Contact Information

  • Andronikos S Demarchos
    (713) 858-4918


Houston, TX


Accomplished Leader in the Oil and Gas Industry, Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas with more than 20 years of experience. Evaluated reservoirs and designed completions and stimulations for wells on every hydrocarbon-producing continent. Recognized expert in the completions and stimulation of horizontal wells, particularly unconventional reservoirs, and have worked with internal and external partners in the development and application of new technologies. Managed multidisciplinary projects and planned operations. Proven leader, mentor, and innovator.

Awards and Certifications

Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas


Completions Engineer
Conventional Reservoirs
Unconventional Reservoirs
Director of Operations
Advanced Data Analytics


Texas A&M University, MS Petroleum Engineering,
University of Houston, BS Electrical Engineering