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Panel Discussion


Reliable Energy in an Energy Transition

SPE Gulf Coast Section - Members in Transition committee presents the Event Industry Panel discussion.

In an ever-changing approach to manage energy resources, increase the efficiency of existing energy systems and reduce their carbon footprint, we are gathering a panel of experts who will share their expertise about CCS, geothermal energy, hydrogen technologies, and other renewables and what role they play in the energy transition. While leveraging the expertise from each of these different forms of energy, we can move towards decarbonizing the grid and, in the process, provide new job opportunities to oil and gas professionals who will be able to adapt to the energy transition.

This event will include industry discussion and guidance for members in transition. This portion of the virtual event is scheduled for Oct 11, 2021, time 9 to 11 am(CST).

This is a great event to consider attending if you are participating in the Virtual Hiring Event. 

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To view the spring panel discussion on demand, go here:   




Saeed Salehi, PhD., Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma

Grant Strem, PhD., Chair and CEO of Proton Technologies Canada Inc.

Christine Ehlig-Economides, PhD.,  Professor and Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished University Chair at the University of Houston.

Steven Johnson, SUT-US Marine Renewable Committee Chair

Scott Frailey, Principal Reservoir Engineer, Illinois State Geological Survey

Moderator: Nathan Meehan, PhD., PE, 2016 SPE President & President of CMG Petroleum Consulting

Panel Discussion Registration: SPE-GCS events website.