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The SPE-GCS Podcast

SPE-GCS is proud to launch their podcast "The SPE-GCS Podcast" on Apple, Spotify and any platform where podcasts are available. 

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06/02/2021 Dr. Tom Blasingame "SPE's Journey in the Pandemic"  Episode 01 - Transcript
06/15/2021 Shauna Noonan "Expanding your Human Capital" Episode 02 - Transcript
06/29/2021 Hugh Connett "Leading Through Change" Episode 03 - Transcript
07/13/2021 Bob Brackett "ESG impact on the Industry” Episode 04 - Transcript
07/27/2021 Deb Ryan "Restatment of Reserves" Episode 05 - Transcript
08/10/2021 George King "Unconventional Completions" Episode 06 - Transcript
08/24/2021 Ken Arnold “Facilities Design - Methane Impact?” Episode 07 - Transcript
09/07/2021 Maria Angela Capello "Mentors and Sponsors" Episode 08 - Transcript
09/21/2021 Selim Shaker "Letting the Genie out of the Bottle" Episode 09 - Transcript
10/05/2021 Gustavo Sanchez "Importance of a Solid Digital Infrastructure" Episode 10 - Transcript
10/19/2021 Kehinde Ekweribe "Diversity and Inclusion" Episode 11 - Transcript
11/02/2021 Tope Ogunyomi "Mergers and Acquisitions" Episode 12 - Transcript
11/15/2021 Kayla Ball "Technology..." Episode 13 - Transcript
11/30/2021 Kayla Ball "... Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)" Episode 14 - Transcript
12/14/2021 Reynaldo Gomez "High-Performance Computing" Episode 15 - Transcript
12/18/2021  Dr. Tom Blasingame "SPE's Journey in the Pandemic"  RE-RUN Episode 01 - Transcript
01/11/2022 Amber Sturrock "A Coversation about Diversity and Inclusion, and SPE Volunteering" Episode 16 - Transcript





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