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Senior Reservoir Engineer with extensive working experience in Reservoir Management, Monitoring and Surveillance. Gather Data Collection plan and Integration to improve Reservoir Characterization and performance evaluation. PTA and RTA. Key achievements and experiences within Anadarko Basin and GoM. Acknowledged for leading Multidisciplinary and Multicultural team in complex reservoirs. Field Development Planning including new wells and well interventions. Design, implementation, monitoring Secondary and Tertiary EOR Projects. Strong technical abilities coordinating field studies considering teamwork approach. Production Forecasting, Economic Evaluation and Reserves estimation under SEC. Exceptional Project coordination, problem solving and management skills. Subsurface and Operations working together. Worldwide experience in Conventional and Unconventional Developments, Onshore and Offshore (Deep Water GOM). Unconventional experience in Vaca Muerta Shale Oil (Argentina) and Mississippi Limestone Tight Oil, NW STACK-SCOOP Midcontinent (OKC). Conventional experience in Venezuela, Argentina, GoM-US and Niger Delta-Nigeria. Fluent bilingual English – Spanish






Senior Reservoir Engineer at BELEMAOIL - Port Harcourt – Nigeria 2019 - 2020
Reservoir Surveillance and monitoring in Niger Delta Belemaoil assets with excellent rock properties and active aquifers. Running RST and looking for bypass oil to improve Productivity Index and Reserves in a dual completion environment. Good Integration Reservoir, Production and Workover personal. JV Project with NNPC.
Technical identification and recommendation for Short Term Oil Generation activities, including Water Shut-off or Conformance and adding new pay zones. Coaching new professionals and getting Standards Operation Procedures for Wells and Reservoir Monitoring.

REPSOL S.A. 2003 to 2019
Reservoir Lead Gulf of Mexico – Houston – USA. 2018 - 2019
Led a multidisciplinary team (7 staff members) for SHENZI and BUCKSKIN Assets – Gulf of Mexico Deep Water Areas (Miocene and Wilcox Conventional Formations). Static and Dynamic Models integration coordination, Reserves Revision under SEC regulations, Internal and External Audits, PTA Evaluation and consolidation. Active participation in TCM / OCM with partners.
• Integrated Model coordination to re-evaluate SHENZI Full Field Development Plan allowed several Quick wins Identification to influence partners and improve asset value, adding 23 Kbopd.
• Buckskin Full Field Development Plan revision, proposed a fast track for a 3rd development well, delivering 100 M$ NPV Value increase.
• Participated in the Co-develop concept Evaluation for Leon / Moccasin Assets with LLOG as operator, adding 175 MBO Resources and over 380 M$ NPV.

Reservoir Lead Midcontinent – Houston – USA. 2016 - 2018
Team coordination for acreage acquisition and AFE evaluations. Integration of Reservoirs Parameters combining Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) information with Completion practices and Production Performance for the complex Mississippi Limestone Reservoir within Anadarko Basin using Spot-Fire. NW Stack Development.
• Integrated Project Team (IPT) participation to improve Reservoir description, using Data Integration and Performance Review, allowed Sweet Spots Identification close to the background fractures in undeveloped areas re-orienting drilling activity.
• Changed the development strategy, using a Multi-Lateral well design that maximized reservoir contact / increasing recovery factor, well performance per section. Capex reduction from 2016 to 2018 close to 15%. 2 miles Long Laterals showed the better efficiency with lower USD/BOE.

Senior RE Secondee at Sandridge Energy – OKC – USA. 2013 - 2016
Secondee Snr. Reservoir Engineer at the Operator Sandridge Energy (SD). Enhanced the Mississippi Limestone Characterization though continuous technical interchange with SD integrated Team (D&C Engineers, Geologists, Petro physicists, PEs) – Following D&C Operations for 33 active Rigs, Tracer Project & RTA Integration.
• Proposed the use of Tracer Methodology to improve horizontal production allocation, optimize well location and fracture stimulation zones. Change drilling and completion strategy allowed formation damage reduction in 4 Lateral wells. Uniform Production contribution identification in TRI-Lateral wells.

Reservoir Lead Shale Vaca Muerta and Team Coordinator – Neuquén – Argentina. 2011 - 2013
Vaca Muerta (VM) Shale Play 1st Development Plan coordination under team multidisciplinary approach – From Exploration to Development integration, Data collection, Surveillance Plan to support Drilling Program and Facilities. Asset Reference Plan to get Project approval. VM is the most Important Oil and Gas Project in Argentina. Coordinated Projects implementation for 5 Asset in Loma La Lata Area – Neuquén Basin. Reservoir Surveillance and monitoring plans. Reserves audit support.
• Different hydraulic techniques vs productivity evaluation from analogs plays. New Fracture technique proposed involved channel fracking or intermittent slugs pumping, reducing proppant concentration by 46%, water consumption by 16% and pumping horsepower by 50% that generated an important cost efficiency.

Reservoir Lead Chihuido BU – Neuquén – Argentina. 2007 - 2010
Coordinated technical integrated team (15 professionals) to support development plans, reserves calculations and production profiles. Huge mature conventional reservoir with pattern water injection. Water Conformance Project and Monitoring Immiscible EOR WAG Pilot Project. Water cut is over 95%, (500 water Injectors and 700 oil producers)

Reservoir Engineer and Lead El Porton BU – Neuquen – Argentina. 2004 - 2006
Development plans. Technical support though reservoir Material Balance and Simulation Models that maximized field benefits. Principal RE Technical Support for drilling and workover projects. Incremental Gas Production Project support to export Gas from Argentina to Chile. Pilot Project for H2S reduction, using Nitrates BCX

Reservoir Engineer Manager – Puerto La Cruz Venezuela. 2003
Lead RE department for Repsol YPF. Development Plans and Reserve control. TCM/OCM

PDVSA S.A. 1987 to 2002
Reservoir Team Leader: El Furrial Field / Orocual – Monagas Venezuela. 1992 - 2002
1996-2002: Led El Furrial Reservoir, over 20 technical staff coordination. Giant Field Development Plan
1992-1996: Led a new tight Gas Condensate reservoir and Field Development Plan, 10 professionals.
• Change Development Plan strategy using High Angle Wells. 56% Production increase vs vertical wells, Productivity Index increased 300% and 34% EUR increase expected.
• Improved Methodology design for Water and Gas Shut-off. Considered diagnosis, technical solution, treatment and evaluation that resulted in an outstanding 88% success rate for eight jobs.

Reservoir Engineering School – Maracaibo Venezuela. 1989 - 1991
Team trainee member to improve Reservoir Engineering skills. Include offshore operations.

Reservoir Engineer: Orocual Field – Monagas Venezuela. 1987 - 1989
Field Reservoir Engineer Supervised data collection plan activities (DST, RFT, PVT sampling)


Reservoir Management Team Leader | Asset Management | Reservoir Characterization | Project Management | Budgeting | Integrated Evaluations | Teamwork | Well Testing | New Field Management | Innovative | Leadership | Continuous Improvement | Solutions Development | Knowledge Sharing | Project Planning | Coaching/Mentoring | Consistency | Reliability | Self-confidence | Best Practices | Collaboration| Well Stimulation | Data Analytics using Spot-fire | Accountability | MBAL | Kappa | Saphir | Topaz | Merak-Peep | Basic Aries | Crystal Ball


BS, Petroleum Engineer - Universidad Central de Venezuela - UCV. Caracas, Venezuela
Reservoir Engineering Specialization – Lagoven. Maracaibo, Venezuela
Integrated Reservoir Management- TU Delft, IFP and Imperial College London