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Dan McCulley


  • Cypress FairHigh School - 1993
  • Rice University - BS in Materials Science

In my design class, we had to build a system to protect a radio from 500 c temperatures for 4 hours. I built something based on vacuum and space shuttle tiles. I totally forgot to use PV = NRT and my vacuum disappeared at those temperatures. This exposure to complete abject failure was my most memorable experience in college. I work at Intel. My job is to investigate new technology that might improve the way Intel manufactures and then ensure we adopt it before our peers. In addition, I build technology prototypes for internal and external exhibition. I do STEM outreach for Intel with the Maker movement. I also do government affairs outreach for Intel. The SPE scholarship helped me with books during my studies. My exposure to SPE continues to help me today. I work for Intel building prototype manufacturing systems. I share my work with many different oil companies. I'm able to discuss their problems from my exposure to SPE. My advice to students is to never stop learning. Contact me at