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  • Ariannella Cepeda
    (713) 624-0716


Skilled Geoscientist with 17+ years of experience in Subsurface Interpretation and Geomodelling. Proficient in designing optimized workflows for successful data integration for reservoir modeling and for prospect identification.  Experienced in seismic and geological interpretation, velocity modeling, geostatistics and reservoir modeling. Expert in customer support and quality assurance. Highly analytical and proven ability to work independently and as a team player, multi-tasking and meet critical deadlines.




MAY 2015 – MAY 2020
Quality Assurance Geoscientist Specialist / Emerson E&P Software, Paradigm, US
QA specialist in charge of testing, analyze and evaluate seismic interpretation, geological interpretation and geomodelling software in order to meet customer requirements and improve the interpreter experience. Assigned as onsite to Chevron for 3+ years to create and perform testing plans to make sure Interpretation and geomodelling applications were working meeting customer needs before being deployed to business units having direct communication with R&D team to address in timely manner user requests and make software more stable and meet quality criteria control. Created and executed testing plans to make sure new features developed were working as expected and no regressions were added to software, performed smoke tests and regression test in timely manner to catch bugs and possible enhancement that could improve user experience with focus mainly in geomodelling and geological interpretation workflows and also data integration and exchange with Epos database and Petrel using Petrel connector and RESQML importer/exporter. Implemented software performance test analysis. Worked as part of an agile team following agile philosophy and methodology to complete successfully test plans and development cycles. Assisted technical sales department delivering presentations in tradeshows and webinars. Advised as Tier II for SKUA-Gocad/StratEarth helping to solve critical complex issues and giving high knowledge recommendation to Tier I to improve customer experience.
OCTOBER 2011 – MAY 2015
Geoscientist Application Support / Emerson E&P Software, Paradigm, US
Onsite Support at Chevron for 4 years giving highly specialized support, mentoring and workflow design focused on data loading, structural modeling, geostatistic, time-depth conversion, reservoir modeling and data exchange with Epos and Petrel, participated in deployment of software version releases after meeting customer testing criteria. Delivered highly expertise advise on different integrated workflows for geomodelling and seismic interpretation using Paradigm Software while being able to combine different data such as seismic, well data, petrophysics and reservoir.
JUNE 2007 – SEPTEMBER 2011
Geoscientist Application Lead / Emerson E&P Software, Paradigm, Venezuela
Assigned as geomodeler in PDVSA to build successfully both structural and reservoir models integrating petrophysics, geology, seismic and reservoir data for fields in the Orinoco Belt Area. Created different scenarios and analyzed uncertainties while integrating reservoir engineering data. Performed seismic and well log data loading and QC. Built velocity models to perform time depth conversion of seismic data, interpretation and structural models. Accomplished seismic facies classification workflows in different Venezuelan oil fields to enhance stratigraphic interpretation and geological feature recognition. Provided customers with specialized workflows to increase productivity and value of their data. Delivered technical talks and training courses to customers. Performed data QC and loading for seismic data, interpretation and well data from raw data and connecting to existing data bases in Openworks. Increased the user base through highly professional support and mentoring.
MAY 2006 – JUNE 2007
Geophysicist / Vetragroup, Venezuela
Performed 2D and 3D seismic interpretation of horizon and faults, velocity analysis and time-depth conversion of horizon and faults, well correlation, mapping of main formations, prospect and leads evaluation in different fields in Magdalena Middle Valley, Colombia.
JANUARY 2005 – JUNE 2006
Research Assistant / Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela
Developed research project concerning to Geodynamic Study of the Atlantic-Caribe subduction zone in the Lesser Antilles. Integrated geological, seismic, gravimetric and seismological data to build geophysical model, generate maps and then performed flexural decompaction to understand the subsidence history of the Barbados Accretionary Prism.
Geophysicist / Apca, Venezuela
Performed horizons and faults interpretation from 3D seismic data. Defined targets for new well proposals and analyzed structural risks. Achieved well correlation and seismic processing QC.

Awards and Certifications

M. S. Thesis with honorific publication mention. "Sedimentary Facies Discrimination using Gaussian Truncated Simulation”


• Geomodelling
• Data Integration
• Seismic attributes analysis and visualization
• Velocity modeling
• Well correlation
• Data loading and QC
• Seismic Interpretation
• Prospect Identification
• Time-Depth Conversion
• Geological Mapping
• Quality Assurance Specialist
• Customer Support Specialist

Education Earth Science / Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela
Thesis with honorific publication mention

B.S. in Geophysical Engineering / Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela