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Lucas Moss - Completions Engineer at Plains Exploration & Production


  • The Woodlands High School - 2005
  • Texas A&M University - College Station, BS in Petroleum Engineering

My favorite college memories were impossibly long hours spent on impossibly difficult problems that led to an impossibly cool job. I have had drilling and completions field experience in vastly different areas including Eagleford Shale and Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. My experience includes being an integral part of a 15,000' MD well drilled in two weeks on land and a $1.3MM day rate rig drilling in the Gulf. With the rising costs of school, every dollar saved can contribute to a solid start in an already lucrative industry. My advice to students is to enjoy your time in school but remember that moderation is critical. This applies to school and the "college experience". Do not lose yourself in books or bars. Take the time to enjoy both. Contact me at