $200 Million US dollars. Supported an arbitration case against a vendor with a material issue, and saved ~$20 million to the company.
- Demonstrated sound technical expertise in the process of equipment Prototyping, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), validation, implementation and final testing of upgraded system. Made system more reliable and safer.
- Established and led multinational and multidisciplinary team responsible for design, operation, continuous improvement and support of complex electro-mechanical system controlled by variable speed drives.
- Developed and implemented Safety braking and over-speed controls, New methodology and formulae for calculation of the dynamic pinion load based on current transducer (CT) data, and New High-performance Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).
- Managed and handled post-delivery support and upgrades for Clients, Failure root cause analyses, Investigative Data analyses, Inspections, System maintenance, and equipment spares
- Navigated the team through 3 Research and Development projects providing new creative and innovative solutions for the clients. Proposed Direct-on-line and Individual variable speed drives control systems.
- Created, implemented and maintained Lessons Learned repository system with the following benefits: fast historical events search, easy analyses and comparisons, and identification of potential areas for improvement.
- Saved $1.1 million in cost by effectively planning and managing human, financial and informational resources during the O&G industry downturn period after 2014.
- Built long term partnerships with vendors and external third-party experts through extensive negotiations to design around patents and practically eliminate any potential infringement risks for state-of-the-art control system design.

Keppel Offshore and Marine
5177 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77056
Project/Estimation Engineer
May 2010 – Oct 2012
- Contributed to maximizing profitability by preparing estimates for competitive bids, making cost analysis for offshore and marine vessels, and 2 jumboization (enlargement) upgrades.
- Provided expertise and support to the executive management in detailed estimates (cost, man-hours, piping weight, steel weight, etc.) for conversion projects, and for new contract bids.
- Prepared electrical load analyses, marketing presentations, performed R&D problem-solving for rack-chock system interference, and mass properties analyses for rack chord with various profiles. Worked as Project Engineer and Coordinator for accommodation platforms.

Keppel AmFELS
20000 TX-48, Brownsville, TX 78521
Project Engineer / Estimation Engineer
April 2006 – May 2010
- Helped the company meet organizational goals and penetrate the shipbuilding market by leading an engineering multidisciplinary team to design, approve, build, test, and deliver marine vessel for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP).
- Communicated and negotiated with Clients, External Expert and Consultancy firms, and Classification Societies.
- Prepared cost and man-hours estimation reports for 10 offshore projects and competitive bids, and produced 14 detailed cost analyses, thus helping the executive management control human, financial resources, and maximizing company profitability.
- Envisioned and implemented a change to process raw financial data and to produce budget reports for further analysis, tracking and decision-making by executive management. Shorten the processing and conversion time from 3-4 days to 1-2 hours per report by developing and implementing MS Excel VB macros.

Keppel Offshore Technology Development Pte Ltd
55 Gul Rd, Singapore 629353, Singapore
Electrical Engineer (R&D)
June 1997 – March 2006
- Helped the company (research and development arm of Keppel FELS Ltd) in its pioneering efforts to gain industry acceptance and meet the organizational goals for jacking system design of new-build rigs. Designed electrical system interfaces, motor controls, and protection devices. Factory tested, commissioned and delivered the first OTD jacking system (“Galaxy II”, Global Santa Fe).
- Contributed to product R&D by developing motor control automation for jacking and cantilever/ drill-floor skidding systems for offshore jack-up rigs meant for drilling exploration. As a result of these R&D efforts OTD designs gained market acceptance and company secured multiple contracts with clients, becoming a world leader in design and construction of jack-ups (mobile offshore self-elevating drilling units).
- Added value to the company’s business by imparting knowledge and expertise to other engineers, and actively participating in all phases of the project lifecycle for 20 new-built jack-ups, and 4 upgrade projects
- Performed research and proposed an automatic jacking system philosophy and specification.
- Prepared marketing presentations, training class presentations, and conducted hands-on demos in office and onboard for Clients (exceeding customer’s expectations), participated in Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), testing & commissioning, jacking and sea trials and post-delivery upgrades.
- Prepared electrical design drawings, calculation for Class approvals, R&D and machine design improvements, and custom solutions for clients.
- Participated in procurement, and equipment purchasing. Developed technical specifications, Factory Acceptance Testing procedures, Commissioning procedures, and Operational, Installation and Maintenance manuals.

Awards and Certifications

Licenses, Certifications and Memberships:

Certificate: PMP (Project Management Professional) #2601172 - Project Management Institute / Issued: 07/2019; Expiring: 07/2022
License: PE (Professional Engineer) #109715 - Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors / Issued: 12/2011 Expiring: 09/2021

Member #4099308 - Project Management Institute -
Member # 2112366 - National Space Society -
Member #20200530 - The Mars Society -


- Project Management
- Project Engineering
- Research and Development
- Leading Change
- Engineering Expertise
- Innovation
- Team building
- Problem solving/ Resilience
- Estimation & Analysis


The University of Wales Aberystwyth
Aberystwyth, United Kingdom
From: Oct 9, 1999 Till: Oct 2, 2002
Master's Degree in Computer Science
- Graduated with Distinction (UK Average Modules Mark: First Class Honours 73.4 / USA equiv. GPA: 3.84)
- MS Project in Java (Java Diagnostic Tree Builder);
- MS Certificate No. 9911779004142 dated Apr 3, 2003
- Website:

Technical University of Varna,
Varna, Bulgaria
Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering
From: Aug 19, 1991 Till: Jun 24, 1996
-Graduated with Distinction (BG Average Modules Mark: Excellent 5.63 / USA equiv. GPA: 3.63)
- Educational credentials meet the NCEES Standard – NCEES credentials record available upon request from NCEES (record No: (13-304-90)) ;
- MS Certificate Series VD-95/ No.0011031 dated Jun 18, 1996
- Bursary awards for excellent results
- Thesis using Mathcad modeling
- Website: