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  • Ifueko Akpata


As a successful petroleum engineer with over 15 years of experience using advanced equipment and geological modeling software to collect well data, and estimate hydrocarbons to develop disruptive drilling technologies that optimize oil recovery, and reduce field development costs for Fortune 500 clients in the oil and gas industry, I am certain of significantly contributing to your objectives as the next Petroleum Engineer, spearheading multimillion-dollar field development projects, analyzing reservoir viability and investment potential, and maximizing gas recovery in various plays.


Over the course of my career, I have liaised with geoscientists, production engineers and business units to interpret well test results and predict production potential, performing technical and economic analysis to justify million-dollar well intervention projects in Williston, Piceance, Permian, DJ and other basins, analyzing historical data to forecast future field performance and reduce project risk. In my most recent role at Halliburton, I introduced 25 drilling fluid and completion fluid additives, drilling fluids systems and wellbore strengthening solutions to deliver improved wellbore stability and minimize formation damage.


Highlights of my experience include:


  • Led reservoir optimization team to design drilling and cementing fluid technology that increased daily oil production from 20,000 BOPD to 48,000 BOPD by minimizing formation damage.
  • Reduced drilling days and AFE cost 50%; earned record margins, maximized asset utilization and inventory turnover by aligning technology and service portfolio to strategic business plan and wellbore challenge.
  • Accomplished 50% market share leadership position by ensuring continuous improvement in drilling and completion efficiencies for major resource plays such as Niobrara, Three Forks, Bakken, and DJ basins.
  • Designed reusable high performance water based drilling fluid systems and de-watering chemicals that minimized drilling fluid disposal cost by 60% and reduced environmental footprint.
  • Developed budgets in excess of $5M, scheduled field engineers and increased service volume 20% annually.
  • Designed and implemented workflow for drilling optimization within Halliburton group; achieved 2-14 days reduction in drilling days in several resource plays globally.
  • Coordinated development and deployment of automated drilling and completion fluid design software that delivered 60% reduction in pre-well planning time.


For more detailed presentation of my skills and background, please review the enclosed resume and feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration.




21 years global experience in the oil and gas industry.


Drilling Operations • Wellbore Stability & Integrity Testing • HSE & OSHA • Safety Training • Production Methods • AFE & Cost Analysis • Resource Management • Pumping & Cementing • Geological Formation Data • Logistics • Enhanced Oil Recovery • Strategic Partnerships • Client Relations • Dynamic Modeling • Surveillance Engineering • Risk Analysis • Project Management • Strategic Planning • Regulatory Compliance • Reservoir Modeling & Simulation • Pressure Transient Analysis • Stakeholder Relation • Production Forecast • Process Improvement • Communication • Oil Field Development •Team Leadership • Support


Master of Science (MSc), Petroleum Engineering – Heriot-Watt University, Edinburg, UK - 2019
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Corporate Finance – University of Colorado, Denver, CO - 2011
Bachelor’s Degree, Microbiology( Minor Chemistry) - Edo State University, Nigeria - 1998