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So you want out of the Oil Patch?

Career Transition Primer

The key to jumping from one industry to another without starting over (a new degree and entry level pay) is identifying transferable skills, matching your skills and desires to another industry, writing a resume using the new industry jargon which emphasizes translated accomplishments, targeting the right companies, and effectively selling yourself (interviewing). Most people are ill equipped to do this. GET PROFESSIONAL HELP!

Help can take the form of out-placement services from your former employer, services through the SPE Gulf Coast Section, Interfaith Training and Employment Program (ITEP), Dislocated Workers Program, Center for Continuing Careers, or a job placement counselor of your choosing. Make sure the experts you listen to have experience with career-changing professionals. Another source of testing and counseling in this specialized area is the Rice University Continuing Studies Program which can be reached at (713) 520-6022.